The 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot on May 5th 1979 a CIA-military-intel media 'Psy Ops' scam was contrived to create confusion and disinformation in L.A. and Southern California only days after my interview cut short at U.S. Secret Service in Portland,Oregon on March 27th about 14 hours prior to the start of the Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster March 28th 1979.

The choice of media 'cut outs' Raymond 'Lee Harvey' and 'Osualdo' Ortiz therein the May '79 CIA 'Psy Ops' 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot -- also served as a not so veiled CIA 'Psy Ops' threat to me not to follow through with my plans to talk to Secret Service in L.A. as per my statement at U.S. Secret Service in Portland March 27th 1979 or else I would too would get some special treatment in LAPD custody, or possibly from some other police agency in it's place.

To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan: "The media [scam] was the message", and it was clearly intended to convey a message to me in a bullet to the gut manner much the way in which Lee Harvey Oswald was dragged out in handcuffs before reporters and TV cameras in a Dallas P.D. parking garage and then ritualistically murdered by 'mob' - Dallas P.D. 'bagman' Jack Ruby, for a live broadcast nationwide on November 24th 1963, which was so skillfully scripted and executed to take place only minutes and seconds after the TV broadcasters cut away from all the well wishers, weepers and media whores then pimping the 'JFK' Presidential Funeral show live in Washington D.C.

All this was only five-weeks after the harrowing ordeals I had to endure therein the hours prior and during my escape flight from Portland on a Western Airlines DC-10 March 30th, the flight's diversion to SFO San Francisco and it's overdue arrival at LAX Los Angeles on March 31st 1979.

As the sabotaged, wing engine 'take out' of the an American Airlines DC-10 jetliner killing 270 men, women and children at Chicago's O'Hare International on May 25th took place only three weeks after the May '79 CIA 'Psy Ops' 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot scam, and the fact that it was a friend of mine from Chicago named Pete, who "outed" the FBI to me therein Portland days before the Halloween '78 holiday weekend, I can't help but conclude that the LAX Los Angeles bound American DC-10 was a most decidedly intentional act of reprisal to myself as well as those in the airline business and aerospace industry. The message here being don't fly out people the FBI is trying to 'frame' or else.

This most apparently and conclusively corroborated by the October 31st '79, Halloween "Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of the Western Airlines DC-10 that destroyed the very same Western DC-10 that flew me out of Portland on March 30th and into LAX March 31st 1979, and murdered the same pilot and members of the same flight crew of that very same March '79 Portland to LAX flight.

Please note the Mecxican theme of the 'rigged' Western DC-10 crash at Juarez Internatioanal in Mexico City no less, and just in time for the 'Mexican Day of the Dead' observances, November 1st 1979 -- in much the same way that the May '79 media 'Psy Ops' assassination plot involving 'cut outs' Raymond 'Lee Harvey' and 'Osualdo' Ortiz took place on' 'Cinco de Mayo', May 5th 1979.

One of the many examples might best sum up what the 1970's were like, would be the Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster that started on March 28th 1979, approximately 14 hours after my interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland. It was the non-stop barrage of updates and media coverage The Three Mile Nuclear disaster throughout April 1979 that put tens of millions of American in the mid-Atlantic and Washington D.C. hostages under a radioactive cloud of fear and confusion, and virtually transfixed the entire Nation until on or about April 24th 1979, when the damaged atomic reactor at Three Mile was finally brought under control and was pumping water under it's own power.

As the Three Mile 'Nuke' disaster had virtually monopolized the print and electronic media from late March through late April of 1979 whereby other lesser noteworthy events such as an aborted, assassination plot in a seemingly ordinary, mid-size American city like Portland, Oregon in March 1979, was easily overlooked and virtually ignored.

This wasn't the case with the bogus May 1979 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot against President Carter in Los Angeles, which was apparently some kind of CIA-military media 'Psy Ops' campaign to confuse it with the then real, actual and recent March '79 assassination plot against President Carter at the Portland Hilton, that prompted my interview at Secret Service in Portland March 27th where I informed then living agent Donald Robinson of my flight plan out of Portland set for March 30th aboard a Western Airlines flight bound for LAX Los Angeles.

