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April 1979

The montage to Part 12 of "1979" above covers only some of the happy fucking bullshit I had to endure the month of April 1979.
Other than saying the Feds and the CIA was out to get me, I really didn't say much else back home in the Covina area about the incredibly bizarrre near death circumstances and events that led up to my escape flight from Portland aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 on March 30th that didn't arrive at LAX Los Angeles until March 31st 1979, at the height of the mass media hyped, mass hysteria over the Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster.

My Mother who was half Japanese and half Danish actually had relatives there at the Nagasaki nuclear weapons test site in 1945, the events at Three Mile Island brought back some childhood memories that I had rather not have been reminded of.


What with my family history and the fact that the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island had started in the pre-dawn hours of March 28th, only 15 hours or so after my near fatal and abruptly terminated interview with agent Robinson at U.S. Sercret Service in Portland on March 27,1979, there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the two events thousands of miles apart, were directly connected to one and other.

By leaving Portland, where I was pretty much all alone, and flying back to L.A. to be near freinds and family in around Covina, I had dealt my 21 month old son 'out of the deck' so to speak, there as a hostage.

Although the apparently 'rigged' Three Mile really put the scare into me, I must confess that I was truly awestruck and filled with a sense of admiration which I never imagined that would ever have, by the ingenuity, ruthlessness and sheer fucking audacity of this skillfully orchestrated and media-hyped nuclear disaster that had with one stroke transfixed the attention of a frightened and confused American People.

I also was also struck by the clever way in which it diverted nation's clear across the the North American continent, from Portland, Oregon to some unheard of place called Three Mile Island, situated in the middle of the Western Branch of the Susquehanna River in and Pennsyvania only 90 miles away from Washington D.C. the nation's capital, this was also another brilliant move.

What really terrified me about me about the whole situation there in those last days of March '79 in Portland, was the fact that the incredibly powerfull mafia like, amalgum of political, military and intelligence organizations and agencies that created the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island 'at the drop of a hat' were capable of anything and had the covert authority to carry it

According to media and press reports that buzzed over the airways only minutes apart, it was a real possibility that if the crippled nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island did had a 'melt down' and then blew up, it was reported that in the event of this scenario, that most if not all of the mid Atlantic states as well as Washington D.C. would be showered by radioactive 'fall out'.

I didn't see this happening as there were too many of the wealthy power elite living there in the mid Atlantic 'fall out' zone to do this, as was the Pentagon, and the headquarters for the FBI, CIA, NSA and the headquarters for many other key players in the military-industrial-intelligence complex. -- There was also the matter of the homes and families of these same subversive elements that lived there too. an

What I did fear was the possibility that somehow some incident involving the use of one or possibly more of the smaller atomic weapons might be arranged to take place. -- I surmised that this would most likely be somewhere in the Middle East or possibly somewhere in Eastern Europe.
I had to conclude that if the Three Mile nuclear disaster was really an 'inside job' so to speak, which it apparently was, then perhaps the detonation of one or possibly more nuclear weapons at a place deemed by the 'war heads' in power, as some place relatively 'unimportant place' on Earth was a real possibility.

All through April 1979 I decided that I would bide my time and wait until the damaged reactor at Three Mile was brought under control and hope that 'cooler heads' amongst the opposing team might prevail, and then follow through with the offer I made to agent Robinson during our little chat cut short at Secret Service in Portland on March 27th about going into Secret Service in Los Angeles for debriefings about then recent events in Portland and Northern California.

It wasn't hard to play upon my fears in this respect as my Mother had relatives incinerated alive during the testing of the 'Fat Man' nuclear implosion device tested on them on at Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. -- Estimates range from 80 to 100 thousand deaths or more and as for the survivors many of those died a short time later. -- I saw some photos of the Hiroshima human test subjects when I was a kid and this latest nuclear 'shake down' scam in March and April 1979 was bringing back these memories.



