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Copyright 2001 - 2017 James Thomas Westbrook --- All Rights Reserved --- The author exercises any and all rights of exclusivity he is lawfully entitled to pursuant U.S. Copyright Law as a literary property. --- "1979" is a copyrighted non-fiction book technically speaking, and was first registered with the U.S. Copyright Office on December 31st 2001. ---- The author also exercises any and all copyright protection he is entitled to as a graphic artist,regarding the copyrighted photo art montages included thereon each and every one of the title pages of Parts 1 through 13 as well as the various Sub-Parts contained in Parts 1 through 13 of "1979". This also applies to the Epilogue to it. --- Any and all inquiries regarding "1979"/1979westbrook.com may be submitted to me by e-mail at: 79westbrook@protonmail.com

Part 1

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Part 1 of "1979" covers the circumstances and events of only one day in my life, from Thursday morning to Thursday night
March 22nd 1979. -- It takes place in Portland and
West Slope, Oregon -- Part 1 of "1979" is comprised of Sub Parts 1 through 3.

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Part 1 Sub Part 1

Sub Part 1 of Part 1 of "1979" takes place on the morning of March 22, 1979. -- It describes my ordinary work routine as a painter on one of the interior paint crews at the Portland Hilton in downtown Portland, and as all the cigarette machines in the employees commissary and sub-floor were out of my brand of smokes, I decided to to a get a pack of 'Camel Lights' from one of the cigarette machines in the Hilton Hotel Lobby in violation of one of the work rules, which I did.

I then took a guest elevator in the lobby instead of a service elevator to avoid any bosses or supervisors who might spot me coming back late from break. -- When the elevators doors opened to and I saw two guys outfitted as elevator repairmen I jumped in smoking my 'Camel Light' and it was there through haze of my cigarette smoke that I made an the incredibly bizarre discovery that was to ignite a chain of events that day and the following weekend, whereby my past from 1970-71 was about to collide with my present on March 22nd 1979.


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Part 1 Sub Part 2

Sub Part 2 of Part 1 -- describes my thoughts in the afternoon at the Portland Hilton on March 22, 1979 -- following that bizarre late morning near fatal incident in a hotel guest elevator, as I went through my afternoon work routine and started thinking about the recurring dream that not only fucked with my sleep, but then also entered my thoughts during the day, like some kind of waking dream for the last week, since the middle of March 1979. -- March 15th is ''The Ides Of March' ironically enough. -- The cop who recognized in the Hilton guest elevator, he was no fucking dream or nightmare, he was very real and deadly.

The setting for this 'Ides of March' ''79 recurring dream, also took place at the Portland Hilton, but was however very different from the very real, near fatal elevator incident there on March 22nd 1979.

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Part 1 Sub Part 3

Sub Part 3 of Part 1 -- is journal of my thoughts that at my apartment in West Slope, from early evening on into the night of March 22nd 1979.
During this time my 17 year-old Girlfriend who was my roommate and who I didn't trust, went to bed early as I sat in the dimly lit living room
weighing the odds as to whether or not I would be murdered, if I decided to return to work at the Portland Hilton next day like nothing happened.

As I was intensely curious to find out more about what in the hell was going on at the Portland Hilton and the fact that whatever it was, it was was definitely part of the 'Plans For Me Up North', the existence of which, had been inadvertently revealed to me during 'Callahan Days' in Northern California in July 1975, followed by my 'friend' Greg's near fatal stabbing over it, there at 'Callahan Days' the next night.

What with all the years and elaborate machinations involved in 'setting me up' at the Portland Hilton by March 1979, I surmised that as the next day was Friday and I had the weekend off, the 'puppet masters' and plotters pulling the strings at the Portland Hilton would most certainly want to confer that weekend as to how best to handle the situation that arose from my discovery of the L.A, cop I knew there at Portland Hilton, thereon Thursday morning. -- Next week I might not be so lucky if a decision to kill me was decided on that upcoming weekend.

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The Time Table Index is a convenient way to check all the dates and time periods referred to in the 13 Parts and respective
Sub Parts that make up "1979". Click on the image link below to view it.

The Time Table Index was designed as a quick reference guide to for readers of this website, whereas the 13 Parts and Sub Parts of "1979" take place over a nine-year long plus time period and with Parts 1 and 2 juxtaposed in time, out of chronological order, it's sometimes hard to keep track of the circumstances & events contained in the 60 plus separate time periods comprising "1979". It's also become an invaluable tool for me in the writing of "1979" and creation of this website: 1979westbrook.com