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'On Her Majesty's Deadly Secret Service Detail'

The Deaths Of Agent Robinson From My March 27th 1979
Interview At Secret Service In Portland & Two Other Agents
Assigned To The Royal Security Detail On March 5th 1983

Unlike the work history of agents Donald Bejcek and George LaBarge that reported the offices of the branch offices of the U.S. Secret Service that they were assigned to during their respective carreers. The press releases regarding agent Donald Robinson's only notes that he was with the Secret Service branch office in Buffalo, New York until 1981. -- No mention is made of the fact that he was assigned to U.S. Secret Service in Portland 1979. -- This was because it would corroborate my claims that I was interviewed by agent Robinson there at the Portland Offices of the U.S. Secret Service in Portland, then located at the PGE office complex on March 27th 1979, about 14 hours or so prior to the start of what was to become the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster in the pre-dawn hours of March 28th 1979.

Like the October 31st 1979 Halloween 'Trick or Truck' on the lighted runway crash that killed the pilot and flight crew of the Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out Portland on March 30th and eventually into LAX Los Angeles, Robinson's death was yet another potential witness that had to be silenced in death.

Note the photo of the man standing behind Prince Philip and the Queen in the bottom photo, as he does bear quite a resemblence to agent Donald Robinson.

I should also note that the FAX copies of the Trenton Times were received by me at my then living sister's home in Venice, California on September 20th 2001 from the Main Branch of the Trenton Library. -- The Postal Service distribution center located just outside the City Limits of Trenton, New Jersey, was the site of a deadly Anthrax attack in early October 2001. Just another coincidence ? Or was it more like another case of 'Black Ops' retaliation in my life ?

I now cite therefrom the Trenton Sunday Times, a New Jersey Newspaper, therefrom March 6, 1983, at page A-22 (See FAX photo above)

This article in column 4, of page A-22, is captioned;
"Newark-based agent a victim", and has a photo of Donald W. Robinson above it. The article focuses on Robinson specifically and is located next to the story reporting his death, Secret Service agents LaBarge and Bejcek as well continued from the front page, and how they all reportedly died in the car crash near Yosemite whilst performing duties as part of Queen Elizabeth II's royal security detial March 5, 1983.

The same Trenton Sunday Times article captioned;
"Newark-based agent a victim", has some interesting information as to Robinson's 12 year carrer as a Secret Service agent, which all of the other major, and minor league newpsapers I've seen do not, whereby I now cite the following:

"Donald W. Robinson, 38, had worked for 12 years with the Secret Service and transferred to the Newark about one year from Buffalo, N.Y. said Secret Service spokesman Joseph Petro* in Washington."

No mention of where Robinson worked prior to Buffalo in 1981. This is because he was assigned to the U.S. Secret Service in Portland in 1979 and would put him at the very time and place where Agent Robinson interviewed me on March 27th 1979, some 14 hours or so prior to the start of the Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster near Harrisburg, PA, the perfect media hyped diversion clear across the continent from then ongoing events in Portland, Oregon.

The Trenton Sunday Times article dated March 6, 1983 at page A-22, only tells us where agent Robinson was assignnd to for the last year of his life thereat at the Newark Secret Service Office, and refers to his last prior posting thereat Buffalo, New York, however the article does not make the slightest referrence as to how long agent Robinson was assigned to the Buffalo Office, let alone where U.S. Secret Service Agent Robinson was posted during those 11 years of his employment with the U.S. Secret Service prior to being transferred only one earlier to the Newark office.

The March 6, 1983 edition of the Washington Post, gives a pretty tight chronology of 42 year-old Agent George LaBarge's Secret Service carreer, having been stationed therein Washington DC from 1969 until 1981, apparently having split to the Dayton, Ohio office the year the Reagan -Bush adminstration took power in Washington. LaBarge was still assigned to the Dayton office at the time of his death, according to the Post and other news sources, no secret about LaBarge's carreer.

Nor is there any ambiguity as to the carreer of 27 year-old Secret Service agent Donald Bejcek, which reports that Bejcek was with the Chicago office for about onme an half years, and gives a complete run down of those other prestigeous law enforcement agencies that Bejcek worked for priot to his starting up with the U.S. Secret Service, presuambly in 1982.

However when it comes to Agent Donald Robinson, it's quite another story, the Assocaited press article from the March 6, 1983, Trenton Sunday Times, only tells us the last year of his 12 year carreer with the U.S. Secret Service and then most abruptly stops, only going as far back as 1982, with his transfer to the Newark office of the U.S. Secret Service, tehrefrom Buffalo only one year earlier.

