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Part 3 -- Sub Part 2
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Pt 2
-- I review the bizarre and mysterio

Part 3 Sub Part 2 -- I review the bizarre and deadlyus circumstances and events of my life from January 1st through June 30, 1971

at my apartment in West Slope, near Portland on March 24th 1979,


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Part 3 Sub Part 2: This Sub Part also takes place at my apartment in West Slope, near Portland on March 24th 1979, as I recounted my thoughts and memories of the circumstances and events in my life during my Senior year in High School in Covina and part time college student at Citrus College from December 1970 through June 30, 1971.

The month from mid-March through mid-April of 1971 where I spent in L.A. County Jail and Biscailuz Center where amongst other assorted inmate-trustees, I was befriended by a guy who I surmised was a CIA agent and another was a definitely a purser for Western Airlines. I had only just met them when 9 days later, a Western Airlines 720 jetliner made an unaccountably bizarre nosedive crash at Ontario Airport on March 31, 1971 about 40 miles east Biscailuz Center in East L.A. where I was then a inmate-trustee until my release from custody on April 13th.

The March 31, 1971 crash reportedly killed four Senior Western Airline Pilots who were supposedly on a training flight on a Western Boeing 720, which they all knew how to fly already. -- The Western Boeing 720's were then being phased out which made the crash seen all the more weird. A witness to the crash was apparently murdered and then listed as one of the crash victims a day after the crash, he had apparently witnessed what happened before the crash to cover up the murders.

Part 3 Sub Part 2 also covers the disappearance of World War II Hero Audie Murphy whose body turned up in a Memorial Day Weekend plane crash in Virginia. -- This was during that period of time when elements the FBI and CIA were using the L.A. area cops to 'frame up' Murphy on phony drug charges and staged fights with police informants and such, shortly before Murphy's death and funeral at Arlington National Cemetery attended by President Nixon.

This was followed less than a week later by the mysterious June 6th '71 'D-Day' mid-air plane crash between an Air West DC-9 jetliner and a Marine Corp Phantom fighter Jet over the Bradbury Hills, east of Los Angeles and which only eight miles from the place where I then lived in Azusa in June of 1971. -- The June '71 reportedly killed 49 passengers and crew on the Air West DC-9 and one of the two man crew on the Marine Phantom jet.

This was followed only hours later by the crash of an Allegheny Airlines 580 prop-jet on landing approach at New Haven Airport in Connecticut on the morning of June 7, 1971. 28 people reportedly died as the result of this crash.

and return to my classes and High School graduation in June '71.

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Part 3 Sub Part 2 Of "1979"
The Bizarre Circumstances and Events Of My Life During That Period Of Time From January Through June 30, 1971

Map Notes To The Selected Images, Icons And News Articles Used In The Montage For Part 3 Sub Part 2 Of "1979" --- This As They Pertain To The Circumstances And Events From Of My Life From December 1970 Through June 1971 In Varying Degrees Of Relevance

Top Left: A photo from the very first 'Earth Day' held on April 22, 1970, this is a part of this historical back drop to the life and times of my existence as 17 year-old in 1970, this was when environmentalist were put in the same category as anti-war protesters, communists and those who were otherwise socially or economically undesirable --- 'Earth Day' 1970 was was observed across the U.S. at various locations, with as many 20 million attendees by some accounts.

Panning Right: A photo of Tommy 'The Traveler' Tongyai from the June 22, 1970 edition of TIME magazine, there from an article describing Mr. Tongyai's role as a pot smoking, bomb making, anti-war protestor and organizer who was actually an agent provocateur, who was presumably working for the U.S. Government and Military spy agencies, as well as a number of local police and sheriff's departments cited therein the TIME article --- 'Tommy' would incite college kids to rioting and bomb making and then 'snitch' them out to the cops, State Sponsored Terrorism intended to frame anti-war protestors and leftists as terrorists --- I first saw this June '70 TIME magazine article in October 1970, during a weekend diner party in farmhouse in San Dimas and it seemed to confirm many, if not most of my suspicions at that time regarding the police and state sponsored terrorism --- The 'SDS' (Students For a Democratic Society), a 1960's early 1970's antiwar group was so compromised that about half of it's members were FBI, intel and police informants, sent to spy on 'SDS' members who were not

Top Center Left: Superior Court Judge Harold Haley on August 7, 1970 with a gun aimed at his head just prior to his death, along with those of three others as the result of the Marin Courthouse takeover --- This photo appeared on newspaper front pages nationwide --- I was horrified by the shootout and suspected that it might be an 'inside job' involving the Federal Agents, local police and their informants and their agent provocateurs who were reportedly in the anti-war movement at that time, even before I had ever heard of 'Tommy The Traveler' in October 1970 ---
I believed that the murder of Judge Haley was a carefully political attack against Due Process itself although the courts were, even then in 1970 all to often biased and corrupt, and the scales of justice weighted in favor of the rich, the powerful and the well connected --- A month later, in early September 1970 I was to later receive fair, honorable and just treatment in the Orange County Juvenile Court, and later in November 1970 therein the L.A. County Juvenile Courts, due in large part to my abilities to speak well before a judge, and make a favorable appearance in court, unlike many others who are minorities who were 'drop outs' and talked mostly slang

Top Left Under 'Tommy': 'SUPREME COURT GIVES VOTE TO 18 YEAR-OLDS' December 21, 1970 U.S. Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 that 18 year olds have the right to vote, Congress enacted the law that went into effect in July 1971 four months after my 18th Birthday --- This was a big deal at the time and I later voted in the November 1972 Presidential election --- It was for Senator Eugene McCarthy the anti-war candidate and who I wasn't really enthusiastic about, as were many millions of other Democratic voters in 1972

Upper Left Under Rally: 'LAGUNA SEALED OFF AS ROCK FANS GATHER',Dec 26 1970 LA Times and on the Rock Festival in Laguna, I went there with a friend, Christmas Eve Night the 24th and we had to walk about five miles in to get to it, carrying packs and pup tent --- It was quite a thousands of attendees, lots of drugs and 'pot' and rock music, set in a partially wooded area with small hills in and around it --- I mostly enjoyed the rock festival, in spite of some intermittent violence by some 'Bikers' there, and the Storm Trooper like attacks by a variety of over militarized local police and Orange County Sheriff's Deputies --- It's 'Choppers in Mist', like flying monkeys with bullhorns, and P.A.'s billy clubs, and riot shields to escort concert attendees out of the remote, partially wooded area of Laguna Hills
Sunday December 27th My friend and I were about the last ones to leave We returned home to Covina, scored some barbiturates and got high,

Top Center: A 1970 yearbook photo of the administration building at Gladstone High in Covina, where I mostly attended from the Fall of 1967 until my graduation there in June 1971 --- Just below, Upper Center Left: a photo of the Gladstone High class of 1971 during one of the many 'pep rallies' I mostly avoided whenever possible, I did however know some of these students from my various classes, through friends and my drama and speech classes
On the left side of the Class of '71 photo is the album cover of one of my favorite rock bands, 'Spirit', entitled: 'The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus' released in 1970 --- Accounts vary, as to just when 'Spirit's hit song '1984' was actually
released, either in late 1969 or early 1970, the song did however chart on 'Billboard' magazines top rated by February 1970, but shortly thereafter '1984' was banned on AM radio stations nationwide, whereas State and Corporate sponsored, political thought control ruled in 1970 --- The FM stations were still relatively less commercialized, whereby many, if not most FM stations and continued to play the song '1984' nonetheless

Right Of Class Photo: A picture of Jim Morrison of renowned rock group 'The Doors' --- I had all of their albums as they were one of my favorite bands, as were the 'Stones' in late 1970 --- Morrison was busted in Florida in 1969 for a number of morals charges, exposing himself on stage in a 'lewd and lascivious' manner, whereby Morrision was briefly 'on the run' and later wrote about it in song on the band's 'Soft Parade Album' a mix of psychedelic rock, symphonic rock, blues rock and jazz -- I had all their albums too Morrison was to turn up dead in Paris only months later on July 3, 1971, a week before the staged attack on my friend 'Spud' by informants for the L.A. Sheriff's on July 10th, whereby 'Spud' died a week later, reportedly from the wounds he a sustained July 10th --- In the spring and summer of 1971 'The Doors' songs were played regularly on top 40 commercial AM radio in the U.S.

The inception of 'Free Form', FM or so called underground FM rock had it's genesis there in the various pirate radio stations of the early 1960's in Europe and the United States, and by 1967 KPPC became the radio station to listen to in L.A. for the best and the latest trends in rock, and some jazz as well. By 1973 it was to become KROQ after many of KPPC's D.J.s split to work at KMET and KLOS later on.

Right of the photo of Me: A shot of Jimi Hendrix, playing his-right handed guitar, upside down and strung for a left-hander --- In the late 1960's his songs, music and incredible guitar virtuosos were a large part of the soundtrack of life in America in the 1960's and the 1970's --- He was and is in many quarters considered to be one of, if not the very best guitar player in the entire history of rock music --- Hendrix turned up dead in London on September 18th, and I remember hearing about it in my Woodshop Class --- There were rumors that Hendrix was murdered even then in 1970, and there is still considerable controversy over it these 40-years plus later

Hendrix was in the Army in the early 1960's and was assigned to the 101st Airborne stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and I heard a recorded interview with Hendrix in which he spoke about parachute 'jump school' training there, thus I have inserted the insignia of the much decorated and illustrious 101st Airborne, the 'Screaming Eagle'
next to the photo of Jimi Hendrix --- --- I was born at Fort Campbell some years 8 before Hendrix was there in 1953, about two years before the arrival of the 101st and the that, and the arrival of the 101st Airborne in December 1955 or early 1956 as accounts vary.

Capsules Floating:My Then Favorite Drugs:
Sprinkled about are the kinds or pharmaceutical drugs that quite literally flooded my neighborhood in Covina, and many if not most of the cities and town in Los Angeles County, the 'O.C.' and San Diego as well in late 1960's and early 1970's --- Shown here are Seconal Capsules, dressed in red, commonly referred to as 'Reds' or 'Red Devils'.
These highly addictive little 'buggers' flooded my neighborhood and many others throughout L.A. County. The pharmasuetical companies were pulling down tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars from their thriving business, selling the drugs wholesale legally and the illegal mass, mega distribution of these seconal capsules teens, and adults who like me be addicted to them. -- Some doctors believe that barbituate addiction is as bad and in some cases even worse than heroin addiction.

Next are the Nembutal Capsules, these are the yellow ones, and were most always called 'Yellow Jackets', and sometimes 'Old Yellers' as well. -- Tuinals are the Blue and Red capsules and were called 'Rainbows', these were a 50/50 compound of Seconal 'Reds' and Amytal a barbituate that came dressed in blue capsules called 'Blue Devils', (Not shown here).

My friends and I mostly took 'Reds' as these were usually availiable, although 'Yellow Jackets' came in as a strong second, and 'Rainbows' coming in third --- Other popular pills were pink capsule called 'Pink Ladie's.

There were also the hard coated red tablets that were some kind of barbituate compound that were really powerfull and caused many a fatal overdose. -- I had overdosed on these repeatedly though not fatally. It was very scary at times.

Top Center Photo of Me: This was taken of me in 1969 or possibly 1970. On May 16, 1969 I was busted for growing 'pot' after I tried to sell the plant to a student who was a fellow pill popping doper, who I covered for more than once --- and who later turned out to be an informant for the L.A. County Sheriff's, whereby I was booked at the Sheriff's Station in San Dimas.

Ironically enough, I wanted to get rid of the 'pot' plant because my long time next door neighbor since 1957, Alfred Ernes was also an L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy and I was afraid he might spot my illegal crop and have me arrested. -- The cop had son my age and he was part of our little neighborhood clique' of 'pot' smokers and 'heads'
thereon Tudor Street in Covina.

As the result of my 1969 arrest for 'Cultivation of Marijuana', I was placed on 2 years probation by the L.A. Courts in Pomona --- This May '69 undercover classroom bust may have played a part in my signing up for the Police Science class at Citrus College: 'Introduction To Public Service' the following year, during the Christmas Holiday break in December 1970

October of 1969, I got busted at Gladstone for being 'high' on pills and sent to a tiny continuation High School in Sierra High in Azusa, then located catacorner to what was then Memorial Park which I attended until June of 1970 to finish out my Junior Year --- Although the place was designed for malcontents and misfits, I managed to aquire a taste for doing independent research in the small library there, took an art class and did pretty well there all around.

While I was there I made some new freinds and acquaintances, one being 'Spud' Helberg who I was a to share a rather large dose of organic mescaline, along with two other students when we snorted lines from a 3" long horse capsule of it right off a desk top in class, when the teacher Mrs. Dibley wasn't looking. -- As the desk and other furniture was configured more like a lounge of sorts, as opposed to a then conventional classroom it wasn't too hard to get away with cutting out the lines of mescaline on a desk top
and then cover it with class course book, whereby we all took turns 'snorting' our giant sized 'lines' of mescaline which were more like mini-embankments as I recall.

"Spud" Helberg was to be murdered the following year in July 1971, reportedly the result of a head wound 'Spud' sustained during a pre-dawn attack, that was precisely timed to take place only moments after I left him and his girl Niki at the house across from Covina Park, that he and two brothers rented. -- I go into this in detail in Part 3 Sub Part of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

After continuation school at Sierra Vista High in Azusa, I took some summer school classes at Azusa High, in preparation for my return to Gladstone High in the Fall of 1970 in order to graduate with the Class of 1971 in June.

As I had completed summer school in late July 1970, I went on vacation by myself and got busted in Newport Beach, down in in Orange County in early August. --- I spent
about a month at the 'O.C.' Juvenile Hall, then located in the City of Orange and was released in early September 1970, just in time for readmittance to Gladstone High, whereby I decided to clean up my act and have my hair styled and put on designer shirts and ties, and neatly ironed bell-bottom slacks, as I decided to take a speech class
whereas my former drama teacher Mr. Caskey had got 'busted' on some kind sex charge involving a teen under the age of 18.

The Fall 1970 semester started out pretty well for me, and I was a natural for the speech class I was attending. I didn't think that I would hit it off to well with the new drama teacher at Gladstone. --- In speech class that I wrote my own speeches and spoke rather eloquently. My topics were mostly anti-war or on other popular issues like the legalization of marijuana.

I was later informed by an Administrator, Mr. Salveson, that my Drama teacher Mr. Caskey was Gay in a rather snide and arrogant manner that was meant to insult me, but I already suspected that he was Gay and I really didn't care. --- At first, my initial response was to punch Salveson in the nose and had a temporary insanity defense all worked out, but my pockets were quite literally bulging with pills and 'pot'.

Mr. Salveson had followed my class all the way from Center Middle School in Azusa from the Fall of 1965 through June of 1967 and then became an adminstrator at Gladstone High in September 1967 and was there until well after I had finally managed to graduate there with my class in June 1971.

Weirder still how did Salveson know just when to call me into his office when I had all that 'stash' on me. --- It was like I was under some kind of electronic surveillance as I told no one what I was I doing, nor had I made any sales that morning that would have tipped him off.

"The king hath note of all that they intend,
By interception which they dream not of."

Henry the V Act 2, Scene 2

My slugging Salveson would have hardly been the way to honor my drama teacher Mr. Caskey who taught me a bit of Shakespeare, things about film and how to best use my skills of acting and improvisation on stage. -- These skills that were to really come in handy in the then near future in Covina and L.A. County throughout the early 1970's. These improvisation skills that were to save my life more than once, after I had left Covina and L.A. County to move to Northern California on August 31, 1974 all the way on to the incredible bizarre and potentially deadly event that led up to my interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27, 1979, the start of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster hours later on March 28th, and my escape flight out of Portland aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 March 30th and finally into LAX Los Angeles on March 31, 1979 at the very height of the Three Mile nuclear disaster.


Salveson was the Vice Principal of Center Middle School in Azusa when I started there as a 7th Grader in September '65 through June '66.
Salveson then moved on to Gladstone High to become Lower Division Administrator for the 9th and 10th Grade students in September '66 and
held the position when I got there in September '67 as a 9th Grade Freshman through June '68 and stayed on there for my Sophomore year until June '68. -- I have a couple of interesting political stories about Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Hart as well.

When I and my class became 11th Grade Juniors Salveson flipped over the Upper Division and stayed there for my Senior year until
I graduated in June 1971. -- I have number of rather interesting stories about some of the dealings I had with him. -- I remember one time I was called into office where two Covina Police Detectives were with him and the cops threatened to beat me until 'ratted' on a friend over a stolen radio.

I held my ground and was gonna let them beat me as I was no 'snitch' and besides how would it look two big cops torturing a high school Freshman over a crummy radio. Sig Heil ! I looked that fucker Salveson in the eye and let him know I wasn't gonna budge and he had the Covina Detectives back off and I walked out.

The fact that Salveson followed my classmates and I from Center Middle School in September '65 and then left Center in September '66 to move to Gladstone High where he was to ride herd over all of us all through high school from September '67 through June '71, prompted my friends and to comment how much Salveson was like the relentlessly, obsessive Detective Lieutenant Gerard from the 1960's TV series "The Fugitive' which ran from September '63 through August 29, 1967.