My escape flight out of Portland also involved the scary and bizarre events at the 'Showdown' at the Western Airlines terminal at Portland Airport on March 30th 1979, and the long distance phone 'black out' and pre-flight bomb threat there, prior to the diversion of my Western Airlines DC-10 flight to SFO San Francisco, before it was granted clearance to continue on to it's intended destination LAX hours overdue, in the pre-dawn hours of March 31st 1979.

In light of then recent circumstances in Portland in March '79 and later in the weeks that followed after my return to L. A. on March 31st, it was apparent to me that another main objective of the May '79 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot was to threaten me with death in police custody, as was the case with 'JFK" assassination 'patsy' Lee Harvey Oswald, playing on my then state of paranoia over then recent events in Portland. The motive being to scare me off from my intended plans to visit U.S. Secret Service offices in Los Angeles once I arrived back there, as per my statement made at U.S. Secret Service in Portland to agent Donald Robinson.

Two days after the phony May 5th 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in Los Angeles , on Monday May 7th, 1979, the White House made a press announcement that the CIA's Station Chief in Saudi Arabia was being recalled to the U.S. please note the news article from the May 8th '79 L.A. Times in the bottom right corner of the montage for Part 13 Sub Part 2. The officially started reason for the CIA Chief's recall was purportedly due to some kind of friction between the Saudi Royals and the CIA's Saudi Station Chief.

Upon my return to L.A. and Covina on March 31st 1979, when people asked me why I returned there from Portland, Oregon I told them that there was a plot to assassinate President Carter at the Portland Hilton and that it involved the CIA, which had then in recent years from the mid-to late 1970's had been implicated there in the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy and a number of other assassintion in the here in the U.S. and in a number of foreign countries as well.
I care to go into any details with the friends and acquaintances that told about the assassination plot, whereas I saw no point in doing so as they were either to concieted, brainwashed or lame to believe the truth, even if it came up and bit them in the ass.

Beside all this I figured that if told anybody what I knew, then they like me might very well become targets for assassination like myself, who was then looking for a way out of the United States alive for the rest of 1979, but was unable to do so as I lacked the finances and connections to do so. I really didn't expect to live out the month of April, and I was really quite surprised to have made it to New Years Eve 1979-80 thereat street party revelry in Pasadena, the night before and in the pre-dawn hours leading up to the Rose Parade. This same friend of mine who was shot to death 6 years later in December 1985, under suspicious circumstances in West Covina, by one of his inlaws who was never prosecuted.

I was employed at the Portland Hilton from late February, until late morning, March 27th 1979 when I informed my work supervisor Russ, that I had to quit my job there, and gave him a cover story that I had to return to Los Angeles as my mother had just been admitted to a hospital there in critical condition, whereas I could hardly tell Russ my real reasons for leaving and still expect the Hilton to release my paycheck that day on humanitarian grounds. Russ acted cagey with me and told me that I would have to take up the matter of my paycheck with the accounting department on one of the lower floors, which I did the next day.

My March 27th resignation at the Portland Hilton took place only about 10 minutes minutes after my interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland, then located only a few blocks away at the ultra modern PGE office complex in Portland and it was there that I informed them about the assassination plot at the Portland Hilton which I didn't think they would believe, or if they did believe what I had to say, it was because they were in on it, like the Secret Service agents in Dallas were during the November 22nd 1963 assassination of President Kennedy there, and the nationally televised media 'Psy Ops' murder of 'JFK' assassination 'patsy' Lee Harvey Oswald, in a Dallas Police parking garage by 'mob' - Dallas P.D. 'bagman' Jack Ruby 2 days later on November 24th.

