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What Is "1979" / 1979westbrook.com ?
Who Is James Westbrook And Why Should I Care ?

"1979" / 1979westbrook.com is chronology of the extraordinary, the bizarre and sometimes bloody events in my life as the result of an already then ongoing conspiracy as a 17 year-old high school senior in 1970 in Covina, California, my hometown, and went on for another 8 years until March 1979, as a man alone at the age of 26, therein Portland, Oregon, a place that I found there at times to be xenophobic, oppressive and hostile.

I suppose that this would have been the case no matter what American City I moved to in order to try and escape the attempted 'frame ups' back home in Covina, being a targeted individual from L.A. County under an electronic web surveillance from the NSA, and the conspiratorial cross hairs of subversive elements of the FBI, CIA and other intel. military and police organizations.

There were other forces at work that therein these very same organizations that were apparently acting on my behalf, although only in as much as I proved to be their semi-witting pawn in the game that was being played at that time. What the hell, I came up No. 153 in the February 1972 'Draft Lottery and missed being just another kid in a body bag, returning home from Vietnam.

Some of my friends actually went to Vietnam to fight that undeclared war, one was a U.S. Army Ranger who trained Green Berets.

I mostly perceived the Vietnam War as the result of the military coup' more commonly known as the 'JFK' assassination in Dallas November 1963 and which was further perpetuated by the horrific televised assassination of his brother, Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles in June 1968.

Those knowledgeable on the subject of Vietnam would conclude that the undeclared war, that was comprised of other secret wars as well, had no clear political or military objectives, mainly benefited the military-indutrial-complex herein the U.S. and the Intel agencies that exported countless tons of heroin and other drugs from the 'Golden Triangle' in Southeast Asia.

It was my vocal opposition to the Vietnam War in the late 1960' on through the early 1970's as a high school and college student that put really put me at odds with the U.S. National Security State although I was already under FBI surveillance as kid in the mid-1960's. -- I touch on this matter there Part 4 Sub Part 8 of 1979westbrook.com, therewith the introduction of a 'friend' of mine into my life in 1966 and was later silenced in death in November 1983.

The horrific acts of retaliatory 'Black Ops' collateral damage that followed in the days. weeks and months that followed my escape flight from Portland, Oregon on March 30, 1979 aboard a Western Airlines DC-10, which eventually arrived at LAX Los Angeles on March 31, 1979 is chronicled in Parts 12 and 13 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

As for the 'Why Should I Care' aspect of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com, one might consider all the blatantly apparent collateral damage that took place from December 1970 through December 1979 and which is clearly, and sometimes not so clearly linked to the events that took place in Northern California, Western Oregon and Vancouver, Washington in the days and months prior to my escape flight from Portland on March 30, 1979 and on into LAX Los Angeles on March 31st aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner.

In fact all throughout Parts 1 through 11 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com. covering those years from 1970 through March 31, 1979 is chock full or "Black Ops' style state sponsored terrorism and CIA media 'Psy Ops' s scams as well.

Observations On The Events Of January 22, 2018

It was on Monday January 22, 2018 I was spoke with various tech support staff members who were located in Eastern Tennessee, the state where I spent the first fours years of my life up until mid-1957. -- I then chatted a bit about what little I remembered about Nashville and how I was born at Fort Campbell, Christian County, Kentucky with the various techs in Tennessee and well as Louisiana, who finally helped me to resolve my technical problems.

I was taken aback when I woke up the next morning on January 23rd when I saw the news reports of the 7.9 earthquake off the Alaskan Coast and reports of yet another so called 'random' shooting spree there in Benton, Marshall, County Kentucky only 50 miles away from that portion of the U.S. Army Base at Fort Campbell, that is situated in Christian County, Kentucky.

This was also the site of the mid-air collision between two Army Black Hawk helicopters from the 101st Airborne over that very same portion of Fort Campbell, in Christian County Kentucky where I was born, and took place on March 8, 1988 my 35th birthday and the day of the 'Super Tuesday' Presidential Primaries herein the United States. -- You may read about all this thereby clicking on the image-link to the page on my family history located further down below on this page.
-- "1979" / 1979westbrook.com chronicles a number of such coincidental murders, and mishaps which I would attribute to Intel-Military style Black Operations that took place in the 1970's and in the years then to come.

"...You think this is about justice ? No this is about order ! Who rules ! Cause see, fascism is comin' back !"

January 2018 Status Of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Only Parts 1 through 3 of "1979" and their inclusive Sub Parts are presently posted at 1979westbrook.com
-- Parts 4 Through 13 and their inclusive Sub Parts are not posted at this present time in early 2018.

Nonetheless the 60 or so Montages that I have created for Parts 1 through 13 and their Sub Parts
which I have posted online at: 1979Visions.Com
are presently viewable contains a fair overview of the circumstances and events covered in these said same Parts and Sub Parts to "1979" as well a considerable amount of detailed information in some cases. -- Simply click on the link below to view them.


As I am presently revising and expanding the material presented at this website, I have only posted Part 1 through Part 3 of "1979" and their respective Sub Parts therein. -- Parts 1 through 3 is still not complete and up to level that I would like it to be, but it is nonetheless readable and very informative as well.