Bob Perkins was Salveson's nephew and sometimes frequented the party hang outs in my neighborhood. Some of my friends figured he was a
police informant, even though he smoked 'pot' and did drugs with us. Bob Perkins and Salveson were related to the actor Anthony Perkins
who I liked as an actor and admired as an individual. -- The photos below are from the 1971 Gladstone High annual, show Perkins and Parise as Seniors.

Although I have no proof I suspect that there in one or more the many volumes of secret police and intel files compiled on me here in the U.S. since the 1960's, would prove the Mike Parise acted like a 'shill' to talk and steer me into signing up for L.A. Sheriffs Detective Sergeant Ostman's Police Science class at Citrus College during the 1971 Spring Semester. Parise later dropped out, but I stayed on to finish the class. The last time I saw Parise was at a wedding reception held for a girl from my neighborhood in the early Summer of '74 and Parise acted evasive and somewhat paranoid to look my way.

L.A. Sheriffs Detective Sergeant Ostman was the same guy who was to later turn up at the Portland Hilton where I worked, there in disguise on March 22, 1979 and made ready to jump me but for the elevator doors opening to my floor full of co-workers. This lead to my interview at Secret Service in Portland, March 27, 1979 and my horrific escape flight out of Portland March 30th and into LAX Los Angeles March 31, 1979.

I suppose that I am gratefull that I got sucked into taking Ostman's Police Science Class at Citrus College as it prompted me to take L.A. Sheriffs Detective Lieutenant Meally's Criminal Law course there the following semester in the Fall of '71 and even though I went there with an FBI 'plant' assigned to me, and was forced to drop out over this, I learned some invaluable things about the law that was to save my ass all through the 1970's and beyond.

I actually saw Anthony Perkins in the TV version of 'Les Miserables' when it aired on CBS on December 27, 1978 there at the home of my then ex-wife's mother's place in Portland as she and her husband were out of town. -- I was alone there that night and I took some mushrooms that I had bought from FBI informants O'Brien and Benny thereat their rented house on NE 57th and Siskiyou in Portland. I rather enjoyed the portrayals by Anthony Perkins and Richard Jordan there in the key roles of this Victor Hugo classic sponsored by IBM as I recall.

I suppose there were moments when I thought how ironic it was that the Hugo character played actor Perkins, was similar in some key respects to his relative Richard Salveson, the school administrator who ruled over me for one year of middle school and most of the four years of High School when I was at Gladstone High in Covina.

The fuselage of the United Airlines DC-8 was actually trucked there to the Portland neighborhood inb sections at night and then connected.
Notice how perfectly straight the aircraft fuselage is there in the photo above. -- It would have been broken up and twisted had the United DC-8 actually crashed.
-- The black and white aerial photo of the so called United DC-8 'crashsite' that purportedly took place on December 28, 1978 is perhaps even more revealing in that there is no sign of the DC-8's wing and jet tubine wing engines. No sign of wing or turbine wreckage anywhere. -- Weirder still is the way that the branches of the tall fir trees appear virtually untouched. -- If a DC-8 jetliner had actually crashed there, the wings and jet turbines would have clipped those trees down and instead none of the branches have been touched.

The entire month of December 1978 was a very scary and busy time in my life. The montage that I have created for Part 10 Sub Part 4 of "1979" /
1979westbrook.com, should give you the reader some idea of the circumstances of my then situation at the time. -- This said I made sure to stay the
fuck away from the bogus, Hollywood movie set like crashsite, as I was then playing the part of a clueless bastard, oblivious to the 'frame up's going on around me.


My Fall 1969 Student Council Speeches That Led To The Red Arm Band
Protest, And The End Of Hair Length Restrictions For Boys

In the early part of the Fall semester, late September, early October 1969, I spoke out against the dress code at Student Council, as I did not want to cut my hair and I was a civics class rep, attended classes regularly and smoked pot and cigarettes with the 'heads'
in the boys rest rooms during class breaks as was the then well established custom at Gladstone, whereas the teachers never bothered to barge in the smoke filled dens, were chit chat, gossip and commerce went hand in hand
--- It was then at that time that I kept my serious pill popping for after school mostly taking only one or two capsules to keep the shakes off during the school day ---After hours it was a terrible habit and one could hardly tell if had just passed out or seriously overdosing at times, but most of my after school freinds seemed to keep an eye on me and managed to keep me from taking even more pills

It was then in the early Fall of 1969, that the Administration used the President of the student council and his clique' to start invoking provisions of the dress code that dated back to the mid and late 1960's but had not been enforced in recent years --- As an elected representative of student council from my Civics Class I had to attend these meetings, and so I decided to put my powers of speech to the test by speaking out in support of relaxing the 1960's dress code rules in 1969 --- The Administration puppets in the Council repeatedly viollated the rules of proceedure by denying me the opportunity to put the vote before the entire student council regarding this matter.

Some friends of mine who were then recent graduates from Gladstone High and some friends of mine who were also on the student council, along with other council members sympathetic to my cause, or rather that of proceedural due process decided to rally to my side, and yeilded the 'floor' of the student council to me, whenever they could, in order that I might speak further on the dress code matter, in the very autocratic Student Council sessions controlled by the Administration

Finally things came to a head a one student council meeting, where I and my faction were all 'stonewalled' for the last time, being provoked and frustrated, we all staged a spontaneous 'walk out' from the student council meeting then in progress. --- The next day one of friends who was on the council came to school with some red cloth, and I met him and a couple of other students and we all tore the red cloth into strips and tied them on to our arms and shirt sleeves there as arm bands

In the days that followed the red arm bands soon became all the rage on campus at Gladstone High in October 1969, whereas it the thing had seemed to take on a life of it's own, and suddenly made one look hip, cool and even stylish to wear a red arm band --- Three days later about two thirds of the student body at Gladstone, mostly guys were wearing red arm bands proudly to the anger and the chagrin of the Administration at Gladstone High.

At the start of the following week, the Administration announced that the dress code regarding hair length was not going to be enforced, at least for the time being, and haircuts were no longer required for the male students who liked to wear their hair long, and some other minor dress code rules were also relaxed --- I had become a leader by default and was credited with the victory, although I was actually only the 'front man', and perhaps the catalyst that made it all happen in the first place.

The thing about the whole situation was, is that my polite and respectfull request for a procedural vote on the hair length-dress code matter was denied me through the political manipultion and abuse of procedural and thereby changed the whole issue from that of a dress code matter to that of a fight democratic due process and individual liberty against a subversive and corrupt form of tyranny.


Busted For Drugs In Late October '69 And Sent To 'Lab School' In Azusa
Until June 1970 -- A Surprisingly Beneficial Experience In Some Ways
With New School Mates, One Being 'Spud' Helberg

It was the sometime in October 1969 that a classmate and I got into a shouting match with Mr. Alf a school administrator whilst high and so I was sent off to a continuation high school in Azusa, sometimes referred to as Lab School for my crime. All in all it was better in some ways than regular High School as it was more free form, we could smoke cigarettes openly on campus during breaks, and it was there that I made good use of the small library there and developed a liking for rooting the materials and doing a little research, mostly history.

I already knew a few of the students there and was later introduced to most all of the students there as time went on as there were only 40 or so students there at any one time and sometimes even less. It was there that I met 'Spud' Helberg with whom I had formed a casual acquaintance with some weeks later in early 1970 when 'Spud', myself and two others all shared some organic mescaline in class one day, and there were some fun and games there at school that day for sure.

'Spud' would sometimes turn up at parties I went to but I never really 'hung out' with him as we were more like acquaintances than friends, although we were always friendly with one and other, sometimes chatting a bit. -- At the end of of my Junior year thereat the 'Lab School' in Azusa somtime around June 9, 1970, I didn't see much of 'Spud' Helberg except maybe a time or two at parties during the following year, but things changed radically when I went to a party at the house that he and his two brothers 'Sarge' and Blair rented at the corner of Badillo and 4th, just across the street from Covina Park and just down the street of 4th from Covina Intercommunity Hospital at the other end of Covina Park.

It the bizarre circumstances and events that took place there at the Helberg Brother's house on July 9th and 10th 1971 that made 'Spud' and I friends and it was the second of two attacks only minutes after I left 'Spud' and his Girl Niki there in his room upstairs that reportedly resulted in 'Spud's death on July 17th 1971. -- The attacks were apparently politically motivated and involved at least one or more police informants. -- Neither the Covina cops or the L.A. Sheriffs Homicide ever tried to contact me about the first attack on the night of July 9th 1971 that 'Spud', Niki and I had successfully repelled by barricading his bedroom door with his bedroom furniture, which was my idea to do so.

The cover up of 'Spud's July '71 murder began almost immediately after it happened and has been changed and rewritten a half dozen times over all these 46 years later.
This is because it was necessary to conceal the true political motives for 'Spud's murder as well as the actual circumstances under which 'Spud' Helnerg was interrogated just before his death at Intercommunity Hospital on July 17th 1971. -- The rewrites in the local Covina area newspaper gives totally false accounts of 'Spud's death and places his death at some hospital miles away in another local town. -- It was 'Spud's death that pretty much set into motion the series of mysteries, murders, mayhem and place crashes that seemed to follow me from Southern to Northern California and part of Western Oregon and Washington as well, all throughout the 1970's on up to 1979.


My Return To Gladstone High September 1970, My October '70 Off Campus
Drug Bust That Got Me Transferred To North View High -- My Return To Gladstone High For Spring Semester 1971 & My Police Science Class At Citrus College

By late October 1970, I had decided to attend group sessions at the Fairgrove Free Clinic in La Puente in order to help get a grip on my pill popping habit, and after one of the sessions I was arrested for being under the influence as I waited for a ride back to Covina from a family member

I spent the night at the L.A. Sheriff's Industry Station and am sent to L.A. County Juvenile Hall on Eastlake Avenue in Los Angeles --- A much better Juvie than the one behind the 'Orange Curtain' in the O.C. as I was allowed to attend school at the L.A. Juvie unlike the one in the O.C. --- In the L.A. Juvie, I and others in my dorm were put under a group hypnosis and were concious the whole time --- One time, I had to throw punchs in the dining room with a guy who was harrassing another inmate

In mid-November 1970, I was released and was forced to transfer to Northview High, which was also located in Covina, in order to finish out the Fall Semester of my Senior Year -- They had a dress code there that required me to cut my hair so I did and I was befreinded by a couple of girls there who were also Seniors and who would later turn on me by early December 1970

At Northview I put me into a morning Civics Class where we all drank coffee and we would alI chat it up, and which suited me well as the coffee helped to counter the effects of the pills the night before and I would amaze and alarm my fellow Northview High classmates with my non-conventional ideas and leftists political views --- It was amazing just how much more controlled and conservative things were at Northview as opposed to Gladstone High --- The indoctronation processes had seemed to be much more effective there

Top Center Inset On Gladstone High : Late December 1970 News reports on Army Intel spying on Civilians and a denial by the U.S. Army Brass --- This was only a few days before New Years Eve 1970-71 when I went to the 'Mardi Gras' like street party revelry on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, all night long into the wee hours just before dawn
--- I went there with some friends and went along with the flow of events, I took a few barbituates, but not too many as I didn't want to get 'busted' again

Besides all that, I knew that I would be doing a little holiday drinking as well, what with all the bottles of wine, beer and alcohol that I knew would be popping up and passed around along Colorado Blvd. punctuated with 'joints', and pipes filled with 'pot' or maybe a little 'hash' therein the pulsating crowds of party goers, in the hundreds of thousands by some accounts

What I didn't know on that New Years Eve evening of December 31st 1970, was that I would into a 16-year old girl from Glendora who I had just met some weeks before, in November and had 'scored' with on more that one occassion and who I was also just a trifle suspect of, though I really couldn't say why --- I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks and all of the sudden, out of a crowd of a quarter-million or so party goers and sidewalk campers on Colorado Blvd., there she was with a couple of friends, and so off she went with me

Having been a hitch-hiker as well as pill popper who dealt drugs on the side, I couldn't help but think that my chance meeting with this girl from Glendora may not have been so 'coincidental' -- I wondered what were the odds of my running into some girl I already knew, who was ready to spend New Years Eve night with you, out of a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people?

At the 1970 New Year's Eve street party, I also ran into a freind of my then recently former brother in law, he was a older, and seeing my situation, he gave me the use 1960's vintage Ford panel truck --- The friend of mine who I went to the Pasadena street party originally, was a kid I grew up with from my neighborhood clique, his name was Pat and gave me his sleeping bag to use for my busy little night inside the van

It was this very same my friend who lent me the sleeping bag on New years Eve 1970-71, Pat --- who on December 27th 1973 would drive back home to Covina and the street that he and I grew up on, there from his new home in Northern California to party with me and my then housemate for a few days --- During his visit we all did the usual
things, we smoked 'pot' drank beer, and we all did a little holiday 'crank' (meth) and went driving up in the local mountains --- He drove back up north just before on or about December 30, 1973

Most importantly, it was during his December '73 holiday visit, Pat invited us both to move up to his place in Montague, near Yreka, some 20-miles south of the Oregon border to live and start a new up north --- We finally took him up on his offer 8-months later thereon August 31, 1974, when my housemate and I hitch-hiked north that 'Labor Day' weekend --- All this is covered in Part 4 of "1979" which is sometimes viewable online at: 1979westbrook.com
This is a large site and is up and down periodically for additions and revisions and unauthorized hackers as well

Top Right Center: A foto of representing the social milieu of 'heads', 'hipsters' , and 'stoners' I associated with at the time in late 1970 on through the first half of 1971 --- I hung out with other people as well and made freinds with some local surfers, and various other types kids my age and young adults, by using, buying or selling 'pot', hashish and various kinds of 'uppers' and 'downers', 'THC' and psychedelics

Top Right Corner: Cover of 1970-1971 Citrus College Courses offered brochure Panning Left: Page 160 of 'Courses
Offered' under the heading of: 'Police Science', : '50 Introduction to Public Service (3)','(Fire -- Correction -- Police)' 'Prerequisite: Current High School Senior' followed by a brief description of the 'Police Science' course offered for high school credits and non-transferable college units to High School Seniors, myself being one at the time

Inset Above: Text from a 1982 L.A. Sheriff's publication: 'Commemorative Book 1850 - 1981', Directly Above:
A reasonable facsimile of my Police Science Instructor, L.A. Sheriff's Detectivce-Sergeant Alden 'Al' Ostman out the San Dimas Sub-Station who taught my police science class, who was always clean shaven and kept his head shaved
and which is super-imposed over the emblem of the all powerfull 'Black Ops' Spy Org, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) --- The shaved head image is from the 1967 James Bond film: 'You only Live Twice', and belonged to: 'Donald Pleasence as Ernst Stavro Blofeld: The megalomaniacal head of the terrorist syndicate known as SPECTRE. He intends to ignite a global nuclear war.' (Wikipedia 2015)

Right Edge Halfway Down: Having been hired over at the Treasure Chest Publishing Company in Glendora, I was working nights mostly thereas a 'plate burner' for the giant offset newspaper presses there and I was attending a couple of class that I needed to graduate with over at Northview High a couple of days a week by this time

Right Edge Further Down: In May 1971 had also moved into an apartment with a couple I knew from the old farm house like commune in San Dimas were they and some of my more 'leftist' freinds lived --- They also went to Gladstone High and graduated a year or two before --- The place was then called, 'The Azusa Gardens' apartments located on the 500 block of East Gladstone Street in Azusa, near Azusa Ave. --- In 1971 there were none of the white steel fences were on it's perimeter, only the usual wood fences separating the private areas of each of the apart-ments from each other --- The apartments exteriors were pretty much painted the same color then and --- The apart-ment I shared was a two story loft back from the street

Lower Left Edge: My three day stint at the old Covina Jail, a single row cell-block of a half dozen or so cells and a narrow corridor. It's so old that it is now a local history exhibit in the City of Covina --- This graphic representation
of how it looked and a photo of me in thereabout 1969 and this is how also I appeared in March 1971 ---
The small cellblock then comprising Covina City Jail has since been moved from it's original location there behind the what was then also the location of the Covina Police Department

Lower Left Corner: Having arrived there on what I recall was March 22nd, I had only been at Biscailuz Center for a week or so, when on Wednes-day morning March 31, 1971, a Western Airlines 720 B jetliner, reportedly nosed dived and crashed at Ontario International Airport, at 6:34 AM, which was located only about 20 miles east of my home in Covina and about 35 miles away from where I was at that time in March 1971, thereas an 18 year old inmate/trustee at the L.A. Sheriff's minimum security complex located in East Los Angeles, Bicailuz Center

Lower And Further Right Center:
Also from the front page of the New York Times for April 15, 1971 is the headlined article,


This with a photo Chou En Lai the Chinese Number 2 man under Chinese Communist Dictator Mao Tse Tung, there with a American student from Eugene, Oregon ---

Right Edge Halfway Down: Having been hired over at the Treasure Chest Publishing Company in Glendora, I was working nights mostly thereas a 'plate burner' for the giant offset newspaper presses there and I was attending a couple of class that I needed to graduate with over at Northview High a couple of days a week by this time

Right Edge Further Down: In May 1971 had also moved into an apartment with a couple I knew from the old farm house like commune in San Dimas were they and some of my more 'leftist' freinds lived --- They also went to Gladstone High and graduated a year or two before --- The place was then called, 'The Azusa Gardens' apartments located on the 500 block of East Gladstone Street in Azusa, near Azusa Ave. --- In 1971 there were none of the white steel fences were on it's perimeter, only the usual wood fences separating the private areas of each of the apart-ments from each other --- The apartments exteriors were pretty much painted the same color then and --- The apart-ment I shared was a two story loft back from the street

Bottom Center:

On Friday May 28th, Audie Murphy reportedly died in a twin engine Aero Commander 680 aircraft, during an unscheduled flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Martinsville, Virginia --- The officially reported cause of crash was that the plane went down as the result of a thunderstorm, and crashed in some rugged mountain terrain near Roanoke, Virginia about 50 miles away from it's intended destination --- The plane was reportedly chartered by Audie Murphy and his then business associates

According to press accounts there was no flight plan filed, nor any time given for the plane's take off --- although some how or other, the flight's reportedly scheduled ETA 11:15 and the reportedly last transmission from the plane purportedly carrying Murphy and his associates heard from at 11:40 when he called Roanoke Flight Service Station confirmed

Detailed Descriptions Of The Circumstances And Events Of My Life From December 1970 Through June 1971 -- Observations, Conclusions And Inferences On Them

My Meeting With L.A. Sheriffs Detective Sergeant 'Al' Ostman At Gladstone High
In Late December 1970 --- The 'Introduction To Public Service Class Police' Class That I Signed Up For Spring Semester High School Credits And Non Tranferable
College Units ---

In light of L.A. Sheriff's Detective Ostman's rather bizarre appearance, eight years later and eight-hundred miles away at the Portland Hilton where I worked on March 22, 1979, thereby necessitating my extremely brief two-way mirror interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland March 27, 1979, followed by the start of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and the media-hyped marathon of mass hysteria that followed March 28th, and finally Ostman's appearance inside the tail section of the Western Airlines DC-10 flight bound for LAX, on the evening of March 30, 1979 at Portland Airport, on which I was then a passenger.