The reason for this rather glaring omission in agent Robinson's Secret Service carreer is due to the fact, that the U.S. Secret Service wanted to keep secret the fact that agent Robinson was assigned to the Portland, Oregon on March 27, 1979, and that it was agent Robinson who I spoke to during our few minute little chat in an interrogation room with two-way mirrors, I informed agent Robinson thereof my belief that an attempt to assassinate then President Carter was going shortly going to take place thereat my then place of employment, the downtown Portland Hotel, and that I was flyong out of Portland, Oregon back to L.A. on a Western Airlines flight 3 days later on March 30, 1979 which I did after going through a series of some rather bizarre and terrifyoing events in the course of that night.

if word was widely publicised that Agent Robinson was assigned to the Portland, Oregon office of the U.S. Secret Service in 1979, it bring up those events of 1979, involving yours truly, and then call into question, even more so those rather dubious circumstances under which agents LaBarge, Robinson and Bejcek, supposedly died under, thereon a deserted stretch of hihghway near Yosemite, on March 5, 1983.

The cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge are interesting in and of itself where as by transposing the 5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 one gets the date of my birth at Fort Campbell, Christian County Kentucky on March 8, 1953.



The Assassination Prevention Conference in Washington D.C. on my 28th Birthday March 8, 1981
The attempted Assassination of President Reagan at the Washington D.C. Hilton on March 30, 1981
This on the second anniversary of my Western Airlines DC-10 escape flight from Portland Airport on
March 30, 1979 and it's overdue arrival at LAX Los Angeles March 31st. This at the height of the media
hyped hysteria over the Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster.

Click on the image link above to read about it.


"From 1974-76 she (Bailes) served as Second Secretary in the UK Delegation to NATO. In 1976, she worked in London in the European Community Department (Internal) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office."

" In November 1979, Bailes was on loan to the Ministry of Defence as Head of Section in DS11, a civilian department dealing with defence outside the NATO area. In June 1981 she was posted to a job covering defence issues at the British Embassy in Bonn. -- Conspicuously absent from the Wikipedia bio profile of Miss Bailes is any reference to her so called 'narrow escape' from death as assassins unknown, who reportedly pumped bullets through rear window glass of Rolls that resulted in Ambassador Sykes death on March 22, 1979.

A Riotously Bizarre Memorial Day '73 Weekend At The Kern River
The Death Of Secret Service Agent Dietrich In The British Bahamas
Cryptic Car Radio News At Twilight; Backseat Witches Ala MacBeth

Read about my tumultuous Memorial Day Weekend at the Kern River in May 1973, the riot that the girls I came there with had helped intigate and the cryptic news broadcast car that broke through the mountain static at precisely twilight. -- Click on the image link below directly below to read about it.

I remember how FBI informants O'Brien and his partner Benny invited me over to their house on NE 57th and Siskiyou in Portland to take 'magic mushrooms' on the day of the Moscone-Milk assassinations. It was O'Brien and Benny who made sure that I applied for the job opening at the Portland Hilton in February, where the 'shit hit the fan' on March 22nd and thus necessitated my visit to Secret Service in Portland March 27th, the day before the start fo the TMI nuclear disaster March 28th, as I needed the Secret Service to get me aboard my Western Airlines flight out Portland, past the Portland FBI.

After repeatedly losing to Moscone in the elections, Feinstein got to be Mayor as the result of Moscone's assassination. She apparently not only helped assassin White into business, but according to news reports had a working relationship with White when he was her fellow County Supervisor.

The all of sudden, episodic barring of the virtually all members of the U.S. and Foreign Press Corps from Reagan's ranch during the Royal Visit would have greatly facilitated the kidnapping and interogation of Robinson and the two other Secret Service agents in the days prior to the discovery of their bloody bodies that were pulled from the twisted and mangled wreckage of their automobile on that loney stretch leading into Yosemite National Park.

I find that the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune for Friday June 10th 1983 is as interesting as it is revealing in that the near miss, mid-air, during President Reagan's June 9th 1983 visit to Minneapolis, involved a State Police helicopter ostensibly assisting Reagan's Secret Service security detail there nearly slammed into a Western Airlines 727 jetliner then on approach for landing.