Regardless of all this sad, sorry and sordid mess of poilitcal and historical events, I really didn't give a fuck as to what these, clone like government guys in suits believed or didn't believe I just wanted the Secret Service to send out a couple of agents there to the Portland Airport on Friday evening, March 30th 1979 to watch me board a Western Airlines jet bound for LAX Los Angeles.

I did this as a precaution whereas it was a sure bet the Portland FBI was deeply involved in what was apparently an assassination 'frame up' at the Portland Hilton in March 1979, FBI agents would no doubt be dispatched there to Portland Airport to try and prevent me from boarding my L.A. bound Western Airlines escape flight out of Portland, whereby if the Secret Service in Portland was actually on the level the FBI would be afraid to take me into custody, whereas it would only help to prove my claims regarding the Portland Hilton and the Secret Service would be forced to take me into custody fron the FBI before I was found hanging in a jail cell.

It was for this very reason that I had been negotiating with agent Robinson over the phone from my place in West Slope, just the day on Monday March 26th before to meet me at a public location such as the Lloyd Center, close to and just across the river from downtown. I told Robinson about my March 30th flight plan out of Portland aboard a Western Airlines flight to L.A. and he didn't seem to react until I mentioned that I had a kid there in Portland and Portland Girlfriend who I didn't trust waiting for me outside there in what was then some kind of small passenger loading zone in the front entrance to the PGE ofiice complex.

Word of my March 30th 1979 flight plan out of Portland on a Western Airlines jet bound for LAX Los Angeles, and my anticipated return to Covina 30 miles away as evidenced by the episodically timed pre-dawn 'Gang Raids' in Covina and the neighboring towns on the morning of March 30th used as 'cover' for the L.A. Sheriffs, FBI, and U.S. intel agents to talk to 'snitches' and police informants and gather intel as to whether or not I had contacted anyone there about my scheduled return to LAX and Covina hours later on the night of March 30th 1979.

I would also surmise that there were agents from the FBI, CIA and other various intel agencies there behind the extra-large size two way mirror at U.S. Secret Service during my abruptly, cut short interview on March 27th 1979, some of the very people that were setting me up as a 'patsy' at the Portland Hilton, and who were no doubt alarmed at my statement regarding my March 30th flight plan out of Portland aboard a Western Airlines jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles and back home to Covina and the L.A. area where I had family and friends.

These enemies of mine behind the two way mirror were the ones who no doubt put the word out the cops and intel agencies in L.A. about my scheduled flight into LAX on March 30th 1979.

These episodically timed pre-dawn 'Gang Raids' in Covina and the neighboring towns on the morning of March 30th, by L.A. Sheriffs, FBI, and U.S. intel agents
took place at about the same time as the car bombing assassination of British Conservative M.P. Airey Neave just outside Parliament. -- This was just before Big Ben Struck 3:00 PM and which was also just before 7:00 AM Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles and Covina.

Please click on the respective page links below to view page enlargements of the March 30, '79 L.A. Times and and Daily Telegraph for March 31, '79


Also note that date for the start of Daylight Savings Time didn't start until Sunday, April 29, 2:00 AM in the year 1979 -- This would account for any imaginary time discrepancies as Daylight Savings Time in 2016 started at 2:00 AM Sunday March 13th about a month and a half later than in 1979

When I read about the recall of the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia May 7th, only 5 weeks after my Western Airlines DC-10 escape flight out of Portland Airport March 30th and into LAX Los Angeles March 31st, I wondered if it was possibly the same CIA big shot running the blockade of my departure at Portland Airport that night, whereas I had somehow sensed the precise location of this guy thereat one of the GTE phone banks during the long distance, phone 'black out' and had a face to face stare down with the guy, afterwhich I had decided to have my Portland Girlfriend drive me over to her Dad's place on NE 47th near Failing and the graveyard there to use his phone and call my surfer friend instead of my sister, or rather my half-sister who suddenly became deaf, just before the long distance 'black out'.