It seemed highly appropriate for me to use the Bond villian persona of 'Blofeld' to represent Ostman --- One may refer to the poster for Part 11 of "1979" that appears here at 1979Posters.Com --- Part 11 of "1979" is also viewable at: 1979westbrook.com which may or may not be up and running, depending on my finances, and the state sponsored, and or corporate sponsored 'cyber-attacks' used to censor the website

Returning now to the events of December 1970 and how it came to pass, that I as a then 17 year-old 'pot' smoking, pill popping, anti-war war leftist, and who was in the eyes of many in L.A. County at that time, 'A quarter-breed to boot' --- had come to sign up for 'Police Science', : '50 Introduction to Public Service (3)','(Fire -- Correction -- Police)' at Citrus Community College and thus began my role as a student of then class instructor Detective Sergeant 'Al' Ostman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, then assigned to the San Dimas Station, referred to as a Sub Station 'Prerequisite: Current High School Senior' and how it was that with the help of a high school acquain-tance, who was present there, that first read about the Police Science class entitled 'Introduction to Public Service'

It was that during Christmas break 1970, that I had negotiated with the Administrators at Gladstone High in Covina to transfer therefrom my academic exile at Covina's Northview High nearby as the result of my bad drug habits, where by I was granted permission to return to classes at Gladstone so that I might be permitted to graduate with my class, the Class of 1971

A few days later I made my way to the upper division muti-purpose rooms, then situated on northside of the Gladstone Campus --- I had decided to be more discreet about my drug taking, nonetheless it was still Christmas break, and what with all my doper freinds, events, parties and get togethers during that Holiday Season in late December 1970, and I found myself still a bit hazy from taking some 'Reds' and smoking 'pot' the night before, nonetheless I appeared rather alert as I had drank a few cups of instant coffee earlier that morning

I ran into a High School acquaintance there who I had seen a some parties lately, and who I smoked 'pot' with named Mike, but who, unlike myself wasn't a 'pill popper' --- I had known Mike, since the 7th grade back in 1965-66 and it in was late November 1970, that I started running into him at local parties, and once at the 'Covina Drive In' which was kind of like a 'street party' where kids got drank and got 'high' --- 'Covina Drive In' was also a place where my friends and I would go to party at, pick up girls at and find out where other parties were going on

I was there on that cool and overcast morning mid-December in 1970 at Gladstone High in Covina, that I first met Detective-Sergeant Ostman, as I seemed to remember the job fair like atmosphere, therein that multi-purpose room at Gladstone High in my hometown of Covina, and that there were a number of teachers and administrators present there, kind of like a job fair or any other typical campus recruiting affair at Mike and I walked about the multi-purpose room together talking about what classes we were both going to sign up for

As we walked around the tables, looking over class schedules and in a couple of cases I actually registered for classes
I needed to graduate, I was Still a bit buzzed from what was for me a moderate dose of barbituates the night before, nonetheless I felt wide awake wired from the coffee I drank, as well as a couple of meth-tabs that I took and had kept on hand for just such occassions as this, ocassions that required alertness, and little smooth talking

This fascade of total sobriety, that I had I had presented myself under at that time in 1970 was further accomplished by the articulation of speech that contained words and or familiar phrases that would others, such as this large cop, might find reassuring and even bit humorous, delivered in a cadence of speech suggestive of wit, and possibly a bit of good manners and breeding as well

The next thing I knew, were were both standing in front of a table with teachers and instructors from Citrus College were and I spotted the rather tall, well built gent standing there, along with some literature and a placard or two from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department --- This meant that he, the gent was a cop, a detective by the looks of it
Mike and I stopped there, and noticed that the Sheriff's were offering classes to High School Students and we read the summarized course descriptions

This cop was tall, about 6'-4" and with his shaved head, face and suggestive of Northern European or Nordic descent, He looked like the guy on the bottles of 'Mr. Clean' cleaning detergent, then sold in supermarkets, and on TV commercials as well at that time --- This plus the rather affable and welcoming expression on this cop's face gave him a kind a avuncular aura, that one might find associated with a favortite uncle or relative, who one could turn to
when in difficulty or you needed a favor

Having been busted at Gladstone High by a student 'snitch' working for the L.A. Sheriff's only the year before, in May of 1969 for growing 'pot', I was just a little more than curious about the L.A. Sheriff's Department --- This plus the fact that my next door neighbor for the last 13 years, since 1957 was also an L.A. Sheriffs Deputy and who had a son my age and who was part of the neighborhood clique' that my friends and I had formed since the late 1950's --- Yes it's fair to say that I had more than a few questions about this police agency, that performed overlapping patrols of my neighborhood and street along with the Covina Cops, the L.A. County Sheriff's from the San Dimas Sub-Station

As the tall Sheriff's Detective talked to other students and those around his table, Mike and I read the thumbnail course description for the Police Science class entitled 'Introduction to Public Service' and found out that it met twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the class was generally an hour and a half long, and that there were to be field trips to fire stations, jails and police stations which meant that the class might run a bit long at times during these field trips --- It didn't look like this class whcih went under the heading of 'Police Science' would have much, if any homework, however this was not a certaintly by any means

In the course of my discussion with Mike about the 'Introduction to Public Service' class, I had come to the conclusion that what with my then recent drug arrests, and month long stints in the Orange and L.A. County juvenile halls that summer and fall of 1970, that it might come in handy to learn a bit more about the cops, and jails as this
might help me to better avoid all the 'snitches' and NARCS running around at the time

Things progressed therein a rather perfunctory manner, as my freind and I stood at the table where the Sheriff's Detective had set-up his literature and course descriptions of the Police Science Class he would teaching, the tall
Detective in the well tailored suit spoke to Mike and I, inquiring as to whether we might have some questions about this class at offering, to be held at Citrus College for the Spring of 1971: 'Introduction to Public Service'

I then responded by asking the clean shaven cop a few questions, which he answered in a good natured tone, and and shortly thereafter knew both exchanged a few wry comments, and made light hearted jests and observations about the class, the legal system and thing in general --- Mike was mostly quiet and let us both chat a bit, giving out a short laugh or a smile now and again during my exchange with the Detective

Mike and I talked about the class and how transportation from the Gladstone High in Covina, to the Community College campus in Glendora a few miles away, was provided via a bus assigned to make the bi-weekly trips, between
Gladstone High and Citrus College every Tuesday and Thursday during the Spring Semester of 1971 --- As we spoke further, Mike suggested that we both sign up for the class together, and so he and I then returned to the table where the Sheriff's Detective was, and filled in the course code numbers for the 'Intro-duction to Public Service' Class and thereby became classmates once again, like back in junior high in 1966 at Center Intermediate School

Although I was very outgoing and somewhat gregarious at that period of time, there was that facet of my personality that made me more than a bit wary and suspicious of most people and things, in a sort of concious and subliminally unconcious way in December 1970, and so it was that I could only conclude that my long time acquaintance, and now latest 'friend' and sign-up 'buddy' Mike had acted like a 'shill' of sorts to help persuade me into signing up for this class held at Citrus College for the Spring of 1971: 'Introduction to Public Service'

Were this the case I really didn't care, whereas in December 1970, I couldn't see a 'downside' to signing up for this class full of field trips, that went under the heading of: 'Police Science' --- Hell, it seemed like a good idea to make a friend or two on the Sheriff's Department, what with my 'pill popping', 'pot' smoking and petty ante dope dealing
--- Besides all this, there was also the likelyhood that there would be a 'snitch' or two or three or more --- that would tip their hand and I could get in close and check out the 'snitches' and then future cops who would no doubt be studying me as well the 'class head' with anti-war politics

Mike, the kid who signed up for the the Spring 1971: 'Introduction to Public Service' class with me in December 1970, took the school bus carrying students from Gladstone High every Tuesday and Thursday, and arrived at Citrus College and attended the class for about the first month or so, but he soon dropped out of the class shortly there after, sometime in February of 1971, shortly before my drug-arrest on March 12, 1971 at Gladstone High

The last time I saw my temporary 'Police Science' classmate Mike, was in the summer of 1974 in Covina, at a wed- ding reception of neighborhood girl I knew, and who lived just down the street from where I grew up and whose parent's house, my friend's and I had attended many a pool party there in the 1960's --- The bride had gone steady with at two of my friends some years before --- This was only weeks before my move up north on Labor Day Week-end 1974

It was at this reception at a house in Covina that Mike looked rather paranoid and stared straight ahead toward the newly weds on the other side of the crowd there, but I saw him peering at me out of the corner of his eye, he dared not look my way --- I said nothing as I was 'wired' on 'meth' at the time, as was my soon to be traveling companion, and after we both paid our respects to the bride and groom, we both left the wedding reception a short time later

It was at that time during the 1974 wedding reception, a rather informal affair held at the groom's parent's home in Covina, there in the fading evening light into nightfall, that I suspected that Mike's paranoia may have had something to do with the elaborate 'frame-up' to make me look like a police 'snitch' during an an April 15,1971 class field trip to the L.A. Sheriff's Academy and the class field trip 'frame ups' direct links to 'Spud' Helberg's murder in Covina, in July 1971, reportedly the result of a sword weilding attack on 'Spud' by two police informants, that took place only minutes after I left him and his girlfreind in the pre-dawn hours of July 10, 1971 --- This is covered in Part 3 Sub Part 3
of "1979" ---- This may or may not be viewable at: 1979westbrook.com depending on governmental censorship and or website piracy and copyright infringement

Returning now to life as I lived it back in January 1971, a 17 year-old high school senior in Los Angeles County, Southern California during the 'Cold War' and it's nuclear sabre rattling with the Soviets, the undeclared war in Vietnam and the secret wars against me and others who thought and acted as I did --- It was then at that time that I mostly kept my barbituate habit for after school and attended regularly my the police science held at Citrus College
only slightly high on 'pot' as I felt that I had to be carefull as my class instructor was an L.A. Sheriff's Detective

I spent as little time as possible with my family, but helped out quite a bit when I was supposed to, watching my brother and younger sisters, and a niece and nephew as well --- I got along by buying and selling pills and 'pot' to my friends and acquaintances at school, and those friend's and acquaintances who were drop outs --- I smoked a pack of Marlboro's a day, took a lot of vitamin C pills and drank a lot of instant coffee, and attended school daily at Gladstone High in Covina, only a block or so away, from my family's house at the corner of Tudor St.& Lark Ellen Ave.

Attending Class At Gladstone High And My Police Science Class At Citrus College From January 5th Through March 11th 1971 -- Touring Local Fire Stations And Police Departments Tuesdays And Thursdays -- Barbiturates And Weed Nightly

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Mike, the guy who I had signed up for the 'Police Science' class with, myself and others from Gladstone High, all got on the bus that left from the Gladstone parking lot, and made the three and half mile trip to Citrus College in Glendora --- Most of these other bus riders attended the 'Introduction to Public Service', taught by L.A. Sheriff's Detective Sergeant Alden 'Al' Ostman as I did

It was early on therein the course that we had class lectures and some instruction pertaining to this class that went under the heading of 'Police Science' and we went on several or possibly more field trips to a couple of local fire stations, and city jail or two --- I mostly enjoyed the class and after about a month or so Mike, my class companion had dropped the class and Ireally don't recall seeing him much, if ever after that --- It was Mike after all, who with the help of Sheriff's Detective Ostman, had ever so subtley persuaded me into signing up for the class in the first place

Attending Class At Gladstone High And My Police Science Class At Citrus College From January 5th Through March 11th 1971 -- Touring Local Fire Houses And Police Stations -- Barbituate Dealing And Doping At Night -- The February 9th Sylmar Quake -- My Move Down The Street To A Friend's House Days Later

When the Sylmar Earthquake hit at what has been officially reported at 6:01 AM on February 9, 1971, it was a Tuesday, a school day and I was still living at my family's home at the corner of Tudor and Lark Ellen in Covina --- I was sound asleep, or should I say that I was in my usual state of barbituate induced bliss, laying in my bed, that was situated there inside the small free-standing, wood frame room that my step-father and I had built there in a corner of the backyard

The quake caused the little wood frame structure, and the concrete blocks that were bolted to jump off the ground about a foot or more into the air, and then slam back down to the ground, throwing me out of bed and on to the floor there in the process --- The quake was initially rated as a 7.0 and 7.1 on the Richter Scale in both the print and electronic media at that time February 1971 --- It has since been downgraded to 6.5 and 6.7 since then

My immediate response at my having been so rudely awakened by being thrown out of bed and then bounced off floor that chilly February morning was that of anger, but then quickly changed a second or two later, to one of alarm as I picked myself up from the 3/4" plywood floor, and as the shaking continued in the seconds that followed, it made it difficult for me to even stand on my feet

It was out of fear more than curiosity that prompted me to look out the east facing window in that tiny room, in order to see what going on outside, and when I did I became slightly terrified when I saw the telephone pole in a neighbor's backyard one house over, flipping back and forth like a whip antennae on 'dune buggy' on some rough bit terrain --- The telephone wires attached to the poles danced in the air like jump ropes, and all the tops of the trees within view of my window were all swaying violently from the quake --- Then, just as suddenly as it began, it all stopped and my room was still standing, and the blocks they were bolted to still held, and I then went back to bed and slept until the alarm clock rang

I had been through a lot of minor quakes before therein Covina, but this one really had my caught my attention --- Only hours before the early morning Sylmar quake, it was in the early AM hours of February 9th, that a close friend of mine, had driven down my street in his automobile and hit several cars on my street, before running the stop sign then located at Tudor St. and then finally crashed into the garage on the other side of Lark Ellen Ave. --- I had slept right through this pre-dawn demolition derby, that quite literally happened just outside my door, unlike the Sylmar quake that was to take place only a few hours later and threw me out of bed

By late February, 1971, it was by mutual agreement with my mother, other family members and myself, that I leave the house where I grew up at, a house at 17003 East Tudor St. at the corner of Tudor St. and Lark Ellen Ave. --- This was my home since the fall of 1957 and was located next door to an L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy and his family
My new home, was just down the street 17133 East Tudor St., near where the street dead ends into a cul de sac.
It was the house of a friend, or rather that of his mother

My new home on the street where I grew up, was in all actuality already my home away from home, even before I officially moved there in late February 1971 --- It was also a place where my friends and I would hang out after school and get high --- As the place butted right up to Gladstone High, separated only by a chain link fence, my friend's home was a convenient place to go when I would sneak off campus during lunch breaks, or when I wanted to avoid frenzied group think mass mania of the 'Pep Rallies' and school assemblies at Gladstone

In 1971 the house on Tudor St. where I grew up and my freind's house just down the street were technically located in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles, but required that Covina be used in it's mailing address --- On the other side of the chainlink fence in the backyard of my friend's house 17133 Tudor was Gladstone High --- This southern perimeter of Gladstone High, and was also part of the same line that defined the Covina City Limits, from the unicorporated slice of Los Angeles County where my friend's house was on the other side of the chain link fence.

