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Part 2 -- Sub Part 3
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Part 2 Sub Pt 3 -- Friday approx. 4:00 PM March 23, 1979 -- through early AM Saturday March 24, 1979.


-- My return home from the Portland Hilton where I work to the apartment in West Slope where Kendra and I lived. Once there I start mulling things over.
Kendra returns home an hour so later around 5:00 in the evening and after a short chat with her I decide that perhaps a drink or two might help clear my head.

-- I suggest that Kendra and I drive into Portland to get
some VO Whiskey at a State Liquor Store and we can have VO's and 7's at Washington Park on a typically cool and cloudy spring evening with a sprinkle or two of drizzle here and there.

I cautiously quizzed Kendra about some of the weird shit that we had both been through in recent months, there in hopes that I might find some tie ins and links that just might help me get some additional clues about what's being set up for me at the Portland Hilton and when the show was to go on -- with me apparently in it.

Back Home In West Slope After A Long & Scary Work Day Portland Hilton March 23rd 1979 --- In Need Of A Drink Kendra & I Drive To Portland To The State Liquor Store And Then To The Park After Dark Where I Quiz Girlfriend Over V.O. Whiskey & 7's --- Intruders Cut Short Our Chat --- A Run For The Car & Drive Back To West Slope



Quizzing My Girlfriend Over V.O. & 7's after Dark in Washington Park --- Fast Approaching Intruders In The Dark From Two Directions Kill Cocktail time --- A Run For The Car & Back at 'The Pad' In West Slope End of the work week at the Portland Hilton at approx=imately 2:30 pm --- Returning home back to my apartment in Westslope by about 3:00 or so that March 23rd 1979 --- post traumatic like relief back home in West Slope

All This After That 'Spooky' 'Freaky-Friday' of being fearfull of being murdered at any second, all through my workday at the Hilton --- The Whisky Seems To Clear My Head Back Home At West Slope --As I Start To Reconcile Perplexing And Near Fatal Events At The Portland Hilton The Day Before --- Events Incredibly Bizarre, With The L.A. Sheriff's Detective I Knew As A Police Science Course Instructor Back In '71 From My Past Where I Work --- Post Traumatic Stress, Nervous Exhaustion & Whisky Knock Me Out For The Night

As I only had a couple of beers on hand, along with a little 'weed' and some ' Camel Lights' ---- I decide to get some V.O. Whisky to help clear my head of all of the fear & confusion --- or rather fear and certainty ---- certainty that unless I can figure out what's up at the Portland Hilton Besides as bar, the only place one could buy hard liquor in Portland Back March 1979 --- was thereat an Oregon State Liquor Store --- all of which curiously resembled a cross between a Department of Motor Vehicles ---- and one of those stores one used to see lines of people waiting buy food in the 60's Soviet Union or some other East Bloc communist nation there on the TV news ---

The nearest Liquor Store being back in downtown Portland, only blocks away from the Portland Hilton where I worked.

A quick trip to a little market for some Seven-Up, Plastic Cocktail glasses ---- As I wanted Kendra to drink a little as well, therein hopes that the alcohol might act on her conscience, and thereby loosening her tongue as well ---- whereby we might just have us little chat all about the way her 16 year-old cousin reportedly 'flipped-out' on 'Magic Mushrooms' ---- was sent over to the 'psycho-ward' at Portland's Providence Hospital --- where he suddenly commits suicide --- only weeks, if not days before his scheduled release.

Then there was also all that weird shit at the Vinton Film Expo that I also wanted to ask Kendra about. As I figured my apartment in West Slope was most certainly 'wired for sound' and who knows what else ? --- and the rose garden side of Washington Park was so close and all --- I decided that I would go there to have cocktails --- and hopefully some informative conversation with girlfriend --- bearing in mind all the time that I might the assistance of the this teen aged girl I don't trust, but who I play dumb with and screw every night --- so I can't come off like I'm suspicious of her, or at least not quite as suspicious of her as she might already think.

Things were starting to proceed rather nicely as I sipped on my second V.O. & 7 and was gently playing Kendra along, and acting in a manner that just might evoke some sympathy ---- and thus some use full information from her. --- Low and behold the evil bitch was starting to loosen up a bit too. Being the eternally vigilant and wary it was there in the dimly street lit night --- I then noticed that we had two individuals, both men approaching from two different directions one from the south along the rows of rose bushes --- the other from the street near where our car was parked --- as these guys looked like they meant business --- grabbed our bottles and stuff and we both beat a hasty retreat from the edge of park, and back to the car, where we arrived back in West Slope at about 9:30 pm.

Once home, I tried to stay up a bit longer, but as I was so psychologically, emotionally and physically fatigued from the events of the last two days --- the V.O. whisky acted like a sedative and I actually got some sleep that Friday night, March 23rd 1979.