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Part 3 -- Sub Part 4
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Part 3 Sub Part 4
-- I review the bizarrely weird circumstances and events of my life from March 1st 1972 through August 31st 1972.

Part 3 Sub Part 4: Like other seven separate Sub Parts to Part 3, Part 3 Sub Part 4 is also takes place at my apartment with a view of Highway 8 in West Slope near Portland on March 24th 1979, at least there in the physical sense -- however in my mind's eye I had went back in time and space, with my thoughts clearly focused on my memories of the circumstances on that time period in my life from March 1, 1972 through August 31, 1972 back home in Covina, it's neighboring towns in L.A. County as well as memories of the various trips I made to the the 'O.C., San Diego, the Colorado River and the California Central Coast.

Part 3 Sub Part 4 details my adventures and misadventures of my life at that time, one incident being my encounter with a heavily armed informant working for the L.A. Sheriffs Department, who pressured and coerced me into trading him some 'weed' I was selling in exchange for a 38 caliber revolver that was fitted with a sniper's scope that I never wanted. -- As all this took place in my car on a street in front of a
house in Azusa known to the Azusa P.D. and Sheriffs alike, I was forced to wrap things up quickly before a patrol unit from either police agency came and busted me for both the 'pot' I was selling and police informant's guns.

This was only a few weeks after the assassination attempt on former Governor Wallace, at a Presidential campaign rally in Maryland in mid-May 1972, complete with an assassination 'patsy' who was apparently complicit in the assassination and the cover-up that followed.

June 1972 the break in of the Democratic Party Headquarters at the Watergate that was to lead to President Nixon's resignation by August 1974 and pave the way for Senate investigations of the FBI and CIA, the assassinations of President Kennedy in 1963 and Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968.

Attempted set-ups and 'frame ups' in July and August '72 and my move to a house near downtown Covina and other adventures and misadventures.

Part 3 Sub Part 4 -- March 1st through August 31st 1972


________________________________March 1st 1972 through April 30th 1972_____________________

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May 1st 1972 through June 30th 1972

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July 1st 1972 through August 31st 1972.

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