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Index Page To Part 3 -- Sub Parts 1 - 8 Thereof
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Part 3 of "1979" is comprised of 8 separate Sub Parts -- and takes place on the afternoon of Saturday March 24th through Sunday morning March 25th 1979 -- at my apartment in West Slope,Oregon near Portland, at which time I recalled and reviewed the circumstances and events of memories of past during that time period from -- December 1970 and various other random dates that year, through August 30th 1974, my last day in Covina, near L.A. before I left town to hitch-hike north and live in Montague, a tiny town near the I-5 about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. -- This also resulted in my first visit ever to Portland from September 3rd through mid-September 1974.

To recap Part 3 of "1979" and it's 8 Sub Parts, is me thereat my apartment in West Slope, Oregon on March 24th-25th 1979 -- looking into my past from December 1970 through August 30th 1974, the day before my to hitch-hiking trip to Northern California that led to my two week detour visit to Portland, before settling into that Northern California border town into live.

Please note that like Part 3 and it's Sub Parts, Parts 4 through 10 and their respective Sub Parts spanning that time period from August 31, 1974 through March 21st 1979 -- were all also memories of the circumstances and events of life, as viewed through the prism of my mind's eye there in my apartment in West Slope, Oregon on March 24th - 25th 1979.


Part 3 Sub Part 1

Part 3 Sub Part 1: Takes place on the weekend of March 24-25, 1979 there at my apartment in West Slope near Portland, during which time I reviewed the circumstances and events of my from December 1970 through June 30th 1971 back in my hometown Covina and other various locations in and around L.A. County. this was due in large part to the intense surveillance I was under there in West Slope at that time.

When I got up early that morning on March 24th, my Saturday off, I was rather un-nerved and perplexed by the events at work at the Portland Hilton on Thursday and Friday, and the intruders at who interrupted my chat with Kendra my girlfriend over V.O.'s and Sevens at Washington Park in Portland Friday night and so I really didn't know what in the hell I was gonna do that day.

It was there as I stood drinking coffee, gazing out my second floor kitchen window, in my apartment building set on a small hill that was about at the same elevation as the Hillsboro Highway, Highway 8 that I saw a guy standing next to the car he had apparently pulled off to the shoulder of the highway and who was peering over at me directly with a pair of binoculars for some few minutes before he got in his car and drove off towards Hillsboro, Oregon.

Later that morning, I spotted another guy a much younger man with dark, mod styled hair and wearing an plain green army field jacket, down in the wooded meadow that served as a parking lot for our apartments, who also appeared to be looking up at my apartment and talking into what looked like a microphone, presumably attached to some kind of two-way radio.

This prompted me to run down to the wooded and grassy parking lot to search my Girlfriend's VW 'Bug' for a car bomb and any electronic 'bugs', or rather listening devices that ma may have been planted there as well and having found nothing, I put the seats, and spare tire back in the car and went back to my apartment on the hill with a view of Highway 8. -- At about noon I noticed that I was running low on 'Camel Lights' and so I went down to the little market near my apartment to get a couple of packs of cigarettes, and returned to my apartment

It was then and there that I decided to review the most notably bizarre and 'mind blowingly' murderous circumstances and events, that were part of and or had impacted my life during that time period from December 1970 on through August 30th 1974.

Christmas break, December 1970, was when I first met the L.A. Sheriffs Detective-Sergeant, who then only two before on March 22nd 1979 turns up in disguise at the Portland Hilton where I work and then makes ready to attack and probably attempt to murder me over my discovery of his presence there.

I then also decided to review the following three years and eight months of my life from December 1970 on through to August 30, 1974, the day before I left Covina to hitch-hike north to my then new home only 20 miles south of the Oregon border, there in hopes that this might give me some insight and thus a possible solution out of then increasingly, precarious predicament I then found myself in at that time, therein Portland and West Slope, Oregon.

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Part 3 Sub Part 2

Part 3 Sub Part 2 covers that time period from December 1970 through June 30, 1971:

This Sub Part also takes place at my apartment in West Slope, near Portland on March 24th 1979, as I recounted my thoughts and memories of the circumstances and events in my life during my Senior year in High School in Covina and part time college student at Citrus College from December 1970 through June 30, 1971, and the month I spent in L.A. County Jail and Biscailuz Center where amongst others, I was befriended by a CIA agent and a Western Airlines purser during that time when a Western Airlines 720 nose dived, crashed and burned at Ontario Airport, 40 miles east of L.A. on March 31, 1971, as well as my release April 13, 1971 and return to my classes and High School graduation in June '71.