"Cinco de Mayo" And "The Whole Enchilada Of Paranoia" May 1979

I spent the first few days at my surfer friend John's home in Covina since my flight into LAX Los Angeles March 31, 1979 and later that week, by about April 4th I stayed at the apartment of a mutual acquaintance from High School, there in a barrio like area of Baldwin Park, on Maine Ave.
3 miles away.

During my time there I got a job at a place in the City of Industry called 'Developmental Sciences' that manufactured drone aircraft and for the U.S. military and presumbly some of the U.S. intel agencies as well. -- I didn't trust the people there as I feared that I was being set up to be murdered in a pre-arranged car crash, quite probably after I had been interrogated during a work trip to the companies warehouse in Long Beach. -- My suspicions and fears were unexpectedly corroborated during the time I worked there and I quit there in mid April '79 just after the Easter Weeekend.

All during this time I found other sidework and like scores of millions of other Americans I subjected to the continuous barrage of news bulletins and media reports about the continuously fluctuating hydrogen gas bubble, controlled releases radioactive gases and other new about the then ongoing crisis over the out of control nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island, which as I recall wasn't really brought under control until late April of 1979.

I was then planning to go into U.S. Secret Service offices in Los Angeles when the Three Mile nuke plant crisis was over to begin a series of debriefings there after all the media hyped hysteria over the Three Mile nuclear 'shake down' scam was over, and in the event of my murder at least some news of it might appear in the papers and media. dow

This is corroborated by one of several sources I found on line in the 1990's, that report on or about April 24th, that the cooling pumps at the crippled Three Mile nuclear plants had been sufficiently repaired and were finally operational without any external assistance. -- What this meant was that the danger of a 'meltdown' or nuclear explosion there was pretty much over and so now the herculean task of cleaning up all of the radioactive waste at Three Mile Island could now begin. the

Revisionist historians and corporate media stooges, many who weren't even yet born by 1979, have very accounts different accounts as to the circumstances, events and timeline of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and to what.

Those subversive elements in the CIA, FBI and who knows how many other governmental and military spy agencies and organizations, whose plans for me in Portland in March and later that Spring of '79, I had just thrown a 'monkey wrench' into when left there on March 30th, all
anticipated my plans to go into Secret Service in L.A. to tell them about my adventures in Portland since my return there in September 1978 on through March 30, 1979 when I left quite literally 'under the guns' at the Western Airlines terminal at Portland, at the height of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster.
ns' o

Hence It only five weeks after my escape flight from Portland to LAX Los Angeles and my return to my hometown of Covina on March 31st, that on May 5,1979, the phony assassination plot against President Carter during his 'Cinco de Mayo' holiday visit to Los Angeles.

The whole thing was actually a CIA-military-intel media 'Psy Ops' scam with media 'cut out', would be assassins Raymond Lee Harvey and Osualdo Ortiz, conceived and orchestrated to dissuade me from following through with plans to go into U.S. Secret Service in L.A. after my return there in March '79, as per my suggestion made to agent Robinson, during my abruptly terminated interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland, March 27, 1979. Lee Harvey Oswald the assassination 'patsy' whose murder whilst in Dallas Police custody, two days after the assassination of President Kennedy there, was televised live on all of the major TV networks on November 24th 1963.

Note that the photo of President Carter in the montage below was taken at the Portland Hilton on May 4, 1978, a year and day before the phony 'Cinco de Mayo' plot in L.A. took place on May 5, 1979. -- This, the very same Portland Hilton where I was employed from mid February through March 27, 1979 when I gave my resignation at, only 10 minutes or so after my interview with agent Robinson at Secret Service in Portland.

Click on the image link below to read more about the May 1979
'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot media 'Psy Ops' scam in L.A.




The Sabotaged American DC-10 Crash At O'Hare May 25, 1979

The Carter assassination plot, 'Psy Ops' media scam with media 'cut out' assassins Raymond Lee Harvey and Osualdo Ortiz, was followed only three weeks later by the worst disaster in U.S. aviation history at O'Hare International in Chicago on May 25, 1979.