It seems quite apparent that there was some dissention within the ranks of the U.S. Secret Service on June 9, 1983, and how the intersection between the U.S. Secret Service and Western Airlines comes in play -- then only three months after the March 5, 1983 of the bizarre car deaths of agent Robinson who interviewed me at Secret Service offices in Portland on March 27, 1979 and two other Secret Service agents, purportedly as the ressult of an unwitnessed car crash on a closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park on their way to join the massive security detail provided for the Queen and Prince Philip during their tour of California, and the Northwest.

The cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge are interesting in and of itself where as by transposing the 5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 one gets the date of birth at Fort Campbell, Kentucky March 8, 1953.

I contend that the facts and circumstances in the day prior to the reported deaths agents Robinson, LaBarge and Bejcek speak for themselves. This being the case I am completely convinced that after the press corps were completely barred from President Reagan's ranch near Santa Barbara on March 1, 1983, that it was then and there that agent Robinson and the other two agents were all kidnapped by a joint unit of British and American intel and military rats, thereat some remote spot at near President Reagan's 'Rancho de Cielo'

In light of all of the corroborating factual evidence, one can only conclude that the primary motive for the these alleged kidnappings was to silence agent Robinson because his role in dealing with me over the phone on March 26th, the day before my March 27, 1979 at Secret Service offices then located in the ultra-modern PGE office complex in downtown Portland.

My only reason for contacting Secret Service in Portland and going in for the interview with agent Robinson on March 27, 1979, was that I needed the Secret Service to get me past the Portland FBI, and so I made sure to inform Robinson and the guys behind the giant two way mirror there of my then weekend flight
plan out of Portland on a Western Airlines jet that following Friday, March 30, 1979. I anticipated that the Secret Service in Portland would send out a couple of agents to make sure I boarded my flight, thus preventing the Portland FBI from grabbing me at the Western boarding area, as this would have 'outed' the Portland FBI's role therein the March '79 assassination plot at the Portland Hilton where I just recently worked and quit.

It's also possible, if not perhaps likely that Secret Service agents LaBarge and Bejcek were dispatched to Portland for the March 30, 1979 'showdown at the old Western Airlines Corral' and were perhaps thereat Secret Service in Portland during my March 27, 1979 interview there with agent Robinson and which was presumbly videotaped there as well.

This was in some respects like the very real and well documented October 31st '79 Halloween 'Truck or Treat' 'take out' of the same Western Airlines
DC-10 that flew me out out of Portland on March 30, 1979 and into LAX Los Angeles on March 30, 1979, and thereby killed the pilot and flight crew from that March '79 flight as well.

The October 31st '79 Halloween 'Truck or Treat' 'take out' of the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out out of Portland on March 30th and into LAX on March 31, 1979 -- was diabolically timed to take place on the day before the November 1st 'Day of the Dead' observances throughout Mexico.

In Part 11 of "1979" / describe some of finer points of my March '79 flight plan escape from Portland on March 30, 1979, such as the showdown at the 'Old Western Airlines Corral' and the GTE long distance 'black out' at Portland Airport. There was also the quick trip to Girlfriend's Dad's house nearby on NE 47th & Failing, followed by the hysterically bizarre arrival of my Girl's Dad's Cuban friends, as we turned to drive down the long gravel driveway back to Portland Airport, as well as the horrific and terrifying pre-flight bomb threat contrived to scare me off the L.A. bound Western DC-10, and the incredibly bizarre way in which the bomb was defused.

The 8:30 PM Western DC-10 flight was eventually granted clearance for takeoff from Portland Airport sometime after 10:30 PM only to be diverted to SFO San Francisco sometime before midnight, until it was finally cleared for take-off and allowed to proceed to it's intended destination LAX Los Angeles, hours overdue next day on March 31, 1979.

Agent Robinson and other agents from the U.S. Secret Service and other intel orgs made my escape flight past the Portland FBI possible, and so they were murdered in retaliation as well as to send a message to other agents in the Secret Service and other agencies. Note that as the result of the September 2001 '9-11' attacks in the U.S. and the congressional cover-ups that followed, control of the U.S. Secret Service was taken away from the U.S. Treasury Department and given to the newly created Der Department of Homeland Security, whatever the fuck der 'Homeland' means.

The June 9, 1983 near miss mid-air was message of terror from subversive elements in U.S. intel and the military, a 'Black Ops' threat to the Secret Service to 'stay in line' and keep silent about the events in Portland in March 1979 and the then very recent torture-murders of three of their Secret Service comrades, then only three months before on on March 5, 1983.

The cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge are interesting in and of itself where as by transposing the 5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 one gets the date of birth at Fort Campbell, Kentucky March 8, 1953.

'On Her Majesty's Royal Paranoia Of The U.S. Secret Service'

When in history, if ever has there ever been an issue with the U.S. Secret Service detail accompanying an American President carrying firearms
during a visit to the Queen or a member of the British Royal Family. --- I would say never and that this sudden episodic paranoia over the Secret Service and
unprecedented demand to disarm them during President Reagan's June 1984 visit is another clear indicator that the Queen was indeed fearfull that members of the U.S. Secret Service would retaliate against her over the ominously disturbing details involved in the deaths of their fellow agents, Donald Robinson, George
La Barge and Donald Bejcek on that Satanically inverted date of their deaths.

The cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge are interesting in and of itself where as by transposing the 5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 one gets the date of birth at Fort Campbell, Kentucky March 8, 1953.


My Plans To Leave L.A. In 1994 For Parts Unknown --
An Unexpected Appearance -- Electronic Surveillance And A
Lack Of Funds & Connections Making My Travel Plans Impossible

It wasn't until sometime around early October of 2008 that I decided to do some newspaper index searches on Diana in order to see if what I had seen, or thought I had seen 14 years before in October 1994 was actually possible. I was shocked when I found out the Diana had actually the left England at the time away from the ever watching eyes of the Queen's Orwellian like surveillance network. The timing of her departure clearly fits in with that precise time period in late October '94 when I saw her there in West Los Angeles.

I must admit that when one of the most famous and well loved persons on the planet turned up dead in a car in August 1997, like the 3 Secret Service Agents, including Agent Robinson who interviewed me in March '79 whilst on special assignment to the Queen's massive sercurity detail in California in March 1983, I had to conclude that it must have seen the dissident former member of the Royal Family who I saw in West L.A. in Ocotober 1994. -- Another reason to keep silent.

Rework text

During my years of mishaps and adventures in Venice from January '87 on up to October 1994 I had seen a lot of weird things including the L.A. riots of April '92, I had never seen anything quite like this and so to make sure that I wasn't seeing things I began to make a quick visual study of the people therein the Post Office and the physical surroundings in order to make sure that my powers of observation were still on track and sure enough there were.

When I got home I had a beer and smoked some Mexican 'Red Hair' weed that I used to buy near downtown in '94 and went about my preparations to leave L.A., as I really didn't really have anyone or anything to stay for, as most of my friends had already been murdered, or had moved away from my hometown of Covina.

I had decided to embark on a course of my own self imposed exile from the Covina area as the result of my being illegally scammed out of my real estate interest in 1986, sue to political pressures, treachery, rigged Pasadena Courts and my former attorney whose office was only block or so away from the Post Office on Santa Monica Blvd, whereby some friends of mine were 'ripped off' as well.

I later managed to have my attorney disbarred by October 1990, and I received notice of the disbarrment by mail from a clerk for the California Supreme Court, as was the practice then in 1990. California disbarrament proceedures have long since changed and do not go through the Supreme Court's offices anymore.

In the hours that followed in that late October 1994 evening thereat my underground like 'digs' in Venice, I then surmised that if the lady at the West L.A. Post Office on Santa Monica Blvd. was indeed the genuine article, at least for the moment in any event, then just why in the hell would of all people a member of the British Royal Family want to take a look a 'Black Listed' loser under the thumb of the U.S. National Security State appartus, living like some renagade political in
Venice, California, whilst under constant surveillance by the LAPD Spy Units, the L.A. FBI and who knows what other domestic and foreign intel orgs.

Was this 'Royal' viewing of my lowly peasant like ass out some kind of bizarre curiosity, or was she just 'slumming', or was this just another trip to the zoo like stare or glare that I had received from time to time, from people I didn't know and others whose faces I had seen the press and media in the months and years that followed my return to L.A. on March 31st 1979, presumably over then recent events in Portland.

Did this 'Royal' view and dash visit have anything to do with my leaving L.A. and quitting my research at UCLA which did in fact center on my interview at Secret Service in Portland on March 27th 1979, followed 15 hours later by the start of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster only 90 miles away from Washington D.C. and my near death escape flight out of Portland March 30th on a Western Airlines DC-10 and it's overdue arrival next morning at LAX on March 31st 1979 after a showdown and long distance phone 'Black Out' at the Western terminal, a pre-flight bomb threat and the flight's unscheduled diversion to SFO San Francisco.