The March 31, 1971 crash reportedly killed four Senior Western Airline Pilots who were supposedly on a training flight on a Western Boeing 720, which they all knew how to fly already. -- The Western Boeing 720's were then being phased out which made the crash seen all the more weird. A witness to the crash was apparently murdered and then listed as one of the crash victims a day after the crash, he had apparently witnessed what happened before the crash to cover up the murders.

Part 3 Sub Part 2 also covers the disappearance of World War II Hero Audie Murphy whose body turned up in a Memorial Day Weekend plane crash in Virginia. -- This was during that period of time when elements the FBI and CIA were using the L.A. area cops to 'frame up' Murphy on phony drug charges and staged fights with police informants and such, shortly before Murphy's death and funeral at Arlington National Cemetery attended by President Nixon.

This was followed less than a week later by the mysterious June 6th '71 'D-Day' mid-air plane crash between an Air West DC-9 jetliner and a Marine Corp Phantom fighter Jet over the Bradbury Hills, east of Los Angeles and which only eight miles from the place where I then lived in Azusa in June of 1971. -- The June '71 reportedly killed 49 passengers and crew on the Air West DC-9 and one of the two man crew on the Marine Phantom jet.

This was followed only hours later by the crash of an Allegheny Airlines 580 prop-jet on landing approach at New Haven Airport in Connecticut on the morning of June 7, 1971. 28 people reportedly died as the result of this crash.


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Part 3 Sub Part 3

Part 3 Sub Part 3 covers that time period from July 1,1971 through February 29, 1972:

Part 3 Sub Part 3: This Sub Part covers the circumstances and events in my life from July '71 on through February '72 and most notably details the contrivedly convoluted machinations that led to the murder of my friend 'Spud' Helberg in July 1971 and the elaborate series of press rewrites and cover-ups by the L.A. Sheriff's and Covina Police that followed.

Part 3 Sub Part 3 describes the way in which my old middle school chum Greg Downard was reinstalled in my life in late July '71 only days after 'Spud' Helberg's murder, and Greg's near death 'O.D.' days later, for which I am entitled to half credit for saving his life, as it was the skill, knowledge and cool of a girl named Luana who brought Greg back to life without the use of a hospital emergency room, and whole lot of cops who were already gunning for me in the wake of 'Spud' Helberg's murder day before.

Part 3 Sub Part 3 also deals with my introduction to 'Getty' who was apparently an FBI informant, or rather a 'plant' who I met in late July '71 and who was to quite literally infiltrate the lives of myself and a number of other friends that I then had in 1971 and in the years to come.

This same Sub Part also covers my brief attendance at a Criminal Law class at Citrus College in Glendora and which was taught by an L.A. Sheriffs Detective-Lieutenant named Lee Mealy, who was also a former agent for the U.S. Treasury Department. -- This knowledge that I gained from taking this class was prove invaluable on numerous occasions, therein the months and years then yet to come.

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Part 3 Sub Part 4

Part 3 Sub Part 4 covers that time period from March 1, through August 31, 1972:

Part 3 Sub Part 4: Like other seven separate Sub Parts to Part 3, Part 3 Sub Part 4 is also takes place at my apartment with a view of Highway 8 in West Slope near Portland on March 24th 1979, at least there in the physical sense -- however in my mind's eye I had went back in time and space, with my thoughts clearly focused on my memories of the circumstances on that time period in my life from March 1, 1972 through August 31, 1972 back home in Covina, it's neighboring towns in L.A. County as well as memories of the various trips I made to the the 'O.C., San Diego, the Colorado River and the California Central Coast.

Part 3 Sub Part 4 details my adventures and misadventures of my life at that time, one incident being my encounter with a heavily armed informant working for the L.A. Sheriffs Department, who pressured and coerced me into trading him some 'weed' I was selling in exchange for a 38 caliber revolver that was fitted with a sniper's scope that I never wanted. -- As all this took place in my car on a street in front of a
house in Azusa known to the Azusa P.D. and Sheriffs alike, I was forced to wrap things up quickly before a patrol unit from either police agency came and busted me for both the 'pot' I was selling and police informant's guns.