I should also make note of the fact that it was the incident in a guest elevator at the Portland Hilton as I was returning to work on the upper floors after my morning break on Thursday March 22nd 1979 that was the catalyst that set things into motion, whereas I recognized the one of two Otis Elevator Repairman thereas one of my former Science Class Instructor who I hadn't seen since the last day of class, back on May 25th 1979.


The assassination of Britain's Ambassador to the Hague that also took place that same day, March 22nd 1979 took place on the same day as the elevator incident at the Portland Hilton did and was followed by the assassination of Belgian financier Andre Michaux there in front of his house located across the street from the American Ambassador to NATO on March 23rd. Click on the image links above to view enlargements of the montages I have created for Part 1 and Part 11 of
"1979" / respectively.


I had just moved from the ice storms and freezing rain at my Gypsy Camp like digs in Hilllsboro to a rented room in a house at NE 57th & Siskiyou in Portland on December 24th 1978. It was only four days later on December 28th that a United Airlines DC-8 had reportedly crashed about five miles away and killed a dozen or so people passengers and crew as a result.

Should one care to take a look at the aerial photo of the United DC-8 crashsite with their eyes open, you might wonder just where in the hell the wings and jet turbines went to when the jetliner crashed. How come the branches on the trees next to the fuselage aren't broke off, shattered or even scorched. The crashsite is obviously staged, so much so that the Portland General Electric had the power turned off in the neighborhood just before the so called crash, and the family that lived in the house where DC-8 purportedly crash landed was also moved out of the house only days before.

I didn't have to see the photo in December 1978 to know that there were a whole lot of things not right about the December '78 United plane crash in Portland. The first thing was the way my then Girlfriend Kendra had come over the next day to see me and quiz me about the plane crash in a manner that fucking scared me, as I knew the bitch was another FBI informant and I began to wonder if I knew any of the dead passengers judging by the way Kendra was quizzing me. She flew out of Portland Airport the following day to spend New Years in New York City with her High School Drama Class and this suited me just fine.

Like the record breaking, September PSA 727 mid-air 'take out' over San Diego then only three months before it seemed like another warning to me to not try and fly out of Portland again on an another Western Airlines jet to LAX Los Angeles.

It seems pretty weird that the wings and jet turbines on the United Airlines DC-8 that reportedly crashed in Portland on December 28, 1978 apparently flew away before the plane hit the recently vacated little wood frame house in Portland and that the crash didn't so much as singe
or break the branches the tall trees next the crash site when it hit.

Years later on September 11, 2001 when a commercial jet liners not much bigger than a DC-8 hits the World Center Trade Centers, boom
down they go. The point here being that both crashes were apparently staged by subversive elements of the U.S. Goverment, but the end
results were obviously scripted for very different effects.

"To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself – that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink."

The front page of the August 24, 1979 Oregonian is another example of some CIA media 'psy ops' with a number of twisted political motives behind it.
The so called engine explosion that purportedly occurred on the Northwest Airlines DC-10 was fabricated to discredit the reliability of the McDonnell-Douglas
DC-10 aircraft only three months after the wing engine sabotage crash of the American Airlines DC-10 bound for LAX Los Angeles thereat Chicago's O'Hare International killing over 270 men, women and children, an act which I contend was 'Black Ops' retribution over my escape flight out of Portland Airport on a Western Airlines DC-10 on March 30th 1979 that eventually arrived at LAX Los Angeles on March 31st 1979, after a 'showdown' at the 'Old Western Airlines' terminal in Portland, a long distance phone 'black out', the flight's diversion SFO San Francisco, before it was cleared for take off and allowed to proceed to LAX.
A lot of people in L.A. and Southern California talking about that flight to be sure, and the pilots and flight crews going in and out of LAX were aware of it as well.

This Northwest Airlines DC-10 negative publicity stunt was also done to soften up an already suspicious American People, there in preparation for yet another
upcoming DC-10 plane crash, this one ghoulishly set for Halloween, October 31st 1979. That being the 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out Portland and back to LAX in March '79.