I contend that that this was most apparently, the direct result of a sabotaged wing- engine that was 'rigged' to fall off the American Airlines DC-10 jetliner just after take-off. -- The two photos of the montage above, are those actually captured the American DC-10 plummeting to the ground and the other as it exploded on impact. -- How the fuck the did the photographer just happened to be there to take pictures of the DC-10 just before and during it's crash ? -- Who 'tipped' the photographer to take photos of that particular flight and precisely that very time ?

When I heard the news saw the photos of the American DC-10 crash Chicago, after my return home to my new lodgings in Hacienda Heightsafter spending Memorial Day weekend 1979 in Ensenada Mexico with friends of mine from Covina and Azusa -- I could only surmise that this apparently choreographed and photographed, record aviation disaster was apparently some kind of a retaliatory act in response to escape flight from Portland aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 that flew into LAX, then only two months before on March 30-31, 1979.

Like most everything else at that time in 1979, I never said anything to anybody about my thoughts on this subject of the Amercan DC-10 crash in Chicago and besides I doubted whether or not that most everyone I knew would even understand it, let alone believe it.

I knew better though, having just barely managed to the then recent events in Portland from September through March of 1979 and the near fatal summer of death '78, in Northern California from which I somehow managed to get out of there alive. -- The photo art montages I have created for Part 10, Sub Parts 1 through 7 and Part 9 Sub Parts I through 4 of "1979" give some brief and sometimes chilling accounts the circumstances and events in my life during those respective periods of time.


The choice of Chicago as the crashsite for the fully loaded American DC-10 bound for LAX Los Angeles, was Machivellian like with regard to the motives behind it, as I contend that the Intelligence and military mafia perpetrators behind this act of National Securty State, state sponsered terrorism, had since known -- that I was well aware of the covert drugging and sleep interrogation sessions that I was subjected to from late November until the first week of December 1972, only days before the United Airlines 'Flight 553' the 'Watergate Plane Crash'.

This took place in Chicago on December 8, 1972, there in which the wife of former CIA agent turned 'Watergate' scandal figure E. Howard Hunt was reportedly killed, along with other high profile and notable passengers who also reportedly died and it was then at that time that I realized why temporary housemates who moved into the place I rented a room, were drugging me to see what if anything I may have known about Hunt's wife, Dorothy Hunt who was a former CIA station chief herself.

It was during my brief stint in jail in March and April 1971 as an inmate-trustee at Biscailuz Center in Los Angeles that I was befriended by some fellow inmate-trustees a Western Airlines purser and a man I have good reason to believe was a CIA agent. -- It was during my 'stretch' as an 18 year old at Biscailuz that on March 31, 1971 a Western Airlines 720 jet airliner did a bizarre nose dive crash at Ontario Airport 40 miles away, killing four senior pilots for Western Airlines. -- What are the odds ?

There was also the matter of the 'Rare Speech' given by then CIA Director Richard Helms about how the CIA was essential to maintaining freedom and democracy in the U.S. and it made the front page of the New York Times for April 15, 1971 and continued on in that edition as well. -- I have posted a copy of this front page here there another page in this website. ( and

This virtually unprecented lenghty speech by a CIA Director was given on April 14, 1971 the very day after my release from Biscailuz on April 13th. -- As near as I can figure the Western Airlines 720 crash was performed to cover up the interrogations and murders the four Western Airlines pilots, and a witness who saw something he shouldn't have seen was added to the body count the following day, even though he wasn't even a passenger.

Western Airlines operated in conjunction with elements of the CIA and apparently there was a power struggle within the agency and perhaps the entire intelligence community at that time in 1971.

In Part 3 Sub Part 6 included in this incomplete version of I describe how I was once again drugged and interrogated whilst I 'was under' during my May 1973 Memorial Day weekend at the Kern River, the violent and bloody events there which included a full scale riot, what I contend was the covert interrogation I was subjected to whilst I was drugged and the elaborate moves and machinations employed to monitor my reactions to the death of a U.S. Secret Agent when it came over the car radio on drive back to L.A. and then home to Azusa.