Lower Left Edge: My three day stint at the old Covina Jail, a single row cell-block of a half dozen or so cells and a narrow corridor. It's so old that it is now a local history exhibit in the City of Covina --- This graphic representation
of how it looked and a photo of me in thereabout 1969 and this is how also I appeared in March 1971 ---
The small cellblock then comprising Covina City Jail has since been moved from it's original location there behind the what was then also the location of the Covina Police Department

My Drug Bust At Gladstone High March 12th 1971, Three Days In The Old Covina Jail -- My 'Ides Of March' Appearance At The West Covina Courts March 15th Before A Judge I Met During A Class Field Trip With My Civics Class In 1969

This section of the photo montage illustrates the aftermath of my arrest at Gladstone High School in Covina --- I had really gotten out of hand by this time and created a scene on March 12, 1971, there in the classroom of one my favorite teachers Mr. Khan who was my civics class instructor the previous fall until mid-October 1971 when I got busted in La Puente

I don't know why or how I acted the way I did that day in Mr. Khan's classroom, maybe I wanted to get busted subconciously, fearfull that I would soon overdose myself to death --- Maybe I was under some kind of mind control, who can really say on that day in March of 1971--- Regardless of all this it was Mr. Khan's sad duty to have to report me to the office of Wes Weatherby, of the Covina Police Department

Weatherby was a full-time cop, and had his own office thereat Gladstone --- It was then a well known 'secret' that Weatherby was also and sort of a 'spy master' for all the 'snitches', and informants there at Gladstone, whose primary functions there were to spy on their classmates and report any kind of social, or anti-social behavior or drug use, dealing amongst the students --- This also included the distribution of anti-war literature --- I got busted for that back in the Fall of 1970, shortly before my October bust and stint in the L.A. County Juvenile Hall

During my weekend stay in Covina Jail, we were fed only twice a day, and the meals came from Intercommunity Hospital nearby, just across from Covina Park --- I was there in that antiquated turn of the 20th century cell block, from Friday afternoon March 12th until the following Monday morning, March 15th, the 'Ides of March' --- I spent the entire weekend there with a guy in the cell next me, who I later found out was charged with window peeping and indecent exposure once, according to the buzz of the other inmates and detainees in the court tanks

The 'Peeping Tom' and I were cuffed, put in the back of a patrol car thereat the Covina Police Station and then driven over to the Los Angeles County Courts in West Covina, a few miles away --- Once there, the cuffs came off and we were both thrown into the smoke filled holding tank and electrically charged environment there --- It was as I recall located there on what must have been a lower level, and had about forty or fifty men inside it, all engaged there in various kinds of conversation, card playing, incessant hair-combing, posturing, smoking and rolling cigarettes, and other kinds of behavior such as men doing push-ups off the concrete bench that encompassed the walls of the tank,
and 'jail house lawyers' (Learned inmates and criminals with knowledge of the law), advising other detainees and inmates on how best to proceed in court

I found this court tank carnival packed full of criminals, minor offenders, working Joes, drunk drivers, child support debtors, 'pot' heads, and pill freaks like myself, a most welcome relief from the rather dreary and depressing events of the weekend that had just passed for me in that little, antiquated, homespun, hell-hole called the Covina Jail

As crowded as it was, the court tank was much more spacious than the cracker box jail cell in Covina that I had been kept in 24 hours a day for the last 3 days whereas it gave me an opportunity to smoke cigarettes, which in turn helped me overcome the nausea and near convulsive pangs of my withdrawal from seconal, nembutal, and tuinal

My craving for some 'reds' (seconal) on that day in the court tanks was then at it's height, as I was forced to start 'kicking' my habit there in the Covina Jail, it was my third day with out my drugs, and the physical, emotional and psychological false sense of well being and security that the drugs provided was gone and I now felt like I was coming down from a bad 'acid trip' and my body and it's joints ached like hell, and my wits were a bit frayed as well having been unable to sleep much in the last three days

The cast of characters, criminals and ordinary people that I met there at the West Covina courts on that 'Ides of March', March 15, 1971 was much more diverse and distinctly varied, than I could have ever imagined to see in place like West Covina, then the so called 'hub' of the San Gabriel Valley or at least the eastern portion of it --- I was surprised to find out that I actually knew a some of the people there in the West Covina court tanks

One the guys that I recognized was an older guy named Mike, who I knew through some of my older drug dealing acquaintances --- Mike was charged with mayhem for shooting a lady in the vagina with a handgun, the lady had to wear a bladder bag after that --- I had heard about this sick and sorrowfull deed, as the crime scene was a home located on a street in Azusa where I had several friends lived and who were still there in March 1971

I asked Mike why he did it and he told me that he was on LSD at the time and had just had sex with the girl when he decided to shoot her, but he didn't why he did, what he did --- This prompted me to wonder as to whether or not Mike hadn't been put under some kind of mind control during his stint in the Army, as he was quite a different person before he went in --- This same guy would turn up to haunt me two years later in the Spring of 1973 in a rather menacing and suspicious manner, and he, Mike told me that he was out on an appeal bond for his act of madness and mayhem, which may have been the case, but I think that there was possibly more to it than that

Others there in the West Covina Court tanks, were the brothers and relations of freinds and acquaintances that I knew from buying and selling 'pot' and pills or met at various parties and hang-outs, and so I caught up on some of their recent history, some local gossip and a bit of the 'buzz' on who got busted recently and those individuals who were recently exposed and known to be 'snitches' or informants, and those of whom it might be possible

After nearly a full day of court tank comedy, crime stories and courtroom drama my time finally came on to appear before the judge on March 15th the 'Ides of March', whereby I did --- Ironically enough it was before Judge Winthrop Johnson who I had actually met once before under very different circumstances --- I had been in Judge Johnson courtroom back in 1969, as a Sopohmore during a civics class field trip from Gladstone High, where I and others from my class watch him dispense justice, deal with routine courtroom procedures and conduct himself in a firm, but fair manner that I couldn't help but respect --- I was only a part time 'pot' smoker and a weekend beer drinker beer then

Judge Johnson spoke with the class after a court session, and he surprised us all when he lit up a cigarette right there in the court as he spoke, and sat there on the that heavy wood railing that separates the judge's bench, and the tables of DA and defense attornies from the spectators in the court, the judge also took a few questions from the class and seemed congenial and sincere

Covina's Finest, Officer Weatherby was there the whole day on March 15th and acted as liason between the L.A. District Attorney's Office and myself --- Weatherby made three trips down the stairs to the subterranian where the holding tank I was in, was located and offered me a total of three plea-bargains within the space of two-hours, running back upstairs with my answers each time

As I had no one to go for my bail, things looked grim and worse yet --- I found out from some of the regulars of the West Covina Courts, that Judge Johnson's own son was a doper himself, and the kid had a considerable record of drug busts and related offenses to prove it --- It was said that Judge Johnson was known to have handed down some rather lengthy sentences as the result of all this --- My reservations about the judge, that I was now to appear before
went from uncertain apprehension to full scalle alarm and dismay on this particular day, the 'Ides of March'

On the advice of my learned criminal counselors, I turned down the first two plea deals that Officer Weatherby had
offered me therein his usual chickenshit manner, and I suspect that these first two plea deals were mostly his idea --- They were really awful and sentences in each of those two deals were pretty draconian even for that time in 1971 --- As the day went on, someone in the D.A.'s office must have decided to clear up his desk by resolving the matter that day, whereas when the third plea deal was offered was a hell of a lot better, and my 'Jailhouse Lawyers' and fellow detainees advised me to take it, as I would never get a betterplea deal, and I could end up doing months between court dates if I didn't take the deal, and still get convicted to boot

The accepted deal was that I was to plead to possession of a 'controlled substance' (seconal capsules) and get six-months in jail on a felony --- whereby I was to return to the West Covina Courts, and get a court hearing for a modification of sentence after 30-Days, and have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor --- After my release, I was to be put on formal probation for two-years

This seemed like my best option for me, whereas I would at least have a shot at returning to high school in order to graduate with my class in June 1971, assuming that I could get the administration at Gladstone High and my Police Science class instructor Sheriff's Detective-Sergeant Ostman to go along with my plan

Chained Up And Bussed To L.A. 'New' County The Evening Of March 15th, The Start Of My Week Long Stint There
It was late afternoon by the time I and about forty other of the court tank lodgers were then chained-up and loaded on a Sheriff's prison bus, and then driven out to what was then in 1971, the called the 'New' L.A. County Jail on Bauchet St. near downtown --- We arrived at dusk, and what the rows and rows of buses there in the large sized parking lot , and the over-crowded holding tanks, for a moment there I had to wonder if there wasn't a full scale revolution going on and a complete state of riotous anarchy hadn't engulfed Los Angeles County entirely

The place was full men of all sorts of sizes, shapes and description and who were mostly black, brown with generous helping of whites, some orientals and asians all mixed in and jammed together --- They were then led from holding tank to holding tan with closely spaced bars by Deputies who were mostly all first year rookies

Many of the inmates were winos, and junkies with the 'shakes' Most of the inmates and detainees looked like tired tourists and overworked laborers, with a few exceptions mixed in, one being myself, some white collar guys, and a few servicemen as well, and those who wore work uniforms and the usual kinds of odd looking characters that one would find in a crowd in most any city

There were also some special arrivals, these were detainees who apparently got tough with some Deputies and were trussed up in rubber tarps, wrapped chains from head to toe, and who were forced to hop along through the corridors as jailers with clubs prodded them along --- The the restraints in their in their mouths, and the hysterical looks in their bulging eyeballs, made them look like over-amped cattle on their way to a slaughterhouse --- This little 'freak show' made the bad 'acid trip' aspects of my withdrawal from 'Reds's all the more intense and unbearable

It took about 13-hours to get processed in and receive the ham and cheese sandwich, with a cup of coffee at the end of the rainbow, having then showered and changed into the L.A. County Jail garb --- I was first sent off to a 6-man cell, but a day later on the advice of a considerate Deputy Sheriff, it was decided that I be sent to a 'high power' module cell block where there were single-man cells and serious offenders, like murderers and those facing other serious charges frrom drug smuggling, to kidnapping where I would be safer --- It was the small punks and creeps trying prove themselves that presented the real danger to those they saw as easy prey

Once in 'high power' I was dosed with thorazine and other pills to help me from going into convulsions, whereas it is said that withdrawals from barbituates can be as bad or in some cases even worse than that from heroin addiction --- I had quite the little barbituate habit and some of the other inmates gave me some of their meds to help me out --- I was extremely fortunate and I was truly humbled at the generosity, sincerity and consideration that I received from both the cops and the robbers, who '...dealt with me like thieves of mercy' thereat the L.A. County Jail

It was a kind of indefinable comradery and human egalatarianism that was truly hard to comprehend, let alone describe during my eight days at the then 'New' L.A. County Jail, a real 'chain gang' full of experiences that I will never forget, only two weeks after my 18th Birthday, as I was blessed with kindness instead of cruelty

As I was at County Jail for a total of eight days, it was probably Wednesday, March 24th that I was led from my single man cell in 'high power' and led down a series of corridors, and given an envelope with my court papers, and I was put on a chain gang with other inmates and led outside to the giant parking lot, not quite so full of buses, and the hazy sunlight that filtered through the thick layers of L.A. smog really hurt my eyes, as I hadn't seen any daylight in just over a week

My Transfer To Biscailuz Honor Rancho The Morning Of March 22nd -- My Mentors There Consisting Of A Western Airlines Purser, CIA Agent, Bikers, Gang Members, And Criminals, DUI's Of All Kinds -- Some Elements There Not So Freindly Kept In Check -- Sheriffs Deputies For And Against Me

This particular chain gang entourage of inmates was not so very large, maybe a dozen or so, and we were all loaded on board one of the black and white buses and left the L.A. County Jail at Bauchet St. and drove on down to the 6th Street Bridge and from there and on over to the Biscailuz Honor Rancho, then situated between Eastern Avenue in East Los Angeles and City Terrace, adjacent to the Monterey Park City Limits

In 1971 Biscailuz was a minimum security county prison located, just south and west of what was then the Sybil Brand women's jail --- My 1982 reference source reports that there were 700 inmates assigned to Biscailuz, which sounds about right as there were about the right number of dorms there and hundreds of inmate/trustees as well during my stay there from late-March to mid-April 1971 --- Upon our arrival at Biscailuz, some of the other inmates and I were taken off the prison bus and the prison bus with it's cargo of prisoners and other detainees then proceed- ed on it's way

After my relatively brief reception and processing into Biscailuz Center, I was assigned an upper bunk in large size dorm with scores of beds in it, given some toiletries and I was ordered to get a haircut as I was already sentenced ---
I was made a kitchen trustee and a given a set of white pants and shirt, referred to as 'kitchen whites' at Biscailuz and once again I was allowed to keep and wear, my green suede cowboy boots

I was also given a safety razor and required to shave the ever so slight peach fuzz on my face, that I had never really noticed before, being so stoned most of the time and all --- This was the very first time in my life that I shaved my face, except as a child pretending to, and by the time of my release three weeks later, I had a course dark beard

On the next day at Biscailuz I reported to my assigned duties as a trustee/inmate at Biscailuz, working days with another inmate there in a corner of kitchen washing out the giant cast aluminum mixing vats, utensils and steel pots, steam table pans etc. ---As this gave me quite a daily workout lifting and washing these heavy items and utensils, I found no need to lift weights or perform other exercises on my days off

One of my days off was Sunday which as I recall, as I remember attending church services at Biscailuz on Easter Sunday (April 11th) and it was on one of my days off --- The Biscailuz inmates were mostly there, for a mix of misdemeanors, mostly drug related, drunk driving, and guys in for back child support, probation violations, and such --- There were also exceptions, like those felons who thanks to the right kind of legal representation had their murder, manslaughter or robbery cases kicked down to a misdemeanor somehow or other

There were a couple of inmates there who tried to muscle me from time to time at first, however I looked so very young that I was regarded as a kind of a kind of teen aged radical and a mascot to boot, and like at the L.A. County Jail I'm sure that it was combination of the Deputies running Biscailuz as well as the inmates there that looked after me, for reasons and motives known only to themselves --- I would surmise however that there were certain political motives and agendas behind at least some of these motives

Curious and gregarious, I made the acquaintance of a various assortment of individuals who also took a liking to me, white, brown and black, and there were some like me with a mixed blood, and a unique ethnicity, though with blue-green hazel eyes and a mostly fair complexion I was regarded as white, but some of my thoughts, and observations were not always regarded as typically white, as I thought more like a 'hippie' at least to some degree and a kind of nonconformist rebel as well

There were those there at Biscailuz that wished to do me serious harm for reasons I can only try to guess, some political, others who just to hurt kids and having been hurt themselves as a child by others, they derive some sort of emotional release therein doing the very same things that hurt them --- Worse yet they feel justified in a sick and twisted kind of way

Having hitch hiked quite a bit throughout that part of northeast L.A. County, therein the eastern San Gabriel Valley where I grew up, and occassionally off to the beach cities down in the O.C., in the late 1960's until only weeks before my March '71 arrest, I had seen a lot of these kinds of individuals who were very much like some of these rather dangerous trustee/inmate psychos that I now found myself locked up with in Biscailuz in March and April of 1971

During my stay there at Biscailuz as a trustee I rarely watched any of the televisions in the day rooms --- These were for the use of off duty inmate/trustee, but I couldn't help but notice that 'Soul Train' was on every Saturday and that in the evenings that comedy shows like 'Flip' Wilson, and 'Laugh In' were on, as I could here the trustees laughter when I walked by the day room's with the room lights dimmed and TV volume cranked way up so the trustees could enjoy their shows all the more

This little stint in jail from mid-March through mid-April of 1971 was a real life changing experience that was to forever change my life, having kicked that Gorilla sized monkey off my off my back --- Even though I was to use drugs again in the years to come on up until my move to Northern California on Labor Day Weekend 1974, they never had the hold on me like they once had had on me during that year and a half time period prior to my at Gladstone High back on March 12, 1971

It was during my evening strolls after work as a trustee at Biscailuz, that I noticed that some of my fellow inmates had those old 1960's style transistor radios, that were still widely used in 1971, they were usually only about 6" high, 3" wide and just under 2" thick, headphone consisting of a with with the single tiny bud, that fit in one's enabling one listen to music and the local news broadcast usually AM radio, though many of the then newer radios were AM/FM as well --- This was a minor infraction to which the Deputies apparently turned a blind eye to it

Technically speaking the inmate/trustees weren't supposed to watch the news on television or have newspapers either --- The TV's were easy to control as the Deputies guards had remote controls to the sets, unlike the new-spapers that I would see being read discreetly from time to time by some of the trustees, the L.A. Times, The Herald Examiner, and Racing Forms --- News magazines were permitted however, the logic here being that the Sheriff's Department of Corrections officers didn't want the inmate/trustees therein the L.A. jails and county prisons and to riot over some inflamatory event, such as police shooting or a civil disturbance that might be aired over a local TV or radio station