Notice the placement of the crazed hijacker article placed next to the Northwest DC-10 engine explosion article. This little publicity stunt was performed in order to confuse the circusmtances and events of the crazed hijacker out of Portland Airport in August '79 with those of my escape flight out of Portland in March 1979.
This was kind of like the bogus 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in May of 1979 in Los Angeles in order to mix in some CIA 'psy ops' media disinformation with my own very realo and factual account of an assassination plot in Portland upon my return to LAX Los Angeles and Covina on March 31st 1979.

As for the pilot and flight crew of the Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner that flew me out of Portland March 30th, and eventually on into LAX Los Angeles March 31st 1979, after an unscheduled landing at SFO San Francisco, they all perished in the October 31st 1979, Halloween 'Trick-or-Truck' on the lit up runway crash that was evers so carefully pre-arranged at Juarez International in Mexico, just in time the Mexican 'Day of The Dead' celebrations there next day, November 1st.


In Part 11 of "1979" / I go into detail about then recent events in Portland, Oregon in March 1979, including my abruptly terminated interview at U.S. Secret Service offices with agent Donald Robinson then located in the ultra-modern, angular glass and steel, PGE office complex in Portland.

Click the image link below to view an enlargement of the title montage I have created for Part 11 of "1979" /

Agent Robinson's assassination took place four years later on March 5th 1983, purportedly the result of a head collision with a Sheriff's car on a closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park. Robinson's mangled body, along with those of agents Bejcek and La Barge were pulled from the wreckage of a
Secret Service passeneger vehicle that was assigned to provide security a certain Satanic Majesty, whose Princess of Wales-daughter in law would meet a similar car crash fate, there in Paris on August 31st 1997.

The cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge are interesting in and of itself where as by transposing the 5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 one gets the date of birth at Fort Campbell, Kentucky March 8, 1953.


The timing of this near miss, mid-air, 'take out' of Western Airlines 727 by a Minnesota State Police chopper took place only three months after the unwitnessed car crash deaths of agent Donald Robinson who briefly interviewed me at U.S. Secret Service in Portland in March 1979, along with two other Secret Service agents on closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite.

As the State Police was assigned to President Reagan's security detail, or which the U.S. Secret Service was also a part of, a possible mid-air collision between a Western Airlines 727 and a police helicopter could have had disasterous results to U.S. Secret Service agents and other security personnel, and possibly that of President Reagan, whose policies would eventually take America from the World's Largest Creditor Nation under former President Carter to becoming the World's Largest debtor Nation by the end of Reagan's scandal ridden, two terms in office in 1988.

The involvement of the Western Airlines 727 passenger jet involvement in this near miss, mid-air is also somewhat disturbing therein light of the involvement of Secret Service agent Robinson's interview of me in Portland on March 27th 1979, and the Secret Service's role in the standoff at the Western Airlines terminal in Portland that enabled me to board my my Western Airlines DC-10 escape flight out of Portland March 30th and arrival at LAX Los Angeles March 31st 1979.

One should also bear in mind the blatantly retaliatory aspects of the Halloween 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of that very same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out of Portland and into LAX in March 1979, thereat Juarez International in Mexico City, the day before the 'Day of the Dead' holiday in Mexico on November 1st 1979. The crash killed the pilot and flight crew that flew me out of Portland in March 1979.

Only days before the Western DC-10 crash in Mexico City, the head of the South Korean CIA that is closely linked to the U.S. CIA assassinated the South Korean President over kim chi at a dinner party, turned human sacrifice.

All things considered I can only conclude that the June '83 near miss mid-air was a cleverly arranged and not too terribly veiled threat to U.S. Secret Service to stay in line and keep silent about of the massive collateral damage that resulted from events in Portland in March 1979 and the suspicious car crash deaths of three Secret Service agents, then only three months before on March 5th 1983 near Yosemite National Park.



What with the two high level political assassinations of the British Ambassador and the British MP only a week apart in March of 1979, and the two record aviation disasters in the U.S. in September '78 and May 25th 1979, and reports of then recent events in Portland, in March '79, as the former head of Britain's MI 6 intel angency Lord Mountbatten was apparently briefed on such matters. Like the mafia or the CIA once your in, your in for life or in Lord M's case in until death do you part.