Hell, in most all of Parts 1 through 13 of the text and photo montages to "1979" posted at 1979Visions.Com and the material posted here at would tend to show that the moves I've made in my life and the intense government surveillance that I have been subjected to throughout the years clearly indicates that I am regarded as some kind of political target who has had to employ some counter-intelligence like tactics on numerous occassions, if for no other reason than to stay alive. ha


Other reasons that I surmise Chicago's O'Hare International was chosen as the site for the American Airlines DC-10 crash that killed over 270 people, was that like the Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out of Portland only two months before, it too was bound for LAX Los Angeles and I suspect that another reason was that it was a friend of mine from Chicago who managed to 'out' the FBI's intense surveillance of me in Portland in late October 1978. -- Please refer to the montage for Part 10 Sub Part 2 to "1979" presently on view at: 1979Visions.Com





American Airlines Introduces the DC-10 - 1971- Chet Huntley Commercial

American Airlines Commercial 1972 Introducing the Luxury Fleet




The Murder Of Judge Wood In Texas May 29, 1979

The timing of the murder of Judge John Wood in San Antonio, Texas on May 29, 1979 took place only four days after the sabotaged wing engine crash of the American Airlines DC-10, that killed over 270 people at O'Hare International in Chicago. -- The reported circumstances and events of Judge Wood's murder are dubious at best in my opinion.

For one thing, by one account an FBI agent was assigned to protect Judge Wood and his wife. -- This was the same wife who was reportedly talking on the phone when she witnessed her husband Judge Wood being shot as he was opening the door to his car, parked near their ground floor apartment.

According to one unidentified "law enforcement official familiar with the assassination details" the single gunshot wound that killed Judge Wood only left a 'drop of blood about the size of a nickel on the ground".

I would argue that this law enforcement who wished to remain anonymous wasn't buying the official version of Wood's murder and that absence of blood, other than the small drop of it at the alleged crime scene would tend to prove that Judge Wood was most likely murdered somewhere else and that his body was was brought there after he was dead.

If this was the case then apparently Judge Wood's wife had lied about witnessing the murder. -- As to whether or not the FBI agent or what ever other kind of law enforcement officer assigned to protect was in on Judge Wood's murder is perhaps debatable, though I have to wonder if he wasn't installed to keep watch on Judge Wood.

What with the involvement of the FBI in Portland that eventually forced me to enlist the aid of the U.S. Secret Service in Portland to get me out of Portland alive only two months before in late March of 1979, I personally believe that the FBI was in on Wood's murder.

I beleived that Wood's murder was like the way in which former mafia boss Sam Giancana was murdered in Chicago in June of 1975, whilst Giancana was under FBI protection and how the FBI later refused to investigate the murder of Giancana, who was then scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate Sub Committee then investigating CIA and mafia links to the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, in November 1963. to test

Was it possible that Judge Wood was murdered by controlling elements of the FBI, because Wood had clued in on the overwhelmingly massive scale of drug importation that the CIA, other intel orgs and branches of the U.S. military were then actively engaged in in 1979.

Mena, Arkansas[edit]

A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the alleged use of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the early 1980s.[14] Some conspiracy theories regarding the airport extend to alleging the involvement of figures such as Oliver North and former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.[15]

An investigation by the CIA's inspector general concluded that the CIA had no involvement in or knowledge of any illegal activities that may have occurred in Mena, however, self investigation on alleged illegal activity is hardly conclusive. The report said that the agency had conducted a training exercise at the airport in partnership with another Federal agency and that companies located at the airport had performed "routine aviation-related services on equipment owned by the CIA".[16]

Alleged involvement ? How so as it all came out during the Iran-Contra hearings in the mid 1980's revealed that Marine Lt. Colonel with a White House clearance was trading gun for drugs to 'Contas' and death squads in Central America and also selling 'Tow Missiles' to the newly installed Khomeini regime in Iran.

