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Part 2

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Part 2 of "1979" covers the circumstances and events of only one day in my life, from Friday morning to Friday night March 23rd 1979. -- It takes place in Portland and West Slope, Oregon -- Part 2 of "1979" is comprised of Sub Parts 1 through 3.


Part 2 Sub Part 1

Sub Part 1 of Part 2 of "1979" covers the circumstances and events of my life on the morning of Friday March 23rd 1979, the day after I 'stepped through the looking glass' so to speak and blew things wide open at the Portland Hilton as the result of my inadvertent discovery there the day before as I acted as though nothing had happened, and went through my daily work routine.

I decided to risk my life by returning there to do a little 'recon' to check out the 'script changes' and 'damage control' that I had anticipated would be there when I returned there to the play out my little role as room painter there at the Portland. -- I was fairly certain that no decision would be made to murder me there at least until after the weekend of March 24th -25th 1979 as too many years of preparation were involved in setting me there at the Portland Hilton and a series of conference calls would have to take place first. Next week would be another situation entirely.

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Part 2 Sub Part 2

Sub Part 2 of Part 2 of "1979" covers the rest of my work day at the Portland Hilton on Friday March 23rd 1979, from my lunch break on through the rest of my work day there whereby I was suddenly sent off by myself to work on one of the Penthouse Suites on the top floors and ran into some other painter there who was also working on that floor and who like me was working there solo. -- Unlike me, the guy struck as though he was some kind of CIA mind control subject, or something very much like it.

When Girlfriend arrived home later that evening I had her drive me back into Portland, so I could buy a bottle of whiskey at the the Oregon State Liquor Store and have few drinks in a park downtown, in order to help me keep a grip and sort things out there, as I never kept any hard liquor around, being a 'pot' smoker who drank beer and wine now and again.

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Part 2 Sub Part 3

Sub Part 3 of Part 2 of "1979" gives a detailed account of how I attempted to quiz Kendra over V. O. and Sevens there in the Rose Garden at Washington Park, whereas the whiskey now seemed to clear the layers of fog which had settled over my mind there in the last couple of weeks, even before the recurring dream that had been haunting my sleep at night for a week, and invaded my thoughts during the day.

I felt a bit safer drinking and talking with Kendra at Washington Park that night, as I my apartment was wired for sound, but it wasn't long
before I was picked up on some kind of electronic surveillance, whereas serious looking strangers from two different directions suddenly appeared out of the darkness and started approaching us, whereby I had to cut my little 'Q & A' session over drinks with Kendra at the park short as we decided to make a run for Kendra's VW and left
downtown Portland 'lickety split' and drove down Highway 8 to our apartment in West Slope. -- Once there I made another V.O. & 7 and sat up a while thinking there in the living room after my Girl Kendra had gone to bed.

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The Time Table Index is a convenient way to check all the dates and time periods referred to in the 13 Parts and respective Sub Parts that make up "1979". Click on the image link below to view it.

The Time Table Index was designed as a quick reference guide to for readers of this website, whereas the 13 Parts and Sub Parts of "1979" take place over a nine-year long plus time period and with Parts 1 and 2 juxtaposed in time, out of chronological order, it's sometimes hard to keep track of the circumstances & events contained in the 60 plus separate time periods comprising "1979". It's also become an invaluable tool for me in the writing of "1979" and creation of this website: 1979westbrook.com