This was only a few weeks after the assassination attempt on former Governor Wallace, at a Presidential campaign rally in Maryland in mid-May 1972, complete with an assassination 'patsy' who was apparently complicit in the assassination and the cover-up that followed.

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Part 3 Sub Part 5

Part 3 Sub Part 5 covers that time period from September 1, 1972 through mid-February 1973:

Part 3 Sub Part 5 covers that time period from September 1, 1972 through Mid February 1973 and the increasingly weird circumstances and events that took place during this period of in my life. -- One being the September '72 attempted buy back of the scoped snipers pistol that I was coerced into trading for some 'weed' I was selling back in June of 1972, by a heavily armed police informant.

This Sub Part also deals with the use of CIA mind control, and my introduction to the nephew of President Nixon's legal advisor and Watergate Scandal 'king pin' Charles Colson, only days before the crash of United Airlines Flight 553 at Midway Airport in Chicago on December 8, 1972.

The United Flight 553 plane crash was then commonly referred to as the 'Watergate' plane crash whereas the cyanide laced body of Dorothy Hunt was found amongst the dead, which included an African-American Congressman and a TV correspondent for CBS news in Chicago, and a number of others. -- Dorothy Hunt was reportedly a former CIA agent and CIA station chief and outranked her husband E. Howard Hunt when Hunt was still a CIA agent.

Perhaps the creepiest aspect of the crash of United Flight 553 near Midway Airport in Chicago was the way in which numerous agents in plainclothes and police were seen in the neighborhood by the locals who lived there, just before the crash of the United Airlines DC-9 took place on December 8, 1972 therein a Southside Chicago neighborhood near the airport.

Colson's nephew and his two protoges' moved into the house I was living at in late November '72 during which time I suspect that I was covertly drugged and interrogated by them. Colson and crew then episodically moved out only days before the United Flight 553 crash in Chicago in which the wife of Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt reportedly died.

Colson's uncle Watergate figure and Presidential Advisor Charles Colson was the man hired ex CIA agent E. Howard Hunt to put together the group of intel and military operatives that became known as the White House plumber's unit, who were later to be convicted of the break ins at the offices of the Democratic Party Headquarters located at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.

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Part 3 Sub Part 6

Part 3 Sub Part 6 covers that time period from mid-February through August 31, 1973:

Part 3 Sub Part 6 takes place from mid-February 1973 through August 31, 1973 and details my move and retreat from all the weirdness and Marshall's raids on the place I lived at on Center Street in Covina, and the place just across the alley where I lived for the last 5 months to a run down neighborhood in Azusa, located less than a mile away from my old neighborhood in Covina where I grew up.

I was living there in what might be best described as a quasi underground status, and the house where I stayed was located directly across the street from one of party crashers who raided the Helberg Brothers rented house next to Covina Park, not once but twice.

The first time on July 9th and the second time 10th, 1971. -- I'll refer to this party crasher as R.H. and although R.H. and some others were were actually guilty of inflicting a sword wound to my friend 'Spud' Helberg's head only minutes after I left him and his girlfriend Niki in the pre-dawn hours of July 10th, I always knew that these guys weren't the ones actually responsible for 'Spud's death in July 1971.

R.H. and friends then minors, and one an adult police informant all pled guilty to lesser charges of involuntary manslaughter and received light sentences, and were all back on the street in lees than 2 years. -- I go into all this in Part 3 Sub Part 2 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com. -- I sometimes partied with R.H. but I was careful not to say too much, nor would I let R.H. go into too much detail about what actually happened to 'Spud' Helberg.

Part 3 Sub Part 6 also details my introduction to a girl named Janet from Glendora who I saw from time to time and liked but never really trusted. Sub Part 6 also describes the Janet's role in helping to instigate a fucking riot at scenic campground at the Kern River during the Memorial Day '73 holiday weekend.

This brought out hordes of Sheriff's Deputies from Kern County, Santa Barbara County, Inyo County, Kings County and Tulare County, who all took turns grilling me about the drugs I stashed, but not about the riot that the girls help to start.

I went back later after the cops had gone and retrieved my stash of 'pot' and pills and tried to salvage what I could of the weekend with Janet and the four other girls who I went to the Kern River with that weekend.

It was my turn to drive when I heard the news about the Secret Service agent who died in the British Bahamas over the AM radio in the car that belonged to one of the girls as I drove through mountains back to L.A. on Sunday night May 27th 1973.