It was the Iranians' who held American hostages for 444 days until after the 1980 U.S. Presidential Election that Ronald Reagan became President and former CIA Director George Bush Vice President.

After Bush became President he pardoned Oliver North and other crimninals convicted of crimes in the course of the Iran Contra drugs for guns scam.

On March 8, 1988 George Bush won the GOP Presidential Primary. -- This was also the date of my 35th birthday which was marked by the mid-air collision of two U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopters directly over that slice of Fort Campbell, Christian County, Kentucky were I was born 35 years before on March 8,1953.



Halloween 1979 Western Airlines DC-10 Crash At Mexico City
The 'Day Of The Dead' Observances There In Mexico Next Day
The Crash Killing The Pilot & Crew From My Western Airlines
DC-10 Escape Flight From Portland And Into LAX In
March 1979J

Five months after the sabotaged, LAX bound American Airlines DC-10 crash in Chicago,in the pre-dawn hours of October 31, 1979, there was the Halloween 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash of the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out of Portland Airport on March 30th and into LAX March on 31st 1979, killing the pilot and members of the flight crew from that very same flight that saved my life and cost them theirs.

This Halloween flight Western DC-10 flight that was so ghoulishly 'rigged' to crash at Mexico City on Halloween, had originated at LAX Los Angeles. The choice of Juarez International Airport as the crash site is more than curious, as November 1st, the day after the Western
DC-10 on October 31st, is when the 'Day of the Dead' observances are held throughout Mexico.

When I first heard about the October ''79 Halloween holiday crash of the Western DC-10 crash in Mexico City, it also reminded me of the phony May '79 'Cinco de Mayo' holiday assassination plot in L.A. and the way my friend from Chicago had managed to 'out' the FBI's surveillance of me in using a rubber mask in Portland only the year before and only a few days before Halloween 1978.

The August 1979 Media 'Psy Ops' Scams To Discredit DC-10 Jets & Competency Of Western Airlines Pilots -- The Phony August '79 Portland Hijacking Scam Created To Counter Global 'Buzz' Over My March 1979 Western Airlines DC-10 Escape Flight From Portland

The Western Airlines Pilots Wrong Airport Landing In August '79
This To Discredit Western Airlines Pilots Skills & Competence Only
3 Months Prior To The Retaliatory Western DC-10 Halloween '79 'Trick Or Truck' Runway Crash In Mexico City Ala 'Day Of The Dead'

Pilot Sets Down a Jet In a Correct Landing But at Wrong Airport

BUFFALO, Wyo., Aug. 1 (AP) — The 94 passengers who boarded a Western Airlines’ Boeing 737 in Denver thought they were flying to Sheridan, Wyo. But in a “case of mistaken identity,” the pilot set them down 35 miles away in Buffalo.

Western officials said today that the pilot had apparently mistaken Buffalo's small but well‐lighted airport for the larger jetport at Sheridan and landed. There were no injuries.

“There was no emergency, no problem,” Western's public relations director, Linda Dozier, said of last night's incident. “I'm not sure at what point he knew he was landing at the wrong airport.”

I contend that this this August '79 wrong airport landing by the pilot of the Western 737 was intentional and contrived solely for the purpose of discrediting the competency of all Western Airlines pilots and flight crew in general. -- This at the very time that plans were then underway for the then upcoming Halloween 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash planned for the pilot and flight crew of the Western Airlines DC-10 who flew me out of Portland March 30th and into LAX Los Angeles March 31, 1979 under exrtemely severe conditions at the height of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster that was to keep the American People frightend and confused for most of April.

Note the Wikipedia 'wrap sheet' entries for Western Airlines shown above linking the two separate events together for posterity.



August 23, '79 Media 'Psy Ops' Scam To Discredit DC-10's Safety

Note how both of these two separate instances, one involving an supposed engine malfucntion of a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 and the other, a 'wacky' mental case from the Oregon State Mental Hospital in Salem who purportedly tried to hi-jack a United Airlines jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles, by reportedly threating to 'blow the plane up' with a bomb.

