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Part 2 -- Sub Part 1
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Sub Part 1 of Part 2 of "1979" covers the circumstances and events of my life on the morning of Friday March 23rd 1979.

Sub Part 1 of Part 2 of "1979" covers the circumstances and events of my life on the morning of Friday March 23rd 1979, the day after I 'stepped through the looking glass' so to speak and blew things wide open at the Portland Hilton as the result of my inadvertent discovery there the day before as I acted as though nothing had happened, and went through my daily work routine.

I decided to risk my life by returning there to do a little 'recon' to check out the 'script changes' and 'damage control' that I had anticipated would be there when I returned there to the play out my little role as room painter there at the Portland. -- I was fairly certain that no decision would be made to murder me there at least until after the weekend of March 24th -25th 1979 as too many years of preparation were involved in setting me there at the Portland Hilton and a series of conference calls would have to take place first. Next week would be another situation entirely.

Morning Surveillance by two scary guys in suits at the Hilton --- Most Likely local 'mob' ---- as they don't quite have the same look or demeanor of the FBI agent --- who then only 5 months earlier interrogated me back in late October '78 ---- as I watched another dozen or so FBI agents combing the street, going door to door --- in a Southeast Portland Neighborhood I just happened to be visiting at the time.

Jeez It's been like 3 hours and the two dudes in the suit are still checking me out but good ---- I've got to hand it to them, they're suits are well tailored and the bastards are certainly staying character as they go from room-to-room, pretending to look them over and then glancing down at the clipboard one them carried ---- casually looking over in my direction with 'poker-faces' --- which means these guys are 'Pros' alright.

Lunchtime --- Fuck! It Seemed like it never come ---- I need a break from these bastards in the suits beading in on my ass all morning. --- Now I can finally have a smoke, not being allowed to smoke on the job & all.