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Part 1 -- Sub Part 3
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Part 1 Sub Pt 3 -- March 22, 1979 -- Thursday Evening and night at my apartment in West Slope, near Portland. Replaying every moment of the seconds long elevator ride there in which I inadvertantly discovered the presence of an L.A. Sheriff's Detective who was my college class police science instructor over a five month time period from what must have been January 5, through May 25, 1971.

At Home In Westslope, Debating Whether To Gamble A Return To The Portland Hilton To Look For Other 'Slip Ups'
-- The L.A.
Cop's Paranoia At My Discovery Of Him In Disguise Where I Work In March '79 -- Confirms My July '75 Discovery Of 'The Plans For Me Up North' In Northern Cal

Thinking quietly alone in the living room smoking and surmising that it's likely that I wouldn't be jumped and taken captive until after the weekend, whereby it would likely be a safe bet that I would be studied pretty closely.

I could only conclude that there was so much time and expense involved in setting me up at the Portland Hilton, least five years or so in the making, that the perpetrators behind whatever kind of scam I was being set up for at the Hilton would act with all deliberate calm and all the covert cool and restraint that they could muster. o bet

The cops alarm at the expression on my face which although frozen, apparently couldn't hide astonishment as I slyly caught glimpses of the cops split seconds metamorphis from under the brim of my painters cap as I exhaled cigarette smoke towards the top of the elevator car
speeding upwards.

Sub Part 3 of Part 1 also describes how I spent the evening and night going over the circumstances and events of elevator incident at the Portland Hilton earlier that day, the recurring dream which had been disturbing my sleep and invading my waking hours, during what was then the past week, since the middle of March 1979.

I also spent hours there in my darkened livingroom, where I sat in mostly stunned silence, as I debated in my mind as to whether or not it would be safe for me to return to the Portland Hilton the next day.

The more I thought about it, I wondered just why in the hell I should even want to return to work at the Portland Hilton, as it was only the sound of floor bell and the elevator doors opening to my floor, and the hotel corridor filled up with my fellow co-workers, then returning from morning break that kept me from being attacked.

I finally decided that whereas the job that started at the Portland Hilton in mid-February 1979 were apparently the last part of the 'Plans For Me Up North', that were inadvertently revealed to me a friend's home in the woods near Callahan, California on July 25, 1975 and was followed only 24 hours by my 'friend' Greg's near fatal stabbing at the 'Callahan Days' music festival the next night -- I figured that it was probably safe for me to the next day, as this was Friday March 23, 1979, the end of my work week.


I could only surmise that what with all the years of preparation to set me up as some kind of 'patsy' at the Portland Hilton, that the intel and military puppet masters then setting me up at the Hilton would no doubt want the weekend to confer with one and other before putting through orders to kill me.

This being the case I decided that I would spend at least one more day at work at the Portland Hilton to see what else might turn up. --Things would be very different the following week and my odds of getting out there alive would be considerably less, if not zilch if I reported to work at the Portland Hilton on March 26, 1979.