The focus here being that this front page of Portland's 'The Oregonian' reports the supposed engine malfucntion of a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 purchased and operated by Northwest Airlines -- only 3 months after the left wing engine was 'rigged' to 'fall off' an American Airlines DC-10 jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles. -- I can see them scratching their heads, saying things like: "Gee, somebody outta fix those engines on the DC-10's" and "They should keep those DC-10's grounded until they find out what's wrong with those wing engines."



The August 23, '79 Portland Hijacking Scam -- More Media 'Psy Ops'
To Counter Global 'Buzz' Over My Western Airlines DC-10 Escape Flight From Portland
On March 30th And Into LAX March 31,1979

The August 23, 1979 so called attempted 'hijacking' at Portland Airport whereby a 'wacky' mental case from the Oregon State Mental Hospital in Salem, had purportedly tried to hi-jack a United Airlines jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles, by reportedly threating to 'blow the plane up' with a bomb.

I never told anyone about the extremely dire circumstances and events of my escape flight from Portland, Oregon aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 on March 30th, that didn't arrive at LAX Los Angeles until March 31,1979, until some fourteen years later in mid 1993, when I started writing type-written drafts of these horrifically terrifying events of March 1979, in a chronicle I had entitled: 'Manchurian Candidate Memoirs', which years later I renamed as simply as "1979".

It was only a little over three months after the '9-11' terror attacks in New York and Washington D.C. that I decided to copyright "1979" and so I did and it was eventually registered with the U.S. Copyright Office on New Years Eve, whereby it was date stamped December 31, 2001. s

Nonetheless, there were many other individuals in 1979 who were directly and indirectly involved iin the horrifically terrifying events that took place during the 'Showdown at Sundown' at the 'Old Western Airlines Corral' at Portland International Airport on the evening and night of that 'Freaky Fucking Friday', March 30, 1979.

These would be employees of Western Airlines and Portland Airport who were present at the time these events were unfolding during the height of the media hyped hysteria over the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. -- Some, many or possibly most all of these individuals talked about what happened there that night to friends, family members and acquaintances about the series of terrifying events that took place at the Western Airlines terminal at Portland Airport on March 30, 1979.

There were also members of the flight crew and flight attendants from the March 30-31, 1979 Western Airlines flight from Portland to LAX Los Angeles who also knew about the pre-flight bomb threat contrived to scare me off the Western Airlines DC-10, as it sat there at the Western Airlines terminal for over an hour after I boarded the flight.

The flight wasn't supposed to take-off until after I was scared off the flight and ran to the passenger boarding ramp that was still in place for my 'convenience', whereby I was supposed to run into the Western Airlines terminal and into the arms of my girlfriend, the FBI informant.

During one of my many, lengthy long distance phone chats with my girlfriend which ran from March 1979 on through June of 1980, she told me how she had waited at the Western Airlines terminal until the Western Airlines DC-10 jet flight, originally scheduled for 8:30 PM didn't actually take off until some time after 10:00 PM on the night of March 30, 1979.finna

Although the internet and social media didn't exist in the year 1979 -- all the major U.S. Airports were connected by phones, telex machines and electronically linked computer databases and so a lost of what happened at Portland Airport on the night of March 30, 1979 was disseminated by these ways and means.

The horrifically terrifying events at the Western Airlines terminal at Portland Airport on March 30, 1979 were also passed by word of mouth throughout the employees of Western Airlines and they flew across the country to other airports, whereby they in turn passed on this information to the employees of other airlines who flew around the country's airports at 600 miles an hour, as well the international carriers that spread the news globally there to every major city in the world that had an airport.g

To get to the point I would have to say that the August 23, 1979 so called attempted 'hijacking' at Portland Airport was a CIA-military-intel media 'Psy Ops' scam concieved and executed to generate disinformation which FBI and CIA informants and stooges could use to mix and match into the actual reports then buzzing across the nation about the actual terrifying circumstances and events that took place at Portland Airport and the Western Airlines terminal there on the evening and night of March 30, 1979.couold

In summation I would would also have to state that the key objectives and counter-intel like goals of what I contend was the phony attempted 'hijacking' at Portland Airport on August 23, 1979 -- were pretty much the same as the May 5,1979, the phony assassination plot against President Carter during his 'Cinco de Mayo' holiday visit to Los Angeles.