After the initial bit of posturing and aggression towards me by some of the trustees at Biscailuz my first few days or so up until that first weekend there (March 27th -28th), I made friends with some inmate/trustees who, were older and stronger than those inmates who tried to muscle me --- These new friends of mine, had a few connections there at Biscailuz, though they were not criminals, they were however encarcerated there at Biscailuz for stuff like drunk driving, probation violation, back child support and other minor offenses

My new freinds inside were well respected and some of them had friends in the other dorms, and were on good terms with the Deputies, who were actually more like our work supervisors than corrections officers guarding us
--- As for me I mostly read books and magazines, played a lot of cards, some chess and smoked cigarettes during my off time, and became a part of a clique' of trustees comprised of guys in their thirties and early forties --- I would also hang out with some of the younger inmates, 'hipped out' dudes in their twenties or late teens like myself, non-conformists types who were serving time for 'pot' or sales of drugs like LSD, mescaline, although there were others in there who were barbituate addicts like myself, or rather as I was prior to my March '71 arrest

This clique' comprised of the older trustees, who were also my allies against the numerous inmate predators who were always looking for someone to intimidate, beat-up, or fuck standing on their head, were also my mentors in a sense, as they seemed to take a keen interest in the way that that I would articulate my political ideas and views on society, this plus the fact that I was always making jokes and witty, wry comments about things in general --- I was also rather inquistitive at that time, even more so than most teenagers, therein the wake of the social and cultural revolution of the late 1960's that was still going strong in the spring of 1971

Some of my trustee/mentors would give me books and magazines with articles from current issues of TIME, Newsweek, and other publications marked for suggested reading on foreign policy, economics and stuff like that
--- During my three-week stay at Biscailuz I recall that one of my mentors the book: 'Cancer Ward' by Solzhenitsyn describing life under Communist rule, by way of observations made by a patient story of a small group of cancer patients in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in the post-Stalinist Soviet Union --- I found the book, rather interesting and enjoyable at the time as I recall, but I don't remember much of it these four decades later

Another book provided to me on loan was Joseph Heller's: 'Catch 22', first published in 1961 --- This book was get-ting a lot the buzz in the Spring of 1971, what with the June 1970 release of the film version of 'Catch 22' by Director Mike Nichols --- This was only a few months after saw parts there at a local drive-in December --- I was too stoned and too distracted to watch much of it, as I was gabbing, smoking 'pot' and high on 'seconal', but I do remember that Mike who I signed up for the class at Citrus College 'Introduction to Public Service' with, was amongst the group of kids I watching it with, thereat local drive-in

One of these trustee/mentors was a guy in his early forties, an Armenian-American who was in there on some minor charge, back child support or alimony as I recall --- Hee a was in his early forties, wore a crew cut, and was as fit as Marine recruit in his prime --- He was a vegetarian who jogged daily there around the minimum security prison yard with the 20 ft. chain-link fence that was topped off with barbed wire, and punctuated by gun towers that were no longer manned in 1971 ---

In the course of one our after work conversations, this trustee/inmate jogger who was one of my best friends during my stay at Biscailuz Center, informed me that he was a kind of a ground based purser and scheduler for Western Airlines, and he described one of his primary job duties as arranging lodgings for stewadesses and flight attendants,
amongst his other duties there at Western Airlines

My Miraculous Transformation At Biscailuz Drug Free -- Thinking, Talking Reading 'Take Out' Of A Western Airlines 720 At Ontario Airport March 31st Used To Cover The Murders Of Four Senior Western Airline Pilots

Lower Left Corner: Having arrived there on what I recall was March 22nd, I had only been at Biscailuz Center for a week or so, when on Wednes-day morning March 31, 1971, a Western Airlines 720 B jetliner, reportedly nosed dived and crashed at Ontario International Airport, at 6:34 AM, which was located only about 20 miles east of my home in Covina and about 35 miles away from where I was at that time in March 1971, thereas an 18 year old inmate/trustee at the L.A. Sheriff's minimum security complex located in East Los Angeles, Bicailuz Center

Four veteran Western Airlines pilots were purportedly killed during refresher course training flight, practising low runway approaches --- Ontario International became part of the Los Angeles regional airport systems sometime in 1967 or 1968 as accounts vary

By 1971 almost everybody that had access to a television set in L.A. County, and no doubt the rest of California, and most all of Oregon, Washington and the other western states had seen the TV commercials for Western Airlines, with it's cartoon bird that was seated atop of the tail section of a Western Airlines jet, whereby the bird called: 'Wally Bird' would always say: 'Western Airlines ... The Only Way To Fly', with emphasis on the word 'Only' in every commercial and the name of a city that Western flew to such as, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake etc. appearing at the end of each commercial, whereby many viewers would try to guess the destination city before the name appeared --- I heard of people actually betting on which destination cities would appear during a Western Airlines commercial

It must have been just after the Western Airlines 720 B nose dive crash at Ontario International on March 31, 1971 that I recall that it was during one of my evenings of card games and conversation therein corner of the dorm where
played --- that I distinctly recalled that there were about four or five of my trustee/mentors, the guys in their thirties and forties, one being my friend, the jogger who worked for Western Airlines, and we had all been talking and that this night more than usual that night

I recall that he must have been during this time that this trustee/mentor and friend of mine, the jogger who worked for Western Airlines must have mentioned the Western Airlines 720 B nose dive crash at Ontario International whereas he must have heard about it there in Biscailuz, what with all the radios and newspapers that were smuggled in, and the subject came up in the course of converasation, the jogger being an employee of Western Airlines at that time

One of the other guys present at this same session of card games and conversation that another one of my mentor/trustees, a caucasian guy who looked to be in his mid-forties, not too tall, with light hair, and who had a subdued expression of cunning and determined vigilance, mixed in with aire discretion and steely reserve that he kept under wraps most of the time

Perhaps it was after I had made another one my disparaging comments about the CIA and that prompted this individual with the aire of cunning and determined vigilence to make some comments that struck me as profound and perhaps somewhat revelatory as well, whereas by the end of our little evening chat I came away with the impression that this guy, with the aire of 'determined vigilance' and a kind of genuine patriotic devotion that he also kept well hid, must have been some kind of connections to one or more of the U.S. or military intelligence agencies

I was really just as much baffled as I was impressed with the fact that this man who I couldn't help but admire and respect, who I hardly knew but suspected was some kind of intelligence agent and who now turned up in of all places this a minimum security lock up in L.A. County --- Why would this care what I thought about thought about the CIA, and other things like the topics covered in the articles that they gave me ?? I remember thinking "Hell who knows maybe I am somebody worth thinking about ?" "But why, for what purpose, to what end ?"

Western Airlines Pilot's Links To The CIA Only 5 Months Later With The
Helicopter Jail Break From A Mexican Prison On August 18, 1971

The following is from Wikipedia

Western had a famous flyer out of Seattle: Captain "Red" Dodge. Red worked previously as a helicopter test pilot, and got involved with CIA flying in his later years when he wasn't flying as Captain on the DC-10. The movie "Breakout" starring Charles Bronson was based on his daring airlift of a CIA operative out of the courtyard of a Mexican prison. The Mexican government tried to extradite Dodge back to face charges. Red became wealthy leasing government storage units with unlimited government business but never again flew to Mexico. (Wikipedia 2015)

Above the pilot is an individual referred to as Captain 'Red' Dodge --- Below article the very same man is referred to as Roger Guy Hershner --- Did the pilot use two names ??

I found this at http://www.sequimgazette.com/news/251009941.html# below is an abreiviated version thereof:

SEQUIM, Wa. – On March 8, [ 2009 ] a helicopter crashed in a field outside of Moundridge, killing 66-year-old Roger Guy Hershner of Sequim, Wa. Lifelong pilot, Hershner lead an interesting life that left a lasting mark on those who knew him.Hershner was remembered by longtime friends as a great pilot and a good man with a wonderful sense humor.

( Sidenote: This chopper crash took placMarch 8, 2009 was also my 56th birthday --- This was 21 years to the day after the 'Black Hawks' down mid-air over Fort Campbell, Christain County Kentucky, my place of birth on March 8, 1988 killing 17 soldiers from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne, March 8, 1988, my 35th birthday, was also 'Super Tuesday' for the U.S. Presidential Primaries --- March 8, 2014, my 61st birthday, was also the date of the 'disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines 777 with 239 passengers and crew )

He [Roger Guy Hershner] also was the helicopter pilot in a daring escape from Santa Marta Acatitla prison southeast of Mexico City on Aug. 18, 1971. The feat was chronicled in the 1973 book “10 Second Jailbreak: The Helicopter Escape of Joel David Kaplan” by Eliot Asinof, Warren Hinckle and William Turner. The book was made into the 1975 movie, “Breakout,” starring Charles Bronson as the helicopter pilot who lifted Kaplan and his cellmate from the prison yard.

Hershner died March 8 when his Bell 206 helicopter crashed 40 miles north of Wichita, en route to Abingdon, Va., to meet a longtime friend to do contract helicopter work for the U.S. Forest Service. A witness who lives near the crash site in Moundridge said he heard Hershner's Bell 206 helicopter experiencing what he thought were engine problems.

Brian Flynn of Moundridge said he heard the helicopter's seem to speed up, slow down, stop, and speed up once more before everything went silent.

In Part 3 Sub Part 5 of "1979", I describe in detail my post Thanksgiving holiday drugged interrogations that took place from late November through early December 1972 only days before the United Airlines 737 crash at Midway Airport in Chicago on December 8, 1972--- FBI agents and other plain clothes agents were cited therein the Southside neighborhood prior to the crash --- One of the crash victims was Dorothy Hunt, a former CIA agent and wife of former CIA agent turned Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt --- Mrs. Hunt's body was found to have had high levels of cyanide

In Part 7 Sub Part 1 of "1979" I also cover the the TWA-KLM runway crash at Tennerife in the Canary Islands March 27, 1977 the worst aviation disaster still in 2015 killing 335 by one account --- This was only six-weeks after my flight out of Portland Airport to LAX Los Angeles in mid-February 1977 on board a Western Airlines 727 jetliner

Part 7 Sub Part 3 of "1979" describes the apparently sabotaged helicopter crash of the KNBC TV news 'chopper' Francis Gary Powers on August 1, 1977 --- a crash many attribute to the CIA, Powers wife a psychiatrist who formerly worked for the CIA --- The CIA's U-2 spy plane that pilot Powers piloted and went down over the then Soviet Union was apparently sabotaged when it went down on May 1, 1960, to kill an peace summit between President Eisenhower and Premier Kruschev

Western Airline Links Between March 31, 1971 and March 31, 1979

Returning now to the March 31, 1971 crash of the Western Airlines 720 B jetliner, that reportedly nosed dived and crashed at Ontario International Airport, it would be precisely eight-years later to the day on Saturday March 31, 1979 that the Western Airlines DC-10 flight that I that boarded at Portland International the night before on March 30th, would arrive hours overdue at LAX Los Angeles --- This horrendous series of events is recounted in rather explicit detail in Part 11 of "1979" and the poster of which and the detailed account are found at thi website: 1979Posters.Com

Part 13 Sub Part 7 details the machinations involved therein the retaliatory Halloween 1979, 'Trick or Truck' on the runway 'take out' crash at Mexico City, thereof the very same Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner that flew me out of Portland on March 30, 1979, after a pre-flight bomb threat, followed by an unscheduled diversion to SFO San Francisco and the planes long overdue, and eventual arrival LAX Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours of March 31, 1979

On March 31,1987 Western Airlines officially ceased to exist and became part of Delta Airlines thereon April 1, 1987 as per the completion of a merger agreement

Change And The World Will Change With You Or Mere Coincidence ?

Lower Right Center: The front page of the New York Times, for April 15, 1971 --- It seems that on the day after my release from Biscailuz Center on the April 13th, April 14th was a day of some rather extraordinary historical note, as evidenced by the front page of the April 15th edition of the New York Times with a photo off CIA Director Richard Helms, as he make this rather of extraordinary public announcement, headlined:

˜Helms Defends the C.I.A. As Vital to a Free Society"
'Rare Speech Discloses Some Russians Aided U.S. In Cuban Misslie Crisis'

Such a public statement by the head of this spy agency was rare, if not almost entirely unprecedented up to that point in time in 1971 and the front page article by CIA Director Helms continues on inside the paper to make his case in support of the necessity of the CIA for the preservation of the 'Free Society' called America

Chou was there with Mao the creation the revolution, battles and negotiations in the post-war China that led to the creation of Red China in 1949 --- Chou was also instrumental in China's role in the undeclared Korean War in 1950 to 1953 and was engaged in secret negotiations with Secretary of State Kissinger in 1971 that led to President Nixon's landmark visit to mainland China in 1972 that really opened up relation between the two Nations

I have to wonder in light of then recent events of the past two weeks that perhaps the nose dive crash of the Western Airlines 720 B on March 31, 1971 and the rather considerate special treatment thereat Biscailuz by individuals who I suspected to have intelligence connections of CIA links if Helms' proclamation wasn't aimed
at recruiting young individuals such as myself as well as to gain support and recapture some trust from an American Public that was even in 1971 rather fearfull and distrusting of the CIA, the FBI and a lot of other U.S. Intelligence and military spy organizations as well

Helms would later resign as CIA Director in February 2, 1973, less than two months after what was apparently 'takeout’ crashihing of a United 737 jetliner on approach to Chicago’s Midway Airport, on December 8, 1972 --- This crash is sometimes referred to as the 'Watergate plane crash', because one the reported crash victims was former CIA agent Dorothy Hunt --- the wife of 'Watergate' burglar, former CIA agent, with an office at the White House, E. Howard Hunt --- FBI agents and other men in suits had arrived at the crash site near Midway Airport, therein the hours and minutes prior to the crash of the United 737

In 1971, I would have to assume that CIA Director Helms, was apparently part of a relatively liberal political faction of the CIA, of which CIA agent John Paisley was a part of, up until the time of his reported death, when Paisely’s body was reportedly found floating in the Chesapeake Bay in September 1978 --- This was a kind of a 'fish wrapped' in a newspaper, message for other CIA agents not to ‘step out of line’ ‘or else --- This was during the U.S. House of Rep- resentives Assassinations Committee’s 1978 investigation into the CIA's involvement in the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy and 1968 assassination of civil rights leader --- The CIA had already 'rifled' the House Assassi-nations Committee’s files in June 1978, three months before agent Paisely's death

Prior to becoming Director in 1966 Helms, was a member of the OSS the precursor to the CIA, an then OSO, which was later incorporated into the CIA when it was founded in 1947 --- This was when Hitler's East Front Nazi Spy Chief Reinhard Gehlen, simply changed uniforms became the CIA’s East Front Intel Chief and the CIA put thousands of Nazis and war criminals there on it's payroll --- By the early 1950's Helms went on supervise the CIA’s super-secret MK-ULTRA mind control assassination program, and other mind bending projects under Allen Dulles who he himself later became CIA Director until President Kennedy fired Dulles from the CIA for his role in the 1961 'Bay of Pigs' debacle --- Dulles would later become a member of the Warren Commision, contrived to cover-up the CIA's role in Kennedy's 1963 assassination

In late 1972 Nixon had appointed Helms as Ambassador to Iran. During his confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in February, 1973, Helms was questioned concerning the CIA's earlier role in Chile.
After Director Helms' departure from the CIA in February 1973, James R. Schlesinger became the interim Director for six-months until Schlesinger became Secretary of Defense, whereby on September 4, 1973 William Colby became the Director of the CIA

The following excerpts below are from Wikipedia:
[William] Colby was for most of his life a staunch Roman Catholic.[1] He was often referred to as "the warrior–priest".

