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Part 11 -- Sub Part 3
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Part 11 Sub Pt 3
March 30 - 31, 1979

Showdown At The Western Airlines Corral --- The Opposing Send-off Parties 'Dressed To Kill' & Ready To Open Fire Too --- My Long Distance Call To A Half-Sister Who Gets The Word On Another Line To Hang-up The Phone --- The Airport Long Distance 'Black Out' & My ESP Like 'Face Off' With The CIA 'Spook' In Charge --- Kendra's Dad's Phone And A Shot Of 'V.O.' On The Way Out --- The Frenzied Arrival Of Dad's Cuban Freinds As We Drive Off --- Seated Aboard My Flight To L.A. --- The 'Drugged' Breifcase Bomber Carried To His Seat, To Scare Me Off The Plane --- Waiting For The Bomb To Off --- A Second Late Passenger Sent On 40 Minutes Later Sent On Board To Pull The Wires On The Bomb Carried On By The First --- An Unscheduled 'Layover' At 'SFO' 'Frisko' --- Fears Of Being Grabbed Off The DC-10 --- My 'Red Eye' Arrival At LAX, Prayers Of Thanks My Ride Back To Covina --- Post Traumatic Stress