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Part 2 -- Sub Part 2
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Part 2 Sub Pt 2 -- March 23, 1979 -- Afternoon pulled away from my work crew and sent to work solo in a Penthouse Suite where
I run into some other solo worker there working nearby.

After scoping me out all fucking morning, I wonder what these two guys in suits are gonna do --- for the afternoon half of my work day. ---- Acting like everything's cool, like it's just another routine workday --- I return to after lunch I’m suddenly removed from the floor where the rest of my paint crew is working and reassigned to do some work on the rather large suites, with corner windows on the upper floors.

The unexpected and Episodically timed Move to assign me to work alone on an upper most-floor --- Prompts Fears in My Mind that I might Be thrown off the roof-deck or possibly ‘chucked’ out a window from one of the Suites --- The Windows Opened with special Keys

I run into some another painter --- one that I’ve never seen before --- and although he seems okay and all, his lingo is cool and all,--- his speech and vernacular seems broken & peculiar somehow.

This other Hilton painter in exile has really weird look in his eyes, which together with his longhair and beard makes him look he’s really not all there --- or rather like he’s undergone some kind of transformation recently --- like you can see in the back of mind and you know someone’s been fucking around with it and tuning it up.--- Gee I wonder if this guy’s been fucking the hotel hookers as well, like those guys on my crew ? --- What kind of drugs is that guy on ?? --- Why did they put me with this guy ? --- Are they have the ‘mob’ goons toss my ass off the roof of the Hilton ?? Was he put somewhere during the summer and if so was he brainwashed --- I always suspected that I was being drugged & somehow brainwashed therein Mount Shasta motel all that time I spent there in July through August '78 --- when they murdered that cop I knew In Northern California. --- This other painter in exile only further corroborate my findings and suspicions that I'm somehow being set-up at the Hilton.

As we were working in some rather large Penthouse like suites near the top of the top floor of the Hilton all alone ---- I could only surmise that I was transferred there in order to interact with this other paInter in exile --- and perhaps tip my hand as what I had also discovered, or possibly already knew up to that time on March 23, 1979 --- Being alone up there with that 'Spaced Out' looking painter , so close to quitting time and the weekend and all ---- I decided that I better not get too inquisitive ---- at least not yet, and for sure not there at the Portland Hilton ---- so I just played it cool and went on about the work that I had been assigned to for the afternoon.