One objective of the May 5,1979, phony 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in L.A. was to create confusion and disinformation in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere inb order to help discredit me and my then recent revelations of the assassasination plot at the Portland Hilton were I then recently worked in March of 1979.

The other apparent objective of the May 5,1979, phony 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in L.A. which I contend was another ,CIA-military-intel media 'Psy Ops' scam, conceived and orchestrated to dissuade me from following through with plans to go into U.S. Secret Service in L.A. after my return there in March '79, as per my suggestion made to agent Robinson, during my abruptly terminated interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland, March 27, 1979.

The May 5,1979, Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot in L.A. with would be media 'cut out' assassins Raymond Lee Harvey and Osualdo Ortiz, was a not too terribly veiled threat to me, as a then recent assassination 'patsy' in Portland, as it was the real Lee Harvey Oswald who was led out into a Dallas Police parking garage like a lamb to his slaughter, when his gun in the gut murder televised live on all the major TV networks on November 24th


Click on the montage image link above to read about the:

Cryptic And Bizarre Death Of Agent Robinson Who Interviewed Me At Secret Service In Portland March 27,1979 -- The Start Of The 3 Mile Island Nuclear Disaster March 28,1979 Hours Later

March 5,1983: the death date of the three Secret Service agents near Yosemite and it's cryptic connections to the date of my birth:
March 8,1953, by way of simply inverting the 5 and the 8 in each date.

Click on the image link above and judge for yourself as to whether or not I have made a convincing case as to the political motives for the death of agent Donald Robinson who interviewed me at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27th 1979, who reportedly died with along agents George LaBarge and Donald Bejcek on a deserted and closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park on March 5,1983 whilst assigned to part of a massive security detail for certain members of the Royal Family, whose former dissident daughter in law, was to also turn up dead in a car crash 14 years later on August 31st 1997.

Greg Downard's murder that November of 1983 -- His murder kept secret from me until weeks later. Please refer to the photo art montage for Part 4 Sub Parts 5 through 8 of "1979" presently on view at: 1979Visions.Com -- Greg knew too much about the scams being played on me in Portland and was an FBI informant who starting to tell me things before he was murdered. -- I talked to him over the phone in October 1983, only weeks before his death in November.


Sanctioned Murder By Other Secret Service Agents October 27, 1983


What is "1979" ? Who's James Westbrook ? Should I Care ?

"1979" / is chronology of the extraordinary, the bizarre and sometimes bloody events in my life as the result of an already then ongoing conspiracy as a 17 year-old high school senior in 1970 in Covina, California, my hometown, and went on for another 8 years until March 1979, as a man alone at the age of 26, therein Portland, Oregon, a place that I found there at times to be xenophobic, oppressive and hostile.

I suppose that this would have been the case no matter what American City I moved to in order to try and escape the attempted 'frame ups' back home in Covina, being a targeted individual from L.A. County under an electronic web surveillance from the NSA, and the conspiratorial cross hairs of subversive elements of the FBI, CIA and other intel. military and police organizations.

There were other forces at work that therein these very same organizations that were apparently acting on my behalf, although only in as much as I proved to be their semi-witting pawn in the game that was being played at that time. What the hell, I came up No. 153 in the February 1972 'Draft Lottery and missed being just another kid in a body bag, returning home from Vietnam.

Some of my friends and acquaintances were drafted into the U.S. Army, others enlisted there or there other branches of the armed services, and some of those I knew actually voluteered for duty in Vietnam. One of my friends from Azusa who was already a martial artist even as teen, joined the U.S. Army's Rangers and was subsequently assigned to train the Green Berets in the deadly art of combat during the war.