The character 'M' in Ian Fleming's James Bond spy novels are to some degree based on Lord Mountbatten a member of the Royal Family. Note the photos dated May 30, 1979 therein the submarine where it might be safe from electronic surveillance, presumably all the more so if the submarine Superb was on maneuvers submerged.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one in the world to surmise that the 18 British Soldiers that were reportedly killed and credited to the Irish IRA were actually ordered to take Lord M into custody and and then murdered to cover the whole thing up. What would an actuary say that the odds that the close timing and locations of these two events would be ? As there were and are various factions in the U.S. Intel community it would also apply to Great Britain's and most any other Western nation's intel orgs as well.

When Lord 'M' was there on the submarine HM Superb on May 30th 1979 it was precisely two months after the car bomb asasination of Conservitive MP Airey Neave at a parking garage ramp directly across from Parliament on March 30th 1979, this as the L.A. Sheriffs, FBI, CIA and other agencies were performing gang raids in and around my hometown of Covina there on precisely the same day as my Western Airlines flight to LAX scheduled for later that night. The former spymaster and member of The Royal Family was also well aware of the back to back assassination of Ambassador Sykes at The Hague in the Netherlands on March 22nd and the March 23rd 'hit' on Belgian banker Michaux in Brussels directly across the street from the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to NATO.


Click on the respective image links above to view readable large size images of the Daily Telegraph and L.A. Times reporting the two separate events that took place within only minutes of each other on 3_30_79, half a world away from each other in London and Los Angeles County.

During Lord 'M's May 30th 1979 visit on the British Navy's sub, he must have known about the May 25th 1979 American Airlines DC-10 wing engine 'takeout' at Chicago's O'Hare and the inside job assassination of Judge Wood only the day before on May 29th in San Antonio, Texas.

Assuming that Lord 'M' still had some British intell connections he may well have known about the United Airlines DC-8 crash in Portland took place on December 28th 1978 to some degree or another, as this jetliner crash in Portland took place only three months after the kamakazee 'mid-air' of the PSA 727 by a small Cessna 174 over San Diego.

There is also the very strong possibility that Lord 'M' was well aware my visit to U.S. Secret Service in Portland on 3_27_79 the day before the start of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster the 28th.

Karen's boy friend at the law James, a lawyer from England who worked there in late '70's until 1981. In light of the circumstances and events that led to the events of March 1979 in Portland I had to wonder if James wasn't some kind of MI-6 agent worlking as liason between the CIA, and other U.S. military and inel orgs involved in what then a very active plot to assassinate President Carter in Portland sometime in the Spring of 1979 at the Presidential Suite at the Portland Hilton where I worked in February and March 1979.

Was 'James' a 'Raven' a male agent who uses sex to manipulate females involved in an intelligence operation?
I actually walked in on them in bed on night at the place Karen and I had on North Emerson in Portland, but as I was leaving Portland anyway and really didn't care, I didn't make a fuss, drove off and slept in my car at Overlook Park nearby. I was finally able to move to Davis, California by mid-October 1981.

I should note that this was in September 1981 having moved back to Portland from L.A. there on June 21st 1980 only days after another one of my friends turned up dead on June 2nd. --- There was also the matter of May '79 American DC-10 crash and the October '79 crash of the Western DC-10 crash that killed the pilot and flight crew that flew me out of Portland on March 30th and into LAX on March 31st 1979. -- I figured that as there was no way I get out of the U.S. or maybe join the Eden Pastora factions of the Sandinistas in El Salvador, that perhaps go up to Portland to see what would happen.

What with all the plane crashes, assasinations and deaths around me in '79 and '80 there were plenty of people in L.A. and Southern California who about my claims of an assassination plot in Portland in March '79 and if I was murdered or killed in Portland it would just make my claims all the believeable and credible.