There was also the matter of the assasination of British Ambassador Sykes at the Hague on March 22, 1979, the same day as the bizarre elevator incident at the Portland Hilton -- that later led to my interview at Secret Service in Portland on March 27th and my Western DC-10 escape flight out of Portland March 30th.
In the course of my research of the old newspaper film reels at UCLA in 1993, I discovered that car bomb assassination of British MP Neave at Parliament had actually taken place half way around the world, at the very same time that the L.A. Sheriff's, the FBI and CIA were conducting some rather episodically timed, so called 'Gang Raids' in Covina, and the cities and towns nearby on the morning March 30th 1979.

More importantly to me was the fact that March 30th 1979 was the originally scheduled date return flight into LAX, and of which I had informed agent Robinson of during my abruptly terminated interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27th 1979, as I needed the Secret Service to watch me board my Western Airlines jet flight bound for LAX, as this would prevent the Portland FBI from grabbing me. Had the FBI done so then the Secret Service would have been compelled into taking me into custody and the risk that I would spill what I knew about the March '79 assassination plot at the Portland Hilton, and the FBI's key role and involvement in it since my return to Portland in September 1978.

I suppose that this member of the Royal Family had to weigh in the considerable amount of crediabilty to my well known claims regarding the assassination plot in Portland in March '79, that it was only two months after all the buzz was my March '79 escape flight from Portland aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner that flew me into LAX that the sabotaged wing engine crash of an L.A. bound American Airlines DC-10 at Chicago's O'Hare International took place on May 25th. The 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me Portland in March '79 thereat Juarez on Halloween October 31st 1979 and killed the very same pilot and flight crew that flew me out of Portland March 30th and into LAX March 31st 1979.

It's a sure bet that the assassination Lord Mountbatten in August 1979, which many including myself surmised that the murders of 18 British soldiers the same day were connected, as it was very possible, if not likely that these same soldiers were used to covertly take Mountbatten into custody for enhanced interrogation, possible torture and murder.

Assuming that this was the case then the 18 British soldiers had to be killed in order to cover up any traces of the kidnapping and murder of Lord M could be falsely attributed to elements of the Irish Republican Army.

Lord M was also reportedly the head of British Intelligence by way of his rank in the British navy in the 1950's and was the person who author Ian Fleming based his character 'M' on therein the James Bond spy novels, although 'M's character was altered a bit to conceal at least in part Mountbatten's role as head of British Intelligence.

I suspect that Lord M had 'the goods' on the Queen's close relationship with her Royal Art Advisor Sir Anthony Blunt a Soviet 'mole' had something to do with Lord M's murder. -- Some redacted, media spun, and sanitized versions of Soviet 'mole' Blunt's decades long relationship with the Queen were leaked to the press in November '79 only three months after Lord M's death in August '79.

It was also during this time in November 1979 that the groundkeeper of Lord Mountbatten's Broadland's Estate was found dead under highly suspicious circumstances.

As the result of my research of the old newspaper reels at UCLA In 1994 I could only surmise that Lord M's groundskeeper was apparently interrogated and possibly tortured over caches of intel material that Lord M had stashed at his Broadlands Estate before his death.

Were this actually the case then I would suppose that Lord M's freinds in MI- 6 and U.S. intel may have contacted and briefed Princess Diana about my March '79 interview at Secret Service in Portland with agent Donald Robinson, my escape flight out of Portland March 30th 1979, and my Western DC-10 flight's arrival at LAX March 31st and how all this tied in with Robinson's assignment to her Royal Mother inlaw's security detail in March '83 whereby Robinson and two other Secret Service agents turned up dead on March 5, 1983.

She may have even been briefed about the cryptic connotations of the date of the deaths of agents Robinson, Bejcek and LaBarge, where as by transposing the
5 and the 3 of the date of their reported deaths on March 5, 1983 -- one gets the date of birth at Fort Campbell, Christian County Kentucky March 8, 1953.
Diana may have also known about ' Black Hawks' mid air at my place of birthplace atf Fort Campbell Kentucky on March 8th 1988 35th Birthday which was also the date of the 'Super Tuesday' Presidential Primaries herein the U.S. in which George Bush Sr. was the big winner.

In October 1994 Princess Diana was smack dab in the middle of her four year long divorce that ran from sometime in 1992 until July 1996, and she had apparently fallen from grace of the Queen from she now found herself in the cross-hairs of Her Majesty and elements of British Intelligence.