Prior to becoming CIA Director, Colby was deeply involved in the Phoenix Program, sometimes referred to as Operation Phoenix:
"The Program was designed to identify and "neutralize" (via infiltration, capture, terrorism, torture, and assassination) the infrastructure of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (NLF or Viet Cong).[2][3][4][5] The CIA described it as "a set of programs that sought to attack and destroy the political infrastructure of the Viet Cong"

A week after Colby was made CIA Director, there was a coup' against the first elected Marxist President of Chile Salvador Allende that took place of '911' September 11, 1973 --- It was widely reported that the CIA used ITT (International Telephone & Telegraph) to funnel money to the opponents of Allende and the military junta that deposed him --- With Allende's murder accomplished General Pinochet became dictator and began a reign of fascist terror that lasted years with it's own kind of Phoenix Program of "infiltration, capture, terrorism, torture, and assassination" and mass murder --- I would asssume that Richard Helms wasn't quit on borad with the then upcoming plans for Chile in the 1970's --- unlike [William] Colby the then new CIA Director William Colby "the warrior–priest" who apparently did

The years of political repression, mass-arrest, institutionalized tortures and mass-murders that followed since the 1973 CIA ITT Allende coup, in both Chile and Argentina for most of the 1970's is matter are well documented facts
I later found out from books such as: "Trading With The Enemy: The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 (1983)"
That it was the trans-national corporations such ITT, through it's subsidiary Lorenz, in supplying the German Nazis with telecom equipment, and were part owners of the Lorenz A.G

The following is from Wikipedia 2015
"Military products from Lorenz during World War II included land-based and airborne radars, two-way radio sets, wire recorders, radio tubes, and Germany's most secure communications device, the Lorenz cipher machine. Lorenz owned 25% of Focke-Wulf, the German aircraft firm that built some of the most successful Luftwaffe fighter aircraft. For wartime work, Lorenz, like many other German manufacturing firms, turned to inmates of Government-operated labor camps.[4]"

"ITT Corporation, which had acquired a 25% stake in the company prior to the war, won $27 million in compensation in the 1960s for the damage that was inflicted on its share of the Focke-Wulf plant by WWII Allied bombing"
Car maker Chrysler got a similar deal as well

As a part of the corporate and Wall Street Trans-Atlantic cartels in from the 1920's and 1930's ITT was just one of many of the corporations and financial institutions that built up the Nazi war machine, companies such as Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil, Chase Bank, General Electric, The Morgan Bank and the list goes on and on

Walt Disney reportedly visited Nazi Germany in 1935 and atteneded American Nazi Bund meetings in the years that followed --- [ From Wikipedia 2015] "Henry Ford received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938 and that Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Order of the German Eagle with Star 19 October 1938.[2]"
The point here being that the CIA was a really a creation of companies such as ITT, books such as the "The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA", by Burton Hersh published in 1992 gives an in depth account of this little known history about this bit of sordid history

Christopher Simpson's 1988 book: "Blowback: The First Full Account of America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Disastrous Effect on The cold war, Our Domestic and Foreign Policy", documents the thousands of Nazis and Nazi War Criminals that found post war employment with the CIA and other U.S. militiary and intel organizations

Another article that appeared on the front page of the New York Times for April 15, 1971, right next to the photo of CIA Director Helms is one captioned:
This article goes on to describe how the FBI took note of Democratic Senator Emund Muskie's speech at one the first ever Earth Day rallies, the one held in Washington, D.C. whereby the liberal Senator from Maine came under the 'cross hairs' of the FBI and corporate America --- In those days, the early 1970's, If you were concerned about environmental issues, you were labled as a 'hippie' or anti-business somehow and you were put in the same cata-gory as those American Citizens, leftists, and ‘hippies’ opposed to the Vietnam War, Americans with environmental leanings were also now on the FBI’s ‘Enemies of the State’ watch list as well

Beatle John Lennon was under FBI surveillance for years right on up to the date of his assassination December 8, 1980 --- The eighth anniversary of the United Airlines 737 crash near Midway Airport at Chicago, on December 8, 1972, where FBI agents and U.S. Intel agents were spotted at the crash site prior to the crash

Lower And Further Right Center:
Also from the front page of the New York Times for April 15, 1971 is the headlined article,


This with a photo Chou En Lai the Chinese Number 2 man under Chinese Communist Dictator Mao Tse Tung, there with a American student from Eugene, Oregon --- I would later become a resident of Portland, Oregon at various times from 1975 when Portland was rated the Number 1 city in the U.S., until 1979 --- I found the Portland area so oppressive and Orwellian like, that it was like living in a Communist police state at times --- My rather harrowing escape from Portland at Portland Airport on an L.A. bound Western Airlines DC-10 on March 30th 1979 is covered in Part 11 of "1979" --- The montage poster and story behind it are posted here at: 1979Posters.Com --- A 2014 study rated Portland, Oregon as Number 1 again, and ranked Portland as the 'Unhappiest City in America'

After three-weeks as a trustee/inmate at Biscailuz Center in East L.A., I was summoned to return to the West Covina Courts, on April 13th, to appear to appear in court for modification of my sentence and true to his word, the apparently Honerable Judge Winthrop Johnson, reduced my possession for about a half dozen seconal capsules, from a felony to a misdemeanor,

The judge also suspended the rest of my six-month term in one of the Honor Ranchos, there in Los Angeles County Jail system --- provided that I comply with the terms of the formal probation Judge Johnson placed on me until my 20th Birthday, on March 8, 1973 --- Judge Johnson also gave me job tip about an opening at Treasure Chest publishing in Glendora, which I later followed up on that very week

Although I had pulled a month long stretch at the Juvenile Hall in Orange, down in the O.C. in the late summer of 1970, followed by another month long stint in the L.A. County 'Juvie' as a 17-year old --- it was quite another feeling when I hitch-hiked home from West Covina, on that mid April day, to my then home in Covina, the place I was staying at, at the time of my arrest, the house on Tudor St., on the other side of a chain link fence from Gladstone High

It was a mild and warm day, warmer than when I was there last in mid-March 1971 and I smoked some pot, with my housemate Thom, who only recently, therein February 1971 had pulled a month long stretch at the Glen Helen Correctional Institute in San Bernadino, County, as he got busted for being 'under the influence' of a controlled substance, but not possession of the 'Reds' that he took

I recounted to Thom, some of the basics of my stay, like where I was and for how long and stuff like that, as the finer points that really concerned me, wouldn't have interested him in the least --- This is the same guy who was to hitch-hike with me when I left Covina, and moved to Northern California, near the Oregon border, three-years later, on Labor Day weekend, August 31, 1974, when Thom proved to be, a less than worthy travelling companion on the first night out, unlike his dog 'Shadow' who hung tough with me, when things got hairy that first night out and it became necessary for me to perform some 'Buck Knife' diplomacy in order to extricate and myself and the rest of my party from a tight situation

On April 14th I was granted an appointment with the Principal of Gladstone High Mr. Mann and I suppose that
it could have been a matter of kindness or even pity for me on his part which may have the case to some degree, however I think that Mr. Mann just wanted to be done with me once and for all, and not having to deal with the possibility of this 'bad penny' of a student me, from applying to Gladstone there in fall of 1971, in order to graduate with the class of 1972

This being the matter of my latest 'fuck up', my March arrest thereat school and what I could do to graduate in June 1971, it was decided that I was to attend some adult classes held at Northview High and my return to my 'Introduction to Public Service' class at Citrus College that was also good for High School credits, that is if the cop who taught the class, Sheriff's Detective-Sergeant Ostman would permit me to do so

It was on that same week, possibly the same day as my appointment with Principal Mann Gladstone High on, April 14th that I followed up on Judge Johnson's tip about a job opening at 'The Treasure Chest' publishing, and so I make the 3-mile trip down to the plant in Glendora by bicycle I think, and put in an a job application and went home

Unlike my month long stay at the Juvenile Hall in the City of Orange that previous summer and the other month that I spent in the Fall of 1970 at the L.A. 'Juvie' in Los Angeles, for some reason or other, I didn't seem to have the craving for 'downers' (barbituates) like I did before I went in, but I now smoked 'Kool' menthol cigarettes, and I smoked 'pot' the day I got out --- My senses seemed more accute since my release, and unlike the my other two previous releases in last summer and fall, everything appeared to be brighter and more colorful after my April '71
release perhaps because it was springtime

Class Tour Of The L.A. Sheriff's Academy Located Next Door To Biscailuz Center
Where I Was Released From Only Two Days Before -- The Sheriff's Academy Staffed With My Former Fellow Inmate-Trustee From Biscailuz Center
The Class Tour Clearly Timed And Orchestrated

Then came April 15th, the second day after my release, and this was one of the two days a week that my 'Introduction To Public Service' met at Citrus College, which in 1971 was located in the City of Glendora --- In 2015 it now appears that Citrus College is located in Azusa --- The classroom, now long since gone, was situated thereat the north east corner of the campus, just south of a student parking lot and just off Barranca Ave.

I'm pretty sure that I rode my ten-speed bicycle to Citrus College on that warm but hazy day, April 15, 1971, where as I was able to stop by one my then local 'hang outs' on the way to school a house in Azusa, on Baseline Road, near Citrus Avenue only a mile away from Citrus College in Glendora, in order to visit with some friends and acquain-tances who lived there, or were just 'hanging out' and so I timed my arrival there in the late morning as my class didn't start until early afternoon, at about 1:00 PM or so as I recall

This was a rather enjoyable visit, as it only the second day after my release from jail, and it was a good feeling to to be outside of bars, fences and barbed wire for a change and talk to some familiar faces over some coffee and cigarettes, as one of them rolled a 'joint' and another brought out some 'hash' and a hash pipe

It was there as we were all 'getting high' that I gave them all a true and unvarnished account of my then recent incarceration, the plea bargain I made for a reduced sentence at the West Covina Courts, and an itinerary of the various jails and lockups I was moved to and from from, during my 33 day stretch behind bars from March 12th to April 13th 1971, and my freinds in turn brought me up to speed on what was going on whilst I was away in jail
--- It was then time to leave and I used some 'Visine' to clear up my red eyes from the 'pot' and I got on my bike and peddled on over to Citrus College to see if I would be readmitted or not my class

I arrived at that northeast corner of Citrus College, next to Barranca Ave. near Foothill Blvd. where the class was and after I locked up my bicycle, I went over to the room where the class was held, and I spoke with one one of my fellow students, that our class instructor, Detective-Sergeant ‘Al’ Ostman of the L.A. County Sheriff’s might be having lunch at a place just a stones throw away from our classroom, at the hamburger joint on Barranca Ave.

Sure enough I found him, our class instructor, Detective Ostman there in what looked to be, a particularly well tailored and neatly pressed suit that afternoon, carefully eating his hamburger, so as not to get any on his tie, or shirt, whereby I made one of my then typical entrances as 'Sunny Jim' Westbrook, smiling a bit, with a cheerfull 'Hello', and the cop responded to me by asking me where I had been with a slightly surprised look

Although I was still 'buzzed' on the 'hash', I was able to maintain a rather normal apearance, whereas it would be difficult, if not impossible to tell as I had lots and lots of practice smoking 'dope' by then --- this plus the fact that as I hadn't taken any barbituates in over a month, I looked a hell of a lot better then in mid-April than I did in mid-March 1971, when I last attended the 'Introduction To Public Service' class at Citrus College on March 11th the day before my 'bust' at Gladstone High the next day on March 12th, when I was always 'hung over' from the 'downers' I took the night before, for most of the following day

Detective Ostman looked genuinely surprised when he asked me where I was therein his usual congenial, avuncular manner, and so I put him off for until I ordered a chocolate shake as I recall, and although I wasn't really hungry I figured that I should order something there anyway to afford me the opportunity to talk to my class instructor over lunch

After placing my order, I quickly sat back down and I gave my class instructor, the L.A. Sheriff's Detective him a quick run down on how I got busted at Gladstone and was thrown into L.A. County Jail for the last month, and that I was wondering as to whether or not it was to late for me to return to class --- My chocolate shake was ready by this time and I walked over and brought it back to the outdoor table at burger joint and we discussed the matter of my being readmitted to class, whereby my class instructor Detective Ostman then informed that I had only missed three weeks of class instead of four weeks, whereas one of the weeks I locked up was Easter Week holiday

Instructor Ostman and I then went over the number of times that I had missed class prior to my arrest in March 1971, which was maybe only once or twice as I remembered the precise number of times, and Ostman said that if I was right, which he could easily verify from the class log records he kept, then I was still within the limit for being absent from class, whereby he, my class instructor Detective Ostman hadn't been dropped me from the 'Introduc-tion to Public Service' class at Citrus College at that point in time on April 15, 1971, and so it looked as though I would be attending school that day with the rest of my Police Science class

I now was much relieved and somewhat elated at the thought of being graduating with the rest of the Class of '71 at Gladstone High, thanks to the credits I was to receive from this class as well the adult night school classes at Northview as per my arrangement with the Principal Mann thereat Gladstone High the night before

With the question as to whether or not I was I able to return to class out of the way therein my favor, I was starting to enjoy my milk shake all the more, and I watched as Detective Ostman finished eating his hamburger, when he casually asked me the names of the various city and county jails I was in during my month long incarceration

This seemed a perfectly logical question for Detective Ostman to ask, as he was a cop as well as my teacher to ask me, his student, now a law breaker and recent jail inmate who had been just released only two days before compli-ments of the L.A. County Courts and Judge Johnson, whereas one of, if not the main feature of this 'Introduction to Public Service' class was to make class field trips to various fire stations, police stations, jails and lock ups in the East San Gabriel Valley and at other locations in Los Angeles County

It was pretty much the same account of month-long incarceration that that I gave my friends and acquaintances, earlier that day, only an hour before, over at the house on Baseline Road in Azusa, that I gave Detective Ostman there at the burger joint on Barranca, and I went through the detailed particulars of my 33 days in captivity, from March 12th to April 15th, but when I got to the part about my transfer from the then 'New' L.A. County Jail on Bauchet St. on or about March 24th to Biscailuz Center in East Los Angeles, that Detective Ostman let out a burst of surprised laughter, alonh with what appeared to me at first to have been a genuine look of astonishment

Being somewhat surprised and a bit bemused at this totally unexpected reaction from Detective Ostman, I then let out a little laugh myself when I asked him: 'What's so funny? What are you laughing at?' and Ostman's reply was that the class was going on another field trip and on this day, and it was to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy in East Los Angeles, located right right next door to Biscailuz Center where I had been just released from only two days before, and where a good many of the inmate/trustees from Biscailuz worked as support personel for the Academy in a number of ways, as I could then pernally attest to, as some of them were my then recently former dorm mates
who I associated with prior to my release on April 13, 1971

I must have let out a gasp of astonishment when I heard where the class was going, as I became alarmed at the prospect of going on this particular field trip to Biscailuz, as I knew that it was certain bet that my then former fellow inmate/trustees would have to suspect me of being kind of 'planted' 'snitch' or undercover cop in training instead of the dumb ass, teen-aged, ex 'pill freak' that was when I got busted, thrown into L.A. County Jail and then Biscailuz Center where many of then recently former fellow inmate/trustees who were my dorm mates would be sure to see me there the guided tour of the L.A. Sheriff's Academy

Startled as I was, I managed to put on my best face, even though I ‘smelled a rat’ --- A scheme to make me look like a police informant, or an undercover cop for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, and without elaborating, or giving any reasons why, as they were most surely clear to Detective-Sergeant Ostman as well, I suggested that perhaps it might be a good idea for me to sit this this field trip out

After my class instructor Detective Ostman, and I went over the same math, regarding the number of allowable absences from class that made it able for me to return to class, the gauge on my 'fuel tank' of absences from class read empty !

I then found myself in a classic 'Catch 22' situation, whereas it was the fact that I had just served time at the L.A. County Jail and later at Biscailuz Center, that made it unable for me to attend my 'Introduction To Public Service' class for the previous last four weeks running --- and so it was imperative that I attend the rest of the remaining scheduled class sessions for my 'Introduction to Public Service Class' for the Spring Semester of 1971, if I wanted to complete the class, and obtain the credits that I needed to graduate with my class, the Class of '71 at Gladstone High, then only two months away

Right Center Panning Right: The April 15th tour of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy --- Having 'hashed out' all the details over at the hambuger joint on Barranca Ave. regarding my readmittance to class, Detective Ostman and I then walked over to the classroom where the my 'Introduction to Public Service Class' met twice a week, where the rest of the class members were was already seated

Ostman performed roll call and then informed the rest of the class that we were all going on a field trip to the L.A. Sheriff's Academy in East Los Angeles, afterwhich time, the entire class, or rather the remaining two-thirds of the students that had originally signed up for the class during Christmas break 1970, all walked over to parking lot just outside the building where class was held, in the northeast corner of the campus, where a school bus with Citrus College painted on it's sides, and thereon the destination sign over the bus cab

It was with a feeling of reluctance and resignation that I boarded the bus there at Citrus College after the other students did, as did the the class instructor Detective Ostman and I sat alone next to a window, as the bus turn on to Foothill Blvd. and then over to Citrus Ave. and the 210 Freeway that eventually led to the Eastern Ave. offramp of Interstate 10 in East Los Angeles, as the bus turned south down City Terrace past the Sybil Brand Women Jail and then then jogged west there on the road that skirted the 20 ft. high chain link fence that was puntuated with unmanned guard towers, and topped off all the way around with barbed wire

This fence was on the right side of the road that the school bus carrying my class consisting of about a dozen so students, our class instructor, Detective Ostman, as well as myself, and was also the designated perimeter of the exercise yard to Biscailuz Center, a minimum security county prison and facility, where up until only two days before, I myself was an inmate/trustee at for just under three-weeks

As the bus drove slowly towards to the Sheriff's Academy by way of the road winding around the exercise yard of the Biscailuz Center, I see some of my then recently former fellow inmates running around the yard and pumping weights there, whereby many if not most of the inmate/trustees then present there in yard all seemed to stop what they were doing briefly and watched as the bus went by --- I recognized many of these inmates, as they were some of the regulars there in the yard, throwing footballs, pressing weights and those jogging near the fence who I could see rather well

The college bus carrying my classmates and I passed by the barbed wire fenced Biscailuz yard, and then it turned into a parking lot at the Sheriff's Academy, where some patrol units were parked and I recall seeing some inmate/ trustees in the khaki colored uniforms washing the a couple of the black and white cars, with hoses, buckets and sponges there in the background