The first of the nationally televised Watergate Hearings began only days before the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday and it was only three weeks later that former CIA agent, turned White House Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt testified that his then boss in 1972, DIA agent turned Nixon's Presidential Advisor Charles Colson had ordered Hunt to break into the Milwaukee apartment of Arthur Bremer, only hours after Bremer the 'media patsy' had supposedly shot former Governor George Wallace at a Campaign rally in Maryland in May 1972, thus ending Wallace's bid for the Presidency.

This confirmed my suspicions that Watergate Figure Charles Colson's nephew and the two pre-med students who moved into the house I was staying in Covina, in late November 1972, had my food drugged and then were using sodium pentathol to interogate me whilst I was out cold. -- This also explains why they all moved out of the house in Covina so suddenly, only days before the United Airlines Flight 553 crash in Chicago, ''The Watergate Plane Crash' on December 8th 1972 therein which the wife of Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt reportedly died.

Part 3 Sub Part 6 also covers my reactions to the nationally televised Watergate hearings in August 1973 in which long suppressed revelations regarding the presence of the FBI and agents from other various intel, police and military organizations were present at the United Airlines Flight 553 crashsite an hour or more before the crash even took place on December 8th 1972.

It was only a week or two later, in mid-August 1972 that an ambush of of sorts was arranged for me at the West Covina Courts, when 'Spud' Helberg's Girlfriend who was with 'Spud' and I when we fended off the first attack by the party crashers on July 9th 1971, but who came back minutes after I left in the pre-dawn hours of July 10th to inflict the head wound that later supposedly resulted in 'Spud's death on July 17th 1971.

During this ambush at the West Covina courts where I was straightening out some old traffic warrants, I was chatting with a friend of mine named J.T. from Baldwin Park about his recent trip to Baja, when Niki came out of the crowded court corridor with a couple of friends or whatever, and started screaming about I was responsible for 'Spud's death in July 1971. -- J.T. and I were both stunned, but as I shook my head J.T. knew that Niki was lying and that the ambush must have planned it was no mere coincidence.

Niki's charges were precisely opposite of the facts, as I was the one who suggested barricading the door to 'Spud's upstairs bedroom with his bed and other furniture that successfully prevented the party crashers from breaking in and attacking 'Spud', Niki and I during the first of two attacks at the Helberg Brother's house, which took place at just before 9:00 PM on July 9th 1971. -- The second attack falsely attributed to 'Spud's death actually took place on July 10th 1971.

It would be some 5 years later that J.T.'s friend 'Woody' who was also from Baldwin Park, would turn up in Portland in April 1978 and with whom I was to later stay with Hillsboro, Oregon from mid October through December 24th 1978. -- These circumstances and events are detailed in Part 8 Sub Part 4, and Part 10, Sub Part 2 through Sub Part 4 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

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Part 3 Sub Part 7

Part 3 Sub Part 7 covers that time period from September 1, 1973 through March 31, 1974:

Part 3 Sub Part 7 also viewed in hindsight from my place in West Slope, Oregon on March 24th 1979, covers what was a transitional point in my life whereas I moved from Azusa and moved back to my old neighborhood in Covina, where I started work as a plumber's apprentice and went to school part time at Citrus College in Glendora. -- I cut way back on my use of drugs at this point in time as I was mostly smoking 'weed' and drinking wine when I played chess, which was then becoming popular amongst many young people at the time.

The September '73 Chilean military coup and assassination of President Salvatore Allende brought forth revelations in the media and press of CIA-ITT involvement in these events, as Allende was then 'nationalizing' American corporate holdings in Chile.
The mass arrests, tortures and mass murders that followed in the years to come there in Chile in the seventies, was much like that in Europe in the late thirties and early forties under the Nazis.

I was amongst the many tens of millions of Americans caught in the early seventies American malaise brought on by the Vietnam un-declared war that began for the U.S. in the dark days after the 1963 'JFK' assassination, the revelations murders and political intrigue brought out by the Congressional Watergate hearings televised nationally.

Secretary of State Kissinger presided over the secret bombings in Cambodia, that later led to the rise of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge and the genocide of a million and a half or more Cambodians.

Sub Part 7 also covers my other pursuits such as surfing, working on my Anglia panel and listening to the various kinds of new rock music that were then still being broadcast over the FM airwaves in L.A. and Southern California.