The following is from Wikipedia:

In December 1992, Prime Minister John Major announced the couple's "amicable separation" to the House of Commons,[63] and the full Camillagate transcript was published a month later in the newspapers, in January 1993. On 3 December 1993, the Princess of Wales announced her withdrawal from public life.[64]

On 20 December 1995, Buckingham Palace publicly announced the Queen had sent letters to the Prince and Princess of Wales advising them to divorce.[74][75] The Queen's move was backed by the Prime Minister and by senior Privy Counsellors, and, according to the BBC, was decided after two weeks of talks.[76] Prince Charles formally agreed to the divorce in a written statement soon after.[74] In February 1996, the Princess announced her agreement after negotiations with the Prince and representatives of the Queen,[77] irritating Buckingham Palace by issuing her own announcement of the divorce agreement and its terms. In July 1996, the couple agreed on the terms of their divorce.[78],_Princess_of_Wales

Perhaps the best reason for this seconds long encounter with Princess Diana was that she was rather paranoid about the way in which the CIA and MI-6 had British arms dealer Ian Spiro tortured and murdered and his wife and kids all murdered execution style, and the way in which the San Diego Sheriff's and FBI murdered witnesses, destroyed evidence and then had the national and local media cover the whole thing up.

I suppose she was also doing me a favor by trying to encourage me to stay in L.A. and stay the course with my research that might put her most deadliest adversary the Queen under scrutiny over her connections to the deaths Donald Robinson and two other Secret Service agents in March '83 and thus help keep the Queen 'in check' so to speak.

My preparations to leave L.A. in October 1994 included trips to the Mexican newspaper in downtown where I left some research material, a visit to the Secret Service located in the Roybal building, a trips to a Jewish Center where I left some discs, and some mailings to Senator Mitchell's office thereof some material that later became the basis for "1979" /

The years of running battles, 'dust ups' and standoffs in virtually every corner of L.A. where I went including and especially those at Venice Beach where the cops were continually hassling me over the content of my historical pictorial displays during the Summer of 1994.

The murder of journalist Joseph 'Danny' Casolaro in 1991 and the massacre of the Spiro Family in Rancho Santa Fe in 1992 still bothered me, the Spiro Massacre all the more as I used to visit nearby Solano Beach in the early and late 1970's to surf and mess around a bit.

I suppose that it was the then recent threats against a now deceased family that was a major factor in my decision to leave L.A. for parts unknown by October '92.
All this brought back even more bad memories of the June 1987 car firebomb attack aimed at me by LAPD informants and a former 'Seal' with CIA connections that resulted in the death of some guy I didn't even know, who later died as the result of his burn injuries.

Then there was the May 2, 1989 chokehold incident that led to a day and night of 'fun and games' with the cops, and some local intel 'spooks' thereon Ocean Front Walk and later all through the streets of Venice all alone with some 'Molotovs' and a machete. This was perhaps one the strangest nights of life which I assumed was to end a short time later that very night, whereas where for some reasons or other the streets were eerily empty unlike the skies at night which had what looked like C-130 cargo-troop transports flying in low, with backs opened up, which was rather quite apparent as I could see lights in from the cargo bay as they flew by. It was like I threw a riot and nobody came, so I went to my basement digs in Venice where I smoked some 'pot', drank some beers and tried to figure out just what in the fuck happened to me, my totally unexpected response and just what in the hell was going on.

It was then in late October of 1994 when I was taking care of a few loose ends before I left L.A. for parts unknown, that I was mailing some filings to the U.S. Court of Claims regarding a case that was recently quashed and then on appeal, and one to Senate Majority Leader Mitchell that I happened to see someone there who was then still prominently featured in the news in 1994 other than 'O.J.' and the rest of the media-hyped circus clowns and court jesters.

As things turned out I wasn't to leave Los Angeles until 18 years later in 2012 and thus my works, a fraction of which I have posted at my websites and 1979Poster.Com now presently in 2017.

The August 1997 Car Crash Death Of The Queen's Dissident Former Daughter In Law

In November 1979 I, and perhaps millions or tens of millions herein the U.S. and abraod already knew that the Iran Hostage Crisis was 'rigged' political scam to further destablize President Carter's Presidency in order to install the reactionary, poster child politician Ronald Reagan into the White House.