Upon our arrival there Detective Ostman, walked up to the adminstration office and returned to the class, and myself with another Sheriff's Deputy who was to act as a tourguide --- He was young, nice looking and most welcoming to our little class of high school police science novices as we proceeded on with the tour, and Detective Ostman brought up the rear

Ostman kept a sharp eye my way during the tour, as he apparently wanted to observe what he expected to be my awkward and embarassed reactions when we came across inmate/trustees that I knew or who would have least recognized me --- That wouldn't be too tough as I was the only inmate/trustee at Biscailuz who looked like he was 14 or 15 years old, during my three-week stretch there, that ended only two-days before

As the tour progressed the Deputy who was our tour guide, led the class through some work out rooms, there in what looked like a gymnasium, as my class and I were only able to get a quick glance as we passed by --- We proceeded along the grounds of the Sheriff's Academy as our guide pointed out various things to our group, and we eventually found ourselves thereat the doors of large dining hall that looked kind of like a fair size restaurant without the usual decor and bric a brac

This was the officers dining room, and it that relatively empty at that time in mid-afternoon, half way between lunch and dinner time, there only a few tables where cops were sitting in groups of twos and threes --- I say cops wheras I vaguely recall that there were officers there wearing the uniforms of presumably local police agencies, other than the L.A. Sheriff's and off to the side, I could see inmate/trustees wearing the kitchen whites shirts and pants as I did, they were performing duties as bus boys, busily stacking trays, putting silverware and napkins into their respective dispensers and such --- One of them looked familiar to me, but I could only see their backs as the were busily engaged in their chores, and were facing the counters along the walls as they worked

Then our tourguide led us over to the firing range at the Sheriff's Academy, a rather impressive looking affair I thought having never been to a firing range before, and the Deputy then explained some of the technical points of the place, the safety proceedures they observed, and how cops and sheriffs from other jurisdictions also used the range to practice shooting as well --- I heard something about the FBI using the range from time to time as well

As our guide led the class away from the firing range, it must have been around 2:30 or close to 3:00 PM, in the afternoon, when the heat started to kick in, through the then smoggy skies of East Los Angeles, and I couldn't help but notice an inmate/trustee from the same dorm that I had resided in only two days before --- The guy was standing only about 8 feet away from me, next to a low vertical structure therat the firing range --- He was a white guy, his light hair combed back, and he a had a tatoo or two, a guy who one be called a 'low rider' in those days, as I knew plenty 'low riders' in those days as I was always buying and selling 'pills' and 'pot' to them since the late 1960's

The 'low rider' that I recognized was dressed in the khaki colored shirt and pants and smoking a cigarette and looked pretty much the way he did when I was playing cards with him, or just having a quick chat and smoke after work, except that this time the guy looked like he had just 'seen a ghost', and the 'ghost' in this case was apparently me, or rather me and the group of 'Police Science' students I was with, the Sheriff's Detective in the suit and the Deputy in uniform that led us about this training facility called the L.A. County Sheriff's Academy

My 'low rider' inmate acquaintance then moved his eyes round to see if there were are any Deputies looking our way, and as there were none, he looked at me intensely as if he couldn't believe it was me and it was there in an astonished, but dead silent pantomime so I could read his lips said: 'What are you doing here ?' whilst the rest of him stood frozen like a statue

I responded to my then recently former fellow inmate/trustee the 'low rider', with a nervous and embarrassed expression, conveying my own dumb foundedness, and frustration at that time, with own facial pantomine and roll of my eyeballs that let the 'low rider' know that I couldn't speak either, by shifting the intensity of my stare over to Sheriff's Deputy who was our my class tour guide, and the Detective in there what must have been one of his better suits, all neatly pressed as he brought up the rear, and who at the height of 6'-4" stood out like a beacon, with his expressionless clean shaven face, shaved head with light colored eyes, that I believe were a kind of blue-grey in color

We both knew that my 'low rider' trustee acquaintance and I, wasn't allowed to speak to me thereas an inmate or he would lose his 'good time' (Time off for good behavior), and that I as an imate who had been released and had returned to civillian life as college student still in high school, and that I struggling to return to a normal life, but who
like him still an inmate/trustee --- was instructed by the Sheriff's Deputy tour guide, who led my class and I around the Sheriff's Academy, not to talk to any of the inmate/trustees during the tour

I am fairly sure that my then recently former fellow inmate/trustee, the 'low rider' must have picked up on my 'eye cues' pointing to my 6'-4"class instructor, standing like a beacon at the rear of the tour group, whereby the 'low rider' surmised that I was being 'set up' by the cops to look like a 'snitch' --- I followed this up by giving the 'low rider' a look in the eye that showed I wasn't afraid as a 'snitch' or undercover cop and conveyed the idea that maybe he was being used in this 'frame up'

As this 'low rider' dude, and member of the doper underground was pretty street savvy, he probably figured it out on his own, that the Sheriff's were 'setting me up' to look like a 'snitch' by way of this class tour only two after I was released from Biscailuz, and that it was no mere coincidence that I was then paraded me therein front of him, the 'low rider' inmate/trustee who was only 8 feet away, a guy who was one of that small group of my dorm mates
that I had associated with outside of the that clique of older inmates who I referered to as the mentors

During my stay at Biscailuz Center, only days prior to my April 13th release, it was there as a fellow inmate/trustee that I told the 'low rider' that I was then a High School student, and how I got busted there whilst under the influence, but I don't recall my having told this inmate, the 'low rider' about my 'Police Science' class entitled: 'Introduction to Public Service' thereat Citrus College, though other the other hand I it's just as likely that I may have mentioned something about the 'Police Science' class to the 'low rider' just the same

As for that clique' of older inmate/trustees who were like my mentors, about five or so of them, one being the 40 year-old vegetarian jogger, who worked for Western Airlines, and the inmate mentor who I was led to believe was an intelligence agent or possibly CIA --- I am certain that I did tell several of them about the 'Introduction to Public Service' class I was then presently still enrolled in at Citrus College, even though I was a Biscailuz inmate at that time --- It seemed that the bonds became stronger between myself and these mentor inmates after Western Airlines 720 B jetliner crash at Ontario Airport on March 31st, that killed four veteran pilots with decades of experience

Now in retrospect, I can't also help but wonder as to whether or not the Deputy Sheriff who was conducting our class tour of the L.A. Sheriff's Academy on Thursday, April 15, 1971, wasn't perhaps making soem kind of cryptic comment alluding to the fact, that the Los Angeles office of the FBI was somehow directly involved in this little tour of the Sheriff's Academy that was apparently contrived to make me look like a 'snitch'

I will never forget how Detective Ostman had zero'd in on the my brief encounter with the 'low rider' at the shooting range during that part of the tour, and had apparently noted the our mutually surprised reactions at one and other there, because as the class proceeded away from the shooting range, Detective Ostman smiled and said to me:
'See one of your friends ?' As my 'Police Science' class proceeded along I saw other inmate/trustees who looked familiar to me as we continued walking through the Sheriff's Academy, but I decided it best to look as stoically, unaware as possible in order to avoid a repeat of the scene between the 'low rider' inmate that I knew and myself only moments before

Center And Just Right: Crime Scene Forensics part of the April 15th tour of the Sheriff's Academy --- As the tour proceeded away from the main part of the campus there, it got warmer that afternoon as we proceeded on over to what was then a somewhat remote and undeveloped area consisting of a rather narrow footpath, that was cut into the side of hill with dried grass and rocks on it and our tour guide then directed our class instructor, Detective Sergeant Ostman and the rest of the class to follow him up the hill part way, which we did

As the dozen or so of my fellow students and I trooped along up the hill, our class instructor Detective Ostman brought up the rear, whilst I kept looking around in an ever so casual manner to see if Ostman and his buddies on the Sheriff's Department, had any more surprises for me there at the Academy, like some more inmate/trustees
who only two days before on April 31th, were my dorm mates there at Biscailuz Center, or other inmates I met there

We were closing in on our intended objective, the forenscis building a bit further up the footpath cut into the hill, when one of the kids in our class, another high school senior, who had a slender build and who was a bit over six-feet tall, had suddenly collapsed to the ground therein his tracks --- As soon as he hit the ground, those students closest to him rallied to aid, holding his head up as he lay on the ground, and as the student who collapsed had quickly regained conciousness, it was immediately assumed by all that the guy had a fainting spell

I figured that this fainting spell must have been caused by a combination of factors, such as thick East L.A. smog, the lack of any breeze creatin a mini air inversion, the exceptionally warm afternoon, this plus all the walking around Academy, now followed by the hike on up the steep path to where the Sheriff's forensics building was located, a cut on the side of a dry grassy hill

Somebody said that water might help the faint student student, who was by now sitting up but was still as pale as a ghost, and so I sped on up the walkway that led on up the hill to that small woodframe structure, which was the forensics lab --- Once there, I saw the lab technician there, the guy with the glasses and pointing, as shown in the center of the montage for Part 3 Sub Part 2 of "1979", and then explained to him that I needed some water for one of my classmate members of the tour group who fainted on the way up

I then filled up a paper cup from the bottled water dispenser, and ran it back down the hill to the guy who collapsed but who was now sitting up, and after he drank the water, the revived classmate got up we continued on with our trek to the forensics building much to everybody's relief

This classmate of mine who fainted and was revived during our April 15, 1971 class tour of the Sheriff's Academy, later became an Azusa cop and who was with another officer who stopped me one night in the summer of 1974 just before I left to live up north, and he must have recognized me that night in as he got the other cop to stop hassling me for signs of drug use, and let me go on my way

If it was the same guy who fainted during the tour back in April '71, he must have remembered that I was one of the ones that helped him that day, or maybe the fact that I was a former classmate of his that he let me go --- During this late night stop, I didn't let on that I recognized my former classmate turned cop from our 'Introduction To Public Service Class' three years before, nor did he let on that he knew me --- Maybe he didn't ?

When we finally arrived at the small house like structure that served as the forensics lab, and I seem to recall that our tour guide, the young Deputy then spoke to our class intructor, Detective Ostman for a moment or two, as a
man in glasses, with a moustache, wearing a short sleeve shirt and a tie, came out the building and gave a quick hello to the Deputy who acted as our tour guide, who then smiled and walked back down the path leading to the main campus of the Sheriff's Academy

The entire 'Police Science' class, of about a dozen or so students including myself, and the class instructor all went inside the small house that looked something like an artist studio of sorts, with various kinds of apperatus, a couple of clay busts, and some artists renderings of murder victims, in various stages --- There were also a few files out on the desk, crime scene photos, and some reports as well

Once inside the small house, Detective Ostman introduced us to the guy in the glasses by name, after the man welcomed us all and then told us that he was a technician who specialized in forensics --- Our forensics specialist is shown in the photo in the center right of the poster for Part 3 Sub part 2 of "1979" --- He's the one wearing glasses, a moustache, dressed in a white sweater with his arm out pointing, as he's giving directions, to the man standing next to him holding the tall rod

Our class must have spent at least an half-hour or very possibly more there, listening to the forensics specialist who rather enjoyed talking about some of the projects he was working on, as well as taking our questions --- It's no exageration to say that this was the high point of the entire tour of L.A. Sheriff's Academy for myself, as well as the rest of the class, who like me, looked and listened most attentively as the forensics tech described various aspects of his job duties and the kinds of crimes that required his services

The entire class was totally absorbed as this forensics technician described one of the cases he was working on at the time, it was the reconstruction of a skull belonging to a young woman whose body was just recently found up in Azusa Canyon, a place in relatively close proximity to the Citrus College campus in Glendora where our little tour group police science students had originated from only a couple of hours before

It was really fascinating to hear him talk about the reconstruction of a corpse from a skull and bits and pieces of hair, and how he put the clues he was given, together with physical evidence from various other crimes, and came up with some rather amazing conclusions and findings of fact, like some kind of modern day Sherlock Holmes, and how all this played key roles in helping to solve crimes and mysteries that the Sheriff's Department had been called in to investigate

After our thoroughly engrossing and informative lecture and the little 'Q and A' session that followed with the forensics technician located in that building tucked away in a remote corner of the Academy grounds, my fellow students and I all walked back down the path along side the hill along with our instructor, Detective Ostman who once again brought up the rear, and I seem to recall that Ostman may have checked in with the office thereat Sheriff's Academy, before we went on back through to the parking lot where big yellow school bus was parked

Once we were all on board, the driver took us down the same road that we came in on, the one that skirted along the exercise yard to the Biscailuz Center, at which time I glanced out the window once again to see if there was anybody there that I recognized, jogging, pumping weights or hanging out in general --- Once again I saw a few faces that looked a bit familiar as they watched our bus head out on up to City Terrace Drive, past Sybil Brand women's jail and on over to Eastern Ave. and Interstate 10, en route to the 605 Freeway that connected with the 210 Freeway, and the Citrus Ave. off ramp that took us back to Citrus College

This 'Introduction to Public Service Class' continued to meet twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons therein that same classroom located at the northeast corner of Citrus College for the rest of April and until mid-May 1971 during which time the class went on tours to what was then the 'New' L.A. County Jail where I was an inmate in March whereby once again Ostman asked me if I knew anybody there during the tour

It was during this time period that we also visited the Sybil Brand Womens Jail, the L.A. County lock-up for women thereafter maybe a local county fire station and a jail as well --- We also made a tour of the West Covina Police station but I really can't say as to whether or not the tour took place before or after my arrest in March 1971
////////////////////////// Delete after cut & pasting
Right Edge Halfway Down: Having been hired over at the Treasure Chest Publishing Company in Glendora, I was working nights mostly thereas a 'plate burner' for the giant offset newspaper presses there and I was attending a couple of class that I needed to graduate with over at Northview High a couple of days a week by this time

Right Edge Further Down: In May 1971 had also moved into an apartment with a couple I knew from the old farm house like commune in San Dimas were they and some of my more 'leftist' freinds lived --- They also went to Gladstone High and graduated a year or two before --- The place was then called, 'The Azusa Gardens' apartments located on the 500 block of East Gladstone Street in Azusa, near Azusa Ave. --- In 1971 there were none of the white steel fences were on it's perimeter, only the usual wood fences separating the private areas of each of the apart-ments from each other --- The apartments exteriors were pretty much painted the same color then and --- The apart-ment I shared was a two story loft back from the street


On Tuesday afternoon on May 25th, I walked into my 'Introduction to Public Service Class' for my 1:00 PM class as usual, therein the classroom at northeast corner of the campus at Citrus College where it always was held --- I saw the familiar face of my class instructor L.A. Sheriff's Detective Ostman sitting there in a dark suit, and a nice tie on, looking his usual best, his entire head all clean shaven and all, as he was glancing down at some papers on his desk, and there were a few other students standing around talking to each other

It was then at that time, that I walked up to the desk to ask my class instructor where the class was off to today --- Ostman caught me a little off guard when he told me that it was the last day of this course that went under the heading of 'Police Science' and then proceeded to mark down my attendance in the class roll book, as he told me that I had passed the class, a B minus as I recall

I was elated at the news, and then Ostman and I joked a little bit about my staying out of jail, and then I thanked him for letting me finish out the class as it made it possible for me to graduate from High School with my class in June, and we then wished each other the best of luck, shook hands and say goodbye to each other at what must have been about a quarter past 1:00 PM on Tuesday May 25, 1971, thereat that little classroom at Citrus College in Glendora, near my then home in Azusa, California

As I left the Citrus College campus, and peddled my bike back home to my place in Azusa, on the last day of my 'Police Science' class on that 'smoggy' May 25th, I pulled over into an out of the way spot off the road, and smoked part of a 'joint' that I most always had in my cigarette pack --- This was then part of my then twice weekly routine to get mildly 'high' right to after my 'Police Science' class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and even though I didn't crave any barbituates at that point in time, as I felt that the 'pot' helped keep me on an 'even keel' and relatively well adjusted, as opposed to the ravenous 'Red Freak' drug addict that I was less than three-months before prior to my
arrest on March 12, 1971

When I resumed my ten-speed bicycle commute from Citrua College in Glendora to my apartment in Azusa, I felt glad and somewhat that I had just successfully completed the 'Police Science' course entitled: 'Introduction To Public Service' that day, that I suddenly felt some reservations about the way that the class had ended in such an episodic manner, whereas I was led to believe that the course was to run for at least and another three sessions at least until the first week of June, on June 3rd about a week before the graduation ceremonies at Gladstone High, then schedul-ed for Thursday June 10th or thereabout --- What's more the classmates that I spoke to in the 'Police Science' class regarding this matter, were also under the impression that the last day of the course would be held on June 3rd

Weirder still, I found it rather odd that during the previous class session, the week before on Thursday, May 20th, for reasons unknown, Detective Ostman hadn't made any announcement, or mentioned even a single word to the students that attended class on Thursday May 20th, that the following Tuesday May 25th was to be the last day of class --- It now seemed as if Detective Ostman hadn't known about the rather abrupt ending of the class himself, like he had just found out himself, only a day or two before that the last day of class was the 25th

Ostman looked particularly distracted that last day, seated at the teacher's desk, all neat and nicely dressed as always, but this time his head was bent down like he was deeply engrossed in some fucking scientific breakthrough as he poured over the papers on his desk

