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Part 3 -- Sub Part 5
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Part 5 covers that time period from September 1, 1972 through Mid February 1973 and the increasingly weird circumstances and events that took place during this period of in my life. -- One being the September '72 attempted buy back of the scoped snipers pistol that I was coerced into trading for some 'weed' I was selling back in June of 1972, by a heavily armed police informant.

This Sub Part also deals with the use of CIA mind control, and my introduction to the nephew of President Nixon's legal advisor and Watergate Scandal 'king pin' Charles Colson, only days before the crash of United Airlines Flight 553 at Midway Airport in Chicago on December 8, 1972.

The United Flight 553 plane crash was then commonly referred to as the 'Watergate' plane crash whereas the cyanide laced body of Dorothy Hunt was found amongst the dead, which included an African-American Congressman and a TV corespondent for CBS news in Chicago, and a number of others. -- Dorothy Hunt was reportedly a former CIA agent and CIA station chief and outranked her husband E. Howard Hunt when Hunt was still a CIA agent.

Perhaps the creepiest aspect of the crash of United Flight 553 near Midway Airport in Chicago was the way in which numerous agents in plainclothes and police were seen in the neighborhood by the locals who lived there, just before the crash of the United Airlines DC-9 took place on December 8, 1972 therein a Southide Chicago neighborhood near the airport.

Colson's nephew and his two protoges moved into the house I was living at in late November '72 during which time I suspect that I was covertly drugged and interrogated by them. Colson and crew then episodically moved out only days before the United Flight 553 crash in Chicago in which the wife of Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt reportedly died.

Colson's uncle Watergate figure and Presidential Advisor Charles Colson was the man hired ex CIA agent E. Howard Hunt to put together the group of intel and military operatives that became known as the White House plumber's unit, who were later to be convicted of the break ins at the offices of the Democratic Party Headquaters located at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.

Disclosure By CIA Counsel to Congress in December 1972 & February 1973 Senate Hearings Uncover CIA, Secret Police-Spy Agency Training Tactics For Police & Sheriff's In Major American Cities Since at least 1971 if not earlier --- This Contemporaneous With CIA MK_ULTRA Mind Control Assassin Program Activities --- My Fear & Loathing in Los Angeles County In Wake Of Spud Helburg's July 1971 Murder By Specially Protected Police Informants & Then Recent Assassin's Pistol Scam of September 1972 involving yet another police informant for the L.A. Sheriff's Department

The Dead Ex? CIA Agent none other than Dorothy Hunt --- wife of Ex ? CIA Agent & Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt --- Dorothy Hunt's cyanide laced body was pulled from the United DC-8 wreckage --- Fascist factions of the CIA, FBI, & other government & military intelligence --- all freaking-out over the boxes of Documents stashed by the dead-former ?CIA agent Dorothy Hunt in Florida Only Weeks Earlier

--- Trying to figure out the summer 1972 sniper's pistol --- set-up by an L.A. Sheriff's Informant --- Other weird shit & it's possible links to my November 1972 Housemate Colson & his crew & My roommate Colson's CIA-White House Connects through his Uncle --- then Presidential Council / Watergate Scandal Figure Charles 'Chuck' Colson ---

I am becoming a bit more 'paranoid' the lodgers in Late November '72 what with the Colson Connection to Nixon & Watergate & his duo partners as additional lodgers --- Anyhow being just fired, newly unemployed & broke
after the time lost from work, as the result of all those L.A. County Marshall's raid's on my place on College St. & other misadventures,
I'm financially forced to move out of the place on College St. & back across the alley sometime near the end of November '72 where I stayed from August until September '72 --- December '72 I take job at a local Machine shop --- January '73 I get a job at a Motor Home factory in South El Monte & A Brief stay in West Covina until mid-February '73 --- Other Weird Shit & the CIA--FBI COINTELPRO Connections Behind it All
The December 1972 United DC-8 crash near Midway in Chicago --- The swarms of FBI and other individuals therein the Southside neighborhood of the crash site prior to the United DC-8 crash --- with a CIA-Watergate figure,
A CBS News reporter and local Congressman as victims.

The fact that the body of former CIA agent Dorothy Hunt, the wife of ex? CIA agent turned Watergate Break-in bungler E. Howard Hunt, reportedly contained high levels of cyanide when it was pulled from the wreckage;

J. Edgar Hoover's replacement as FBI Director, L. Patrick Gray's mysterious illness that kept him incommunicado and out of the limelight and thus wasn't in for questions during this same time period.

Click on the mini image links above to read about only some the circumstances and events in my life in December 1972
and the bizarre and deadly 'Watergate' Plane Crash, United Flight 553 near Midway Airport in Chicago December 8th. The United Flight 553
coincidided also took place on the same day as the December 8th mistrial ruling in favor of Defendant Daniel Ellsberg, over his leak of the 7,000 page study known as the 'Pentagon Papers' to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1969, and later to the New York Times, theWashington Postand 17 other newspapers in 1971. America's final phony moon landing mission Apollo 17 was 'launched' on all the major TV and radio networks the day before on December 7th 1972, the 31st Anniversary of the Japanese attack on the U.S. Navy's fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Uh Ohh ! What's this ? Yet another airline jet crash in Chicago, this one on December 20th 1972 at O'Hare International, a runway collision between a North Central Airllines DC-9 that sheared the tail section off a Delta CV-880 that reportedly killed 10 persons in all.
This was only 12 days after the United 737 Flight 553 'Watergate' plane crash across town at Midway Airport on December 8th. Click on the mini image link above (top left) to read more about it.

As the response time was only minute for the Chicago Fire Department to arrive on the scene, I have wonder if there were police, and agents from the DIA, FBI and CIA thereat the crashsite prior to the North Central DC-9's slamming into the tail section of the Delta Convair 880 jet. e

"Due to the foggy conditions and limited visibility at the airport, it took controllers nearly two minutes to determine that something had happened to North Central Flight 575. Once they did, they alerted the Chicago Fire Department, which arrived at the scene about a minute later, three minutes after the crash." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1972_Chicago%E2%80%93O%27Hare_runway_collision.

Uh Ohh ! What's this ? Yet another major airline jet crash, this the third one in a 3 week time period in December '72 with the Eastern Airlines L-1011 that for some unexplained reason just happened to abort it's approach landing to Miami International and then make a bee line to a nearby swamp full of tall grass and gators on December 20th 1972. This crash reportedly killed a total 101 people, and had 75 survivors, Click on the image link above (top center) to read more about it.

The mini image link above (top right) connect to the page I have assembled on the bizarre mid air collision between a U.S. Air Force Douglas C-118A military transport, the Air Force version of a civillian Douglas DC-6 and a U. S. Navy Lockheed P2V-5F Neptune patrol bomber over Norwalk, California on February 1st 1958.

The Norwalk mid air crashsites were only 20 miles or so southwest of the house in Covina my family just moved into only months before in the fall of 1957, and I was still a month away from my fifth birthday, I didn't hear about the Norwalk crash until the mid 1960's.

I have posted newspaper clippings and other material on this 1958 crash because of the crashe's striking similarities to the United 737, Flight 553 at Midway Airport in Chicago on December 8th 1972, as well as the United DC-8 jet crash on December 28th 1978, only five miles away from the house I had just moved into therein Portland, only four days before on December 24th.