Although I have much of the research material to Parts 4 through 13 of "1979" assembled for my website 1979westbrook.com, there is still a great deal of writing and editing to do on the written portions describing the convoluted conspiratorial objectives and the at time murderous machinations, depicting the horrific chain of circumstances and events that make up "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

Needless to say it cost more than a considerable amount of time and money that I don't have needed to accomplish all this at this present time whereby I would suggest that everyone out there reading this website to consider purchasing one or possibly more of the Montages from "1979" that I have posted thereat: 1979Visions.Com and would also add that if you have a business to promote or products or services to sell that you might consider contacting me about placing some ads by sending me an e-mail describing your business needs.

Sincerely J.T. Westbrook
January 25, 2018


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The 1979 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in L.A.
It's Links To The May '79 American DC-10 Crash At O'Hare And The Halloween '79 Western DC-10 Crash In Mexico City

You may wish to read about the May 5th 1979 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in Los Angeles only 5 weeks after my return to L.A. and my hometown Covina on March 31st. -- I contend that the May '79 'Cinco de Mayo' plot was actually a CIA-military-intel media 'Psy Ops' scam with media 'cut outs' Raymond Lee Harvey and Osualdo Ortiz.

It was a cryptic warning to me, not to follow through with my plans for debriefings at U.S. Secret Service in L.A. as per my interview with agent Robinson in Portland on March 27th 1979. -- Lee Harvey Oswald the assassination 'patsy' whose murder whilst in Dallas Police custody, two days after the assassination of President Kennedy there was televised live on all of the major TV networks on November 24th 1963.

The May 5th 1979 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in Los Angeles took place only 3 weeks before the worst disaster in U.S. aviation history took place at O'Hare in Chicago on May 25th when an apparently sabotaged wing engine fell off an American Airlines DC-10 just after take-off.

In light of my then recent Western Airlines DC-10 flight from Portland Airport only two-months before on March 30th and into LAX Los Angeles on March on 31st 1979 after a week of terror in Portland, a long distance black out at the Western terminal, a pre-flight bomb threat the Western DC-10 flight's midnight diversion to SFO Airport -- I can only conclude that the sabotaged wing engine crash of the American Airlines
DC-10 bound for LAX Los Angeles was 'Black Op's retaliation for my March '79 escape flight from Portland aboard a Western Airlines DC-10.

This all the more what with my friend from Chicago who 'outed' the FBI's surveillance of me in Portland just prior to the Halloween weekend in October 1979, as described in Part 10 Sub Part 2 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

Five months after the sabotaged, LAX bound American Airlines DC-10 crash in Chicago,in the pre-dawn hours of October 31, 1979, there was the Halloween 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out of Portland Airport on March 30th and into LAX March on 31st 1979, killing the pilot and members of the flight crew from that very same flight that saved my life and cost them theirs.

This Halloween flight Western DC-10 flight that was so ghoulishly 'rigged' to crash at Mexico City on Halloween, had originated at LAX Los Angeles. The choice of Juarez International Airport as the crash site is more than curious, as November 1st, the day after the Western
DC-10 on October 31st, is when the 'Day of the Dead' observances are held throughout Mexico.

When I first heard about the October ''79 Halloween holiday crash of the Western DC-10 crash in Mexico City, it also reminded me of the phony May '79 'Cinco de Mayo' holiday assassination plot in L.A. and the way my friend from Chicago had managed to 'out' the FBI's surveillance of me in using a rubber mask in Portland only the year before and only a few days before Halloween 1978.

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The Bizarre Death Of The Agent Who Interviewed In Me Portland
Only Hours Before The Start Of The 3 Mile Island Nuclear Disaster

March 5,1983: the death date of the three Secret Service agents near Yosemite and it's cryptic connections to the date of my birth: March 8,1953, by way of simply inverting the 5 and the 8 in each date.

Click on the image link above and judge for yourself as to whether or not I have made a convincing case as to the political motives for the death of agent Donald Robinson who interviewed me at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27th 1979, who reportedly died with along agents George LaBarge and Donald Bejcek on a deserted and closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park on March 5,1983 whilst assigned to part of a massive security detail for certain members of the Royal Family, whose former dissident daughter in law, was to also turn up dead in a car crash 14 years later on August 31st 1997.

Click on the montage image link above to read about:
A Bit Of Family History, My Growing Up In The '50's McCarthy Era & Cold War, '60's Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinations, Vietnam & '60's Cultural Revolution -- That Led To My Life Of Strife In The 1970's

Are 'Assassination Patsies' born or are they made. You may wish to click on the image link above to read a bit about who I am are where I come from, and who my folks were. -- As this is a case where one should consider the source, I feel that the readers of this web site should be afforded the opportunity if they chose, to read some biographical info about it's writer. -- This if for no other reason than to better assess the character and motivations of the person making these proven claims and factual allegations on which "1979" / 1979westbrook.com are based.

The Montage Art Of "1979"/1979westbrook.com

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