What's more Detective Ostman was just a tad bit hasty on that day as well, as if he didn't want to talk to me anymore than he had to that day, and I recall that it struck me as just a little more than odd for some reason or other, maybe it was the way he shook my hand from behind his desk, as I don't recall his 6'-4" frame towering over my 5'-4" little body when he did --- There was also the way that Ostman acted trifle shy as well, like he was afraid to let me look at his eyes like I most always did when we talked

The more that I thought about it on my bicycle ride from Glendora to my place in Azusa on May 25th, I had to weigh in the bizarre events of the April 15th tour of the Sheriff's Academy that made me look like a 'snitch', or an undercover cop, and how the tour was so episodically timed for only two days after my release from Biscailuz Center, located right next door to the Academy

I wondered if this sudden, surprise ending of the 'Introduction to Public Service' class on May 25th, might be related to the April 15th tour of the Sheriff's Academy --- There was 'something rotten in the Denmark' as the saying goes
and even though I 'smelled another rat' thereat my 'Police Science' class, I really didn't have much to go on and as I was done with the class and looking forward to graduation two weeks later, I put the whole thing out of my mind

It was only three-days on May 28th, that I was there at work, burning plates at my machine with the arc light burner, when I heard the news over the radio, that World War II hero and Hollywood film actor, Audie Murphy had turned up missing, reportedly during an unscheduled flight on a small in a private plane, out of an airport near Atlanta ---There were also accounts of disappearance in the local newspapers that following weekend, which was also Memorial Day weekend 1971 --- I thought this weirdly coincidental that the most decorated hero of World War II should turn up dead on Memorial Day weekend when we here in the United States honor our war veterans

In the remaining portions of Part 3 of "1979", Sub Parts 3 through 8, I give similar detailed accounts the murders, mysteries, mayhem and near death experiences of my life in the Covina area during that three-year plus time period from May 26, 1971 through August 30, 1974, the day before the start of my August 31st, hitch-hiking trip to my new home in Northern California, a small town just east of Interstate 5, and about 20 miles south of the Oregon border

My Accidental Meeting With Detective Ostman 800 Miles Away And 8 Years Later On March 22, 1979
At The Portland Hilton Where I Worked --- Ostman's Horrically Bizarre Appearance At Portland Airport
March 30, 1979 On Board My Western Airlines DC-10 Flight Bound For LAX Los Angeles

Little did I know on that warm and smoggy day, May 25,1971 that Detective-Sergeant Ostman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, would later turn up some 8 years later and 800 miles away, wearing an Otis elevator repairman's uniform one Thursday morning --- when I boarded an elevator in the lobby of the Portland Hilton, where I was then employed as a room painter on March 22, 1979, in which Ostman and another man in the same outfit, had already boarded in one of the sub-levels, and who like me were en route to one of the upper floors
when this bizarrely coincidential, chance meeting took place

Even more unimaginable was Ostman's incredibly alarmed reaction at my having discovered his presence at the Portland Hilton therein disguise, and the 'flip side' of his ruthless Secret Police personna, as he made ready to attack me at the very split second the elevator doors opened to my floor, and the corridor then filled with fellow painter employees returning then returning to work as well --- Readers may refer to Part 1 of "1979" and Part 11 of as well
thereat 1979Posters.Com and 1979westbrook.com --- These sites may or may not be up depending on cyber attacks and my finances as well

My accidental discovery of L.A. Sheriff's Detective-Sergeant a the Portland Hilton where I worked on March 22, 1979
set into motion a chain of events that --- necsssitated my interview at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27th, 1979 with agent Donald Robinson --- It was during my March 27th interview with agent Robinson that I informed him of my then weekend 'flight plan' out of Portland Airport March 30th aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles

I did this whereas I had anticipated a great deal of pre-flight turbulance from Portland based FBI agents who I surmised would no doubt take me into custody at Portland Airport at that time in order to prevent my departure from Portland and thereby divulge what I knew about the Portland FBI, the and other so called law enforcement and intelligence agencies involvement therein recent events at the Portland Hilton in March 1979, as well as series of related instances of mayhem, murder and intrigue in Portland, Vancouver, Washington and Northern California dating back 18 months to Sunday, September 11, 1977 and my move to the Portland-Vancouver metro area

The idea being that should the Portland FBI take me into custody at Portland Airport as per then planned weekend 'flight plan' out of Portland Airport March 30th aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner bound for LAX Los Angeles
it would undoubtedly create more problems for the FBI, whereas it would not doubt prompt the Secret Service in Portland to then take me out of FBI custody, and thereby into the custody, where I would no doubt be interrogated
in greater detail regarding then recent events at the Portland Hilton in march 1979 where I was then employed

In Chapter 11 of "1979", I describe the 'showdown' just after 'sundown' at the old Western Airlines terminal at Portland Airport, involving Portland FBI agents, and their consortium of other intel agents and 'mob' conscripts
---The GTE long-distance phone 'black out', my trip to a home nearby to make my long distance call --- My return to Portland Airport and how my March 30, 1979 Western Airlines DC-10 flight was delayed due to a pre-flight bomb threat --- Detective Ostman's 'The Devil at Prayers' like appearance in the flight cabin of my Western Airlines L.A. bound flight an hour later --- My Western DC-10 flight's unscheduled diversion to SFO San Francisco, prior to the Western DC-10 eventual, long overdue arrival LAX the following day on March 31, 1979

Part 13 Sub Part 7 of "1979" chronicles the October 31, 1979 Halloween 'Trick-or-Truck' crash of the very same Western Airlines DC-10, and that also killed the entire flight crew that flew me out Portland Airport on March 30th and into LAX March 31st --- The Western DC-10 was given clearance to land thereon a fully lit up runway with king size water truck parked smack dab in the middle of a runway at Juarez International Mexico City just in time for the 'Day of The Dead' festivities November 1st

In the Epilogue to "1979" --- I report how Agent Donald Robinson, who the man who interviewed me at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27, 1979 was to turn up dead, along with Secret Service agents George LeBarge and Donald Bejcek, when their mangled bodies were pulled from the wreckage of a automobile, on closed stretch of highway near Yosemite National on March 5, 1983 --- The cryptic inversion of the date of my birth March 8, 1953, by simply transposing the 8 with the 5

Yes it seems that my former Police Science instructor from hell, Detective-Sergeant 'Al' Ostman was truly preparing me for the future in more ways than one, back in the Spring of 1971 and that last day of class May 25, 1971

Please Note that the description of the montage above given here was written before the last final changes to this montage was made. -- That said the the text below is a true and factually accurate account of the circumstances and events in my life at that time from December 1970 through June 1971

Bottom Center:


On Friday May 28th, Audie Murphy reportedly died in a twin engine Aero Commander 680 aircraft, during an unscheduled flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Martinsville, Virginia --- The officially reported cause of crash was that the plane went down as the result of a thunderstorm, and crashed in some rugged mountain terrain near Roanoke, Virginia about 50 miles away from it's intended destination --- The plane was reportedly chartered by Audie Murphy and his then business associates

According to press accounts there was no flight plan filed, nor any time given for the plane's take off --- although some how or other, the flight's reportedly scheduled ETA 11:15 and the reportedly last transmission from the plane purportedly carrying Murphy and his associates heard from at 11:40 when he called Roanoke Flight Service Station confirmed

Thursday July 15,1971 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Front page: "Chief Denies Plot To Frame Audie Murphy" Police Informant Richard Haysel says Burbank Police tried to get him to 'frame' Murphy on narcotics charges --Haysel interviewed by KNBC TV reporter Art White along with Police Chief Rex Andres -- White talked with Murphy two weeks before his death about the frame up -- Haysel said the cops wanted to frame Murphy because the bogus assault and battery charge against Murphy from May 18, 197o had fallen apart

Virginia on 28 May 1971.boarded a plane from an airport Friday plane goes missing on the start of Memorial Day Weekend -- Murphy's body turns up at the small plane crashsite near Roanoake Virginia along with the bodies of persone found dead with Murphy on May 31st Monday . asa--

Audie Murphy LA Times Oct 14 70 testifies self defense when Burbank dog trainer threw a a barrel dolly at him

Jan 5 1971 Murphy cleared of bogus weapons possession charge --- created when cops stormed his home and found equipment he was lawfully entitled to use as a part time Deputy in Texas and Security Specialist in Port Hueneme Ventura ? County -- The charge a bogus assault charge that supposedly took place on May 28, 1970

NY Times Jan 6, 1971 pg 18 Weds
Jan 5 Murphy cleared of weapons charges (black jacks) after a may 28, 1970 bust
over warrant to arrest Murphy on bogus assault charge from October 1970


Dallas Morning News Sunday May 30, 1971 A-14 'Downfall of a Vietnam Hero'
'Medal of Honor,Memories, Changed his Outlook On Life'
Killed a week before his 24th -- Supposedly the result of a corner grocery store robbery in Detroit Dwight 'Skip' Johnson shot 5 times by the store manager
Johnson (Black)
suposedly fired twice ( No date of the shooting in article)

Wikipedia says Ap 29 71 shooting died Ap 30 --- buried at Arlington May 6, 1971


The June 8, 1971 edition of the New York Times, at page 42 has a photo of Audie Murphy's Funeral at Arlington National Cemetary abd which was attended by President Nixon and other notables --- Directly under this same photo
Murphy's funeral at Arlington, is an obituary for retired U.S. Army Major General Joseph Mauborgne 'Chief Signal Officer of The Army' cryptologist specialist dating back to World War I

The Times obit reports that Mauborgne reportedly died in a nursing home near Atlanta on Saturday June 5th at the age of 90, about a week after Audie Murphy's reported death and the article goes on to state that U.S. Army Major General Joseph Mauborgne Codebreaker forced to resign September 1941 after rau with the U.S. Army Air Corps over equipment --- and that it was Mauborgne who put together code breaker team that intercepted Japanese orders to attack Pearl Harbor --- Wikipedia 2015 says Mauborgne's retirement was mandantory due to his age

According to James Bamford's 1982 book on the origins of U. S. military cryptology and the creation of the NSA:
'The Puzzle Palace' -- The intercept of the Japanese Navy's plans to attack Pearl Harbor were received by U.S. Army and Navy Intelligence well in advance of the aerial sneak attack, but for some reason othjer were never acted upon

In light of the attempts to 'frame' Medal of Honor bearer Audie Murphy on bogus drug charges assassinate his character and presumbly his credibility, by police is California and pull the media blitz on the reported armed robbery death of Dwight 'Skip' Johnson who was also awarded the Medal of Honor, was it possible that there were some underlying political motives for the 'frame ups'.

The timing and manner of Medal of Honor recipient Johnsons death on April 24th 1971 seems more like an episocally timed murder with 5 shots in him, the motive being that by discrediting Johnson, that the FBI's Division 5 / Internal Security Division and other subversive elements in the government and military forces, made it easier to 'paint' Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy 'with the same brush'
and thus help to falsely corroborate the attempted 'frame ups' on Murphy by the FBI and various police agencies in the months prior to Murphy's death. Note the timing of the Memorial Day Weekend '71 syndicated news article on Johnson that was timed to coincide with Audie Murphy's death. This was pure CIA-military media 'Psy Ops' at work.

Was the crash that reportedly took Audie Murphy's life in May 1971, another U. S. National Security State 'take' as many believe the United 737 jetliner at Midway on December 8, 1972, the so called 'Watergate' plane crash? Was Audie Murphy in the process of obtaining code breaking material from General Mauborgne before he died ?

Bottom Center Right:
The Times Picayune (New Orleans) Monday June 1st 1971 front page
headlines "Shaw Case Appeal Is Pledged By D.A." "Garrison Says Federal Judge 'Falls Short' Article reads: "Garrison said the judge 'has fallen short in his duty ...
in his distortion of the facts the law."
This right over photo of Audie Murphy captioned: "Hero Apparent Crash Fatality"

The following below is from Wikipedia:
In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations stated in its Final Report that the Committee was "inclined to believe that Oswald was in Clinton [Louisiana] in late August, early September 1963, and that he was in the company of David Ferrie, if not Clay Shaw,"[20] and that witnesses in Clinton, Louisiana "established an association of an undetermined nature between Ferrie, Shaw and Oswald less than three months before the assassination".

May 27, 1971 Shaw v Garrison
Judge Herbert W. Christenberry ruled that New Orleans Parrish District Attorney was barred from re-filing perjury charges against Clay Shaw for perjury regarding his perjured testimony in 1969 that he did not know Lee Harvey Oswald who was murdered in Dallas Police custody by mob-Dallas P.D. bagman Jack Ruby November 24, 1963 two days after the aassassination of President Kennedy

328 F.Supp. 390
United States District Court, E.D.
Louisiana, New Orleans Division.
Clay L. SHAW
Jim GARRISON, individually and
as District Attorney for the Parish
of Orleans, State of Louisiana.
Civ. A. No. 71-135. | May 27, 1971.

Garrison contends that during the course of the conspiracy trial, Shaw, who took the stand in his own defense, perjured himself when he denied having known either David Ferrie or Lee Harvey Oswald.

End of quote.


The reported death of Audie Murphy within hours of Judge Herbert W. Christenberry ruling granting CIA Shaw immunity from prosecution by New Orleans D.A. Garrison is not only tantamount to obstruction of justice --- is also strongly suggestive that the two events are related --- that is if the plane that took war hero Audie Murphy's death was no accident --- This plus the fact that various police agencies in California were apparently involved therein a number of attempted 'frame ups' of Audie Murphy only months prior to his death in May 1971

Elements in the CIA apparently involved in the attempted 'frame ups' against New Orleans D.A. Garrison in 1971
and less than 15 months later in October 1972, a member of the 'Warren Commission' appointed to supposedly investigate the 1963 Kennedy assassination Congressman Wade Boggs, reportedly turned up missing when the plane he was flying in turned up missing somewhere over Alaska, with Alaskan Congressman Nick Begich

Bogg's was reportedly had differences with other members of the Warren Commission regarding the so called 'single bullet' theory, also referred to a the 'magic bullet' theory because of the physical impossibility of the bullet's 'theorized' trajectory and the bullet's unaccountably miraculous, pristine condition it was supposedly found in after ripping through bodys and bones of those in JFK's Presidential Limo

Three Frames From The Zapruder Film: Whilst the Federal Courts are obstructing justice by illegally sanctioning CIA agent Clay Shaw's prosecution for perjury by then New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison --- Seven and a half years since the Novemer 1963 assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas the American Government's State sponsored censorship of of the Zapruder Film, has barred the American Public from viewing it

The American Public will have to wait nearly four more years see it, until February 1975, when it is broadcast nationwide on a late night televsion show --- Note the bottom frame where you can see the spray of flesh and blood splatter from the bullet fired from the front of the Limo from the 'grassy knoll' where eye-witnesses saw and heard
shots fired from

Elements Military-Industrial-Congressional complex involved in the assassination and cover-up of the 1963 Kennedy assassination had used the legal figleaf of a quasi-corporate controlled copyright on the Zapruder Film through the TIME-LIFE magazine corporation --- TIME-LIFE was same company that used the phony photo with 'JFK' assassination 'patsy' Oswald's head (At noon time) pasted over the body of man holding a rifle and a 'commie' newspaper (In the late afternoon) in the weeks after Oswald's slaughterhouse like assassination in Dallas Police custody by 'mob' Dallas P.D. 'Bagman' Jack Ruby was televised nationwide two days after CIA's 'hit' on President Kennedy

The TIME-LIFE magazine corporation went on to further exemplify the kind of journalistic objectivity they practiced by publishing magazine articles complete with frames of the Zapruder Film all chopped up and frames rearranged
in order that more suited the tastes of Military-Industrial-Congressional complex --- than real and actual security of the American pubic --- in oder to perpetuate the multi-billion dollar money making scam, more commonly referred to as the Vietnam War --- Like the Korean War, it wasn't even a declared war

From Wikipedia 2015
As Majority Leader, Boggs often campaigned for others. On October 16, 1972, he was aboard a twin engine Cessna 310 with Representative Nick Begich of Alaska, who was facing a possible tight race in the November 1972 general election against the Republican candidate, Don Young, when it disappeared during a flight from Anchorage to Juneau.
The events surrounding Boggs's death have been the subject of much speculation, suspicion, and numerous conspiracy theories. These theories often center on his membership on the Warren Commission. Boggs dissented from the Warren Commission's majority who supported the single bullet theory. Regarding the single-bullet theory, Boggs commented, "I had strong doubts about it."[12] In the 1979 novel The Matarese Circle, author Robert Ludlum portrayed Boggs as having been killed to stop his investigation of the Kennedy assassination.

Bottom Right Corner:

Duarte mID Air

Hughes Airwest Flight 706 was a regularly scheduled flight operated by Hughes Airwest, from Los Angeles, California, to Seattle, Washington, with numerous intermediate stops. On Sunday, June 6, 1971, the Douglas DC-9-31 serving the flight collided in mid-air with a U.S. Marine Corps F-4B Phantom II over southern California.

This was repeated July 30, 1971 over Japan when a Air Self Defense Forces F-86 collided with a an All Nippon Airways 727 that crashed near