The preponderance of evidence discovered regarding the Iran-Contra scams of 1979 and the early 1980's bears out the fact that the American hostages taken captive by Iranian radicals on November 4th 1979 were held for 444 days until January 20th 1981 (Reagan's inauguration), until after the Ronald Reagan took office as President, were actually part of the so called 'October Surprise' of 1980.

I have included below, a bit of some well documented research material that briefly outlines the Iran-Contra scams in which many, if not most all of the criminal conspirators had their convictions overturned by their fascist counterparts in the Federal Judiciary on the flimsiest technicalities, or were pardoned outright by President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

This made all the more insulting and ludicrous by the fact that prior to his accession to the Presidency, Vice-President George H.W. Bush was a key conspirator the Iran-Contra scams himself.

"On December 19, 1986, [Lawrence]Walsh was named as the independent counsel in charge of the Iran-Contra investigation. His investigation led to the convictions of both former National Security Advisor John Poindexter and National Security Council member Oliver North, though both convictions were subsequently reversed. Walsh also brought an indictment on two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice against former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger in June 1992. That September, one count, obstruction of justice, was dismissed for technical reasons."

"Poindexter and North were among 14 officials who faced criminal charges. They also were among the 11 convicted, although their convictions were set aside by appellate court decisions. Five — including former State Department official Elliott Abrams and former defense secretary Caspar W. Weinberger — were pardoned by President George H.W. Bush on Christmas Eve 1992."


"As chairman of the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran (1987), Hamilton chose not to investigate President Ronald Reagan or President George H. W. Bush, stating that he did not think it would be "good for the country" to put the public through another impeachment trial. Hamilton was later chair of the House October Surprise Task Force (1992)."

The chair and vice chair of the 9/11 Commission, respectively Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, assert in their book, Without Precedent, that they were "set up to fail" and were starved of funds to do a proper investigation. They also confirm that they were denied access to the truth and misled by senior officials in the Pentagon and the federal aviation authority; and that this obstruction and deception led them to contemplate slapping officials with criminal charges.

The front page headlines below best illustrates only one of the subversively tragic consequences of House Select Committee Chairman Lee Hamiilton's 'cover up's for "good for the country" in 1987.

Some sources have cited two eye-witnesses to the December 1985 Aero Air flight 1285 at Gander,Newfoundland, as having reported that they saw what looked like the frey trail of a small missile that apparently hit Aero Air flight 1285 just before it crashed. Was it a 'Stinger' missile ? Regardless as to whether or not this was the case it would have been even easier to place an explosive device on board the Aero Air DC-8 during it's stop over at Gander, just prior to it's crash there just after take-off reportedly killing 256 people, 248 of which were U.S. military personnel, most all of them from Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Aero Air was reportedly a CIA proprietary used by Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North there in Iran Contra covert operations, exporting weapons to fascists and terrorists and importing drugs for America's inner cities.

Numerous accounts of sightings from pilots and passengers in the air and those on ground ground claim that they saw what looked like a missile hit TWA fight 800 on July 17, 1996. These reports were apparently ignored by the NTSB officials who concluded that it was an explosion in a wing tank of the TWA 747 that caused the crash 12 minutes after takeoff from 'JFK' Airport in New York.

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The Spanish government alleges that in 1985, al-Kassar sold arms to the hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship, and that afterwards he flew the hijackers' leader, Abu Abbas, to safety in one of his private airplanes. Al-Kassar has denied the charge.

In 1987, investigations into the Iran-Contra scandal found that al-Kassar had been paid 1.5 million pounds by someone in the U.S. government to sell arms to NicaraguanContras;[1] according to an article in The New Yorker, the money came from "a Swiss bank account controlled by Oliver North and his co-conspirators."[5]

Meet the 'Prince of Marbella' - is he really supporting Iraq's insurgency?, Aram Roston, The Observer, October 1, 2006

 "The Trafficker -- The Decades-Long Battle to Catch an International Arms BrokerPatrick Radden KeefeThe New Yorker, February 8, 2010

Many people including myself believe that North and his Iran Contra, 'Secret Team' scam members protected by then President Bush had Spiro murdered so that he could not testify about North's dealings with the Iran revolutionaries that were installed by the CIA and MI -6 in January 1979 and the meticulous details involved there in creating the Iranian-American hostage crisis later that November and then media hype the whole thing for 444 days, by which time the Carter
administration was destroyed and the reactionary Reagan regime was installed with former CIA Director Bush as Vice President.