I mostly perceived the Vietnam War as the result of the military coup' more commonly known as the 'JFK' assassination in Dallas November 1963 and which was further perpetuated by the horrific televised assassination of his brother, Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles in June 1968.

Those knowledgeable on the subject of Vietnam would conclude that the undeclared war, that was comprised of other secret wars as well, had no clear political or military objectives, mainly benefited the military-indutrial-complex herein the U.S. and the Intel agencies that exported countless tons of heroin and other drugs from the 'Golden Triangle' in Southeast Asia, some of which was sewn into the body bags of American soldiers.

One had only to watch the evening news on TV, read the newspapers talk with the soldiers who managed to come home alive to find out about all this, especially if one moved in circles of drug users and petty drug dealers as I did during the late 1960's through the early 1970's to find out what was going on. -- There were also the underground press and the FM rock stations that brought much of this scandalous information to light and to the attention of America's youth.

It was my vocal opposition to the Vietnam War in the late 1960' on through the early 1970's as a high school and college student that put really put me at odds with the U.S. National Security State although I was already under FBI surveillance as kid in the mid-1960's. -- I describe the machinations involved in this matter throughout Parts 4 through 11 of

The horrific acts of retaliatory 'Black Ops' collateral damage that followed in the days weeks and months that followed my escape flight from Portland, Oregon on March 30, 1979 aboard a Western Airlines DC-10, which eventually arrived at LAX Los Angeles on March 31, 1979 is chronicled in Parts 12 and 13 of "1979" /

In fact all throughout Parts 1 through 11 of "1979" / covering those years from 1970 through March 31, 1979 is chock full or "Black Ops' style state sponsored terrorism and CIA media 'Psy Ops' s scams as well.
-- One need only to click on the links below that connect to other pages of this website, to read to about the murders, plane crashes and other 'Black Ops' scams that plagued my life and or were going on around it from the years 1971 through 1979, and well on into the 1980's and beyond.

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A Bit Of Family History, My Growing Up In The '50's McCarthy Era & Cold War, '60's Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinations, Vietnam & '60's Cultural Revolution -- That Led To My Life Of Strife In The 1970's

Are 'Assassination Patsies' born or are they made. You may wish to click on the image link above to read a bit about who I am are where I come from, and who my folks were. -- As this is a case where one should consider the source, I feel that the readers of this web site should be afforded the opportunity if they chose, to read some biographical info about it's writer. -- This if for no other reason than to better assess the character and motivations of the person making these proven claims and factual allegations on which "1979" / are based.

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Observations On The Events Of January 22, 2018

It was on Monday January 22, 2018 I was spoke with various tech support staff members who were located in Eastern Tennessee, the state where I spent the first fours years of my life up until mid-1957. -- I then chatted a bit about what little I remembered about Nashville and how I was born at Fort Campbell, Christian County, Kentucky with the various techs in Tennessee and well as Louisiana, who finally helped me to resolve my technical problems.

I was taken aback when I woke up the next morning on January 23rd when I saw the news reports of the 7.9 earthquake off the Alaskan Coast and reports of yet another so called 'random' shooting spree there in Benton, Marshall, County Kentucky only 50 miles away from that portion of the U.S. Army Base at Fort Campbell, that is situated in Christian County, Kentucky.

This was also the site of the mid-air collision between two Army Black Hawk helicopters from the 101st Airborne over that very same portion of Fort Campbell, in Christian County Kentucky where I was born, and took place on March 8, 1988 my 35th birthday and the day of the 'Super Tuesday' Presidential Primaries herein the United States. -- You may read about all this thereby clicking on the image-link to the page on my family history located further down below on this page.
-- "1979" / chronicles a number of such coincidental murders, and mishaps which I would attribute to Intel-Military style Black Operations that took place in the 1970's and in the years then to come.

"...You think this is about justice ? No this is about order ! Who rules ! Cause see, fascism is comin' back !"