Perhaps the most prominent event in my life at that time period in my life from September '73 until the end of March '74 was the visit of a friend who grew up my street and who was part of our little drug clique there as well. -- He arrived just after Christmas and left the day before New Years Eve 1973-74.

He had some money and we partied it up there in that slice of December between Christmas and News Years, and one night he invited my friend Thom to move up north to a town where he had family and friends. -- A place called Montague, near Yreka and which was about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. -- It sounded so good that I asked if I could come along too and he said yes. -- We all agreed that Thom and I would drive up there in my Anglia Panel as soon as I got it road worthy, which looked to be sometime in the early Spring of 1974.

de Gaulle Airport near Paris opened on March 8th 1974, my 21st Birthday and wasn't much closer to completing the necessary repairs to my car than I was in December '73 and I was still working as a plumber's apprentice who worked solo sometimes.

Part 3 Sub Part 8 covers those last 5 months in Covina before I left for what was to be my new home just south of the Oregon border, from April 1, 1974 through August 30, 1974.

April ''74 started off with my work routine as a residential plumber, a rather bizarre time at the California Jam Rock Festival in April, and the May '74 mass murders of Patty Hearst's SLA associates by the LAPD before they could 'rat out' Patty's links with the CIA and Donald Defreeze in the early '70's to the media and press.

When I watched and heard the live TV news reports on the LAPD's raid on the SLA's so called 'hideout' on that Friday evening, May 17th 1974, I knew that Miss Hearst or her body would never found at the house where the LAPD fired 6,000 rounds into it and six members of the 'SLA' before burning it to the ground.

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Part 3 Sub Part 8

Part 3 Sub Part 8 covers that time period from April 1 through August 31, 1974:

Part 3 Sub Part 8 of "1979" also details those last five months I spent in Covina, working in plumbing and later in plumbing specialties, working my Anglia which came back from my friend and auto painter Tom Krolich orange, instead of silver as I had asked for originally. -- I guess orange was the better choice according to my other friends.

Memorial Day Weekend '74 was quite a bit different from the one in May '73 at the Kern River as Thom and I went backpacking in Eaton Canyon, then scenic and seemingly remote wilderness area, that located just north of Pasadena.

It was a most enjoyable weekend for the very most part, and it was my third or so morning there when I was talking to a girl I met up there, a 17 or 18 year old Girl Scout there next to some water at the base of a tiny box canyon when we heard some hikers making the trek in on the hiking trail about 100 feet or more above us when suddenly a sliver of rock fell out of the clear blue sky and hit the girl's leg just above her knee, creating a rather deep flesh wound.

I along with some other guys that were nearby, carried the girl out of the canyon by hand for several miles until we arrived at cabin in the woods, at which time we loaded her onto an old Willys jeep and it's driver then drove down a rocky creek bed to the highway and a hospital.

It was too bad as I had just started making out with the nice looking, legal aged Girl Scout only minutes before that dagger like rock fell out of the sky and cut her leg open. -- It might have been love in the afternoon in the woods, had it not been for this.

KPPC FM Pasadena had become KROQ in the Fall of 1973 playing a lot of new music, Rodney Bingenheimer's show on Sundays there was especially good, whereas he played a lot of the rock music like 'Glam Rock', 'Metal' and what was to later become 'New Wave', 'Art Rock' and 'Punk'. -- There were several or more other truly great FM rock stations in L.A., as was KNAC in Long Beach and KGB in San Diego.

I started using speed a bit, thanks some help from my Covina house mate and soon to be future traveling partner Thom, and my surfer friends would sometimes take me along when they went surfing. -- I was never any at good surfing but I liked the exercise and the relaxation of floating on a surfboard there off the shore as it gave me time to think and look at things in a different perspective.

As I let one of my co-workers at RITE know of my plans to move north at the end of the month, my boss Hugh Bradley decided to fire on the day after Richard Nixon resigned his Presidency on August 9th 1974. -- Thom and I spent the rest of August '74 painting the house we then lived in and which was owned by his mother. -- I decided that I wouldn't be able to get my Anglia Panel ready before the end of summer, so Thom and I decided that we would both hitch-hike up the coast from L.A. to San Francisco and then cut across San Pablo Bay inland to Interstate 5, which would take to hitch-hike all the way to Yreka which was also located on Interstate about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. Montague, our destination was only 7 miles east of Yreka and our friend there would come and get us when we hit Yreka.

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