The November '92 Spiro family massacre was a particularly threatening message to me at the time only seven month before I was start writing about the events in Portland in 1978 and 1979 in June of 1993. I'm sure others with similar knowledge, with families and lives to live were terrified into silence unlike I myself who
had already been stripped of all my property rights in the courts, visitation rights with my son and who was then 'Black Listed' with virtually nothing to lose but my life and what very little limited freedom I had left to me in the early 1990's.

The montage below illustrates North's Carte Blanche clearance to run guns and weapons to weapons to Nicaraguan Contra death squads and Iranian terrorist
thereform the very White House itself and how his 'death squad' morality enabled him and his cronies to order the massacre of the Spiro Family in November 1992.

North and his Iran Contra co-conspirators have also been credited with the engineering of what was reportedly the stinger missile take out of the Aero Air troop transport at Gander New Foundland in December 1985 as part of an Iran Contra weapons dealing scam in which over 250 soldiers from the Army's prestigious 101st Airborne were all killed in prevent them from testifying at the then upcoming Iran-Contra hearings about their order from the White House NSC to transport weapons and presumably mover North's federally protected Contra Cocaine as well.

It should be clear even to the most stupid and dishonest members of American Society that the 'Black Hawks' mid-air at my place of birth: Fort Campbell Kentucky on my 35th birhday no less, March 8, 1988 was like pissing on the graves of those members of the 101st killed in the 'Black Hawks' mid air as well as those other members from the 101st Airborne who were massacred in the Gander Newfloundland 'take out' in December 1985.

Perhaps one of the best examples of the ways in which the San Diego Sheriffs and FBI so effectively covered up the torture massacre of Ian Spiro and family is the way in which eyewitness and 44 year old tree trimmer Jose Aguilar was apparently interroagted and murdered on only a week after the Spiro family was killed and how 25 year old Jorge Aguilar and a freind were murdered only three days later.

Neighbors in the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood reported seeing Jose Aguilar working near the Spiro family's home around the time of the murders and speculated that he may have seen what was actually going on at the Spiro house from his perch in the trees where he was working.

It wouldn't be hard to figure that this was actually the case and as the local Sheriffs homicide and FBI made inquiries from unwitting, trusting neighbors who gave them the information about Aguilar, who I contend then indirectly or directly had Aguilar interrogated and murdered. I suppose that Aguilar must have talked about what he saw the day of the Spiro murders and who he told about it.

This would be evidenced by the Jorge Aguilar's murder three days later. Was 25 year old Jorge Aguilar related to 44 year old Jose Aguilar, perhaps as father and son, uncle and nephew or whatever. If so then it's logical to conclude that Jose Aguilar may have told Jorge Aguilar what he knew about the Spiro family massacre and thus signed his death warrant as well.

The absence of any actual witnesses to all three of the murders clearly indicates that both of the Aguilars and Francisco Arrendondo were murdered at one location and then transported to a location where their bodies were sure to found. The 'wild west' like gun shots when and where the younger Aguilar and his friend were dumped were performed to give the false impression that they were both shot at the apartment house where they reportedly did not know anyone.

these elements of the FBI and Sheriffs connected to Oliver North's gun and drug running team then apparently under the protection of the Bush White House along with other members of the Iran Contra Scam team




The First Female Chinese Judge in America

By Towen Tseng

Patricia Cowett was born in San Francisco. She graduated from UC Berkeley with B.A. in psychology and then advanced to UC Davis Law School for J.D.Cowett’s first job was a District Attorney in San Diego. Six years later (1979), then Governor Brown of California appointed her a judge of the Municipal Court in San Diego Judicial District.

It was really challenging for me, said Cowett. “I was young (31 years old). I was a Chinese. I was a woman. And I was a new mother. But the only way to overcome the suspicion around you was to work hard and prove yourself.”

Cowett became a judge of the San Diego Superior Court in 1999 and retired in 2008.

The First Female U.S. Senator In California History

I was at the home of the two FBI-CIA informants getting high on 'magic mushrooms' on the day of the Moscone-Milk assassinations in November 1978.
These two guys were to later set me up at the Portland Hilton as 'assassination patsy' in waiting in February 1979. It was due to actual, genuine, bonified coincidence at the Portland Hilton March 22nd 1979 that I had decided to modify the plans for me there, and so I visited U.S. Secret Service on March 27th in order to make my escape flight from Portland March 30th aboard a Western Airlines jet that eventually arrived at it's intended destination on March 31st 1979.