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Part 11 -- Sub Part 2
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Part 11 Sub Pt 2
March 28 - 29, 1979

Anticipated 'Pre-Flight' Ground Turbul

The Start Of The Three Mile Island Disaster Only Some 14 Hours Or So After My Interview At U.S. Secret Service In Portland on March 27th --- What Are The Odds, And What Timing The Nuclear Disaster Is Merely Coincidence --- My Son's Value As A Hostage Negated By My Decision To Flee Portland For L.A. Departure --- The New 'Hostages' Apparently The Mid-Atlantic States & Washington D.C. Under Threat Of Radioactive Fallout --- Depending On Whether or Not I Decide To Go Into U.S. Secret Service In L.A. As Stated By Me During My March '79 At Secret Service In Portland With Agent Robinson ? --- Or Am I Merely Being Ego-Centric.

ce From FBI, & CIA ---'Drafting' U.S. Secret Service To Keep Them 'In Check' At The Airport --- It's Unforeseen, 'Three Mile Island' Nuclear Meltdown Consequences --- What's Worse This Is Sure To Grab The Headlines For Days If Not Weeks --- Should Things Get Violent Or Bloody At The Airport Between Secret Service & The CIA 'Spooks' Setting Up The Assassination Frame-Up Scam At The Portland Hilton --- It Would Be Swallowed Up By All The Media Hyped News Reports Of The Unfolding Three Mile Nuclear Disaster --- This Only 12 Hours After My Interview At U.S. Secret Service In Portland With Agent Robinson Wearing My Jacket With The Anti-Nuclear Power Patch --- My Relatives At Nagasaki --- What Are The Odds All This Is Coincidence

America Transfixed By Media Reports Of Radioactive Leaks At 'Three Mile' --- This The Ultimate Diversion Should The Media Pick-Up Any Leaks Regarding The Assassination Plot 'Frame-Up' At The Portland Hilton, And My March 27th Interview At U.S. Secret Service --- Or Should Things Get Out Of Hand At Portland Airport As I Board My 'Western Airlines' Flight Bound For LAX

Under These Extraordinarily Bizarre Circumstances --- I Conclude That It's Good News That U.S. Secret Service In Portland And Their Allies If Any --- Are Going To Show-Up At Portland International To See Me Onto My Western Airlines Flight Bound For LAX Los Angeles

The Bad News Being That This May Well Be A Full Scale Shoot-Out At Portland International A Any News Reports Coming Out Of Portland Would Be Swallowed Up By Constant Network News Updates & Reports On The Then Unfolding Nuclear Disaster Clear Across The Country At Three Mile Island Pennnsylvania --- This During Boarding Terminal Full Of CIA 'Spooks', Gangsters, Flanked By Secret Service And Who Knows Who Else --- Just Like My Predictions --- Only Worse