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Part 3 -- Sub Part 6
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Part 6 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com
-- I review the bizarre and deadly circumstances and events of my life from Mid February 1973 through August 31st 1973.

Please note that like the rest of the copyrighted material from "1979" -- which I have posted thus far here at 1979westbrook.com it is by no means fully complete, or edited to the degree that I would call a 'final cut.

Not to worry though whereas I have managed to post material from "1979" that I feel is of suuficient quality and quantity to give most readers a fair account of the storyline and underlying plots and then ongoing conspiratorial objectives described in "1979" / 1979westbrook.com

J.T. Westbrook
January 2020

Part 3 Sub Part 6 takes place from mid-February 1973 through August 31, 1973 and details my move and retreat from all the weirdness and Marshall's raids on the place I lived at on Center Street in Covina, and the place just across the alley where I lived for the last 5 months to a run down neighborhood in Azusa, located less than a mile away from my old neighborhood in Covina where I grew up.

I was living there in what might be best decribed as a quasi underground status, and the house where I stayed was located directly across the street from one of party crashers who raided the Helberg Brothers rented house next to Covina Park, not once but twice.

The first time on July 9th and the second time 10th, 1971. -- I'll refer to this party crasher as R.H. and although R.H. and some others were were actually guilty of inflicting a sword wound to my friend 'Spud' Helberg's head only minutes after I left him and his girlfriend Niki in the pre-dawn hours of July 10th, I always knew that these guys weren't the ones actually responsible for 'Spud's death in July 1971.

R.H. and friends then minors, and one an adult police informant all pled guilty to lesser charges of involuntary manslaugther and received light sentences, and were all back on the street in lees than 2 years. -- I go into all this in Part 3 Sub Part 2 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com. -- I sometimes partied with R.H. but I was carefull not to say too much, nor would I let R.H. go into too much detail about what actually happened to 'Spud' Helberg.

Part 3 Sub Part 6 also details my introduction to a girl named Janet from Glendora who I saw from time to time and liked but never really trusted. Sub Part 6 also describes the Janet's role in helping to instigate a fucking riot at scenic campground at the Kern River during the Memorial Day '73 holiday weekend.

This brought out hordes of Sheriff's Deputies from Kern County, Santa Barbara County, Inyo County, Kings County and Tulare County, who all took turns grilling me about the drugs I stashed, but not about the riot that the girls help to start.

I went back later after the cops had gone and retrieved my stash of 'pot' and pills and tried to salvage what I could of the weekend with Janet and the four other girls who I went to the Kern River with that weekend.

It was my turn to drive when I heard the news about the Secret Service agent who died in the British Bahamas over the AM radio in the car that belonged to one of the girls as I drove through mountains back to L.A. on Sunday night May 27th 1973.

The first of the nationally televised Watergate Hearings began only days before the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday and it was only three weeks later that former CIA agent, turned White House Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt testified that his then boss in 1972, DIA agent turned Nixon's Presidential Advisor Charles Colson had ordered Hunt to break into the Milwaukee apartment of Arthur Bremer, only hours after Bremer the 'media patsy' had supposedly shot former Governor George Wallace at a Campaign rally in Maryland in May 1972, thus ending Wallace's bid for the Presidency.

This confirmed my suspicions that Watergate Figure Charles Colson's nephew and the two pre-med students who moved into the house I was staying in Covina, in late November 1972, had my food drugged and then were using sodium pentathol to interogate me whilst I was out cold. -- This also explains why they all moved out of the house in Covina so suddenly, only days before the United Airlines Flight 553 crash in Chicago, ''The Watergate Plane Crash' on December 8th 1972 therein which the wife of Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt reportedly died.

Part 3 Sub Part 6 also covers my reactions to the nationally televised Watergate hearings in August 1973 in which long suppressed revelations regarding the presence of the FBI and agents from other various intel, police and military organizatiions were present at the United Airlines Flight 553 crashsite an hour or more before the crash even took place on December 8th 1972.

It was only a week or two later, in mid-August 1972 that an ambush of of sorts was arranged for me at the West Covina Courts, when 'Spud' Helberg's Girlfriend who was with 'Spud' and I when we fended off the first attack by the party crashers on July 9th 1971, but who came back minutes after I left in the pre-dawn hours of July 10th to inflict the head wound that later supposedly resulted in 'Spud's death on July 17th 1971.

During this ambush at the West Covina courts where I was straightening out some old traffic warrants, I was chatting with a friend of mine named J.T. from Baldwin Park about his recent trip to Baja, when Niki came out of the crowded court corridor with a couple of friends or whatever, and started screaming about I was responsible for 'Spud's death in July 1971. -- J.T. and I were both stunned, but as I shook my head J.T. knew that Niki was lying and that the ambush must have planned it was no mere coincidence.

Niki's charges were precisely opposite of the facts, as I was the one who suggested barricading the door to 'Spud's upstairs bedroom with his bed and other furniture that successfully prevented the party crashers from breaking in and attacking 'Spud', Niki and I during the first of two attacks at the Helberg Brother's house, which took place at just before 9:00 PM on July 9th 1971. -- The second attack falsely attributed to 'Spud's death actually took place on July 10th 1971.

It would be some 5 years later that J.T.'s friend 'Woody' who was also from Baldwin Park, would turn up in Portland in April 1978 and with whom I was to later stay with Hillsboro, Oregon from mid October through December 24th 1978. -- These circumstances and events are detailed in Part 8 Sub Part 4, and Part 10, Sub Part 2 through Sub Part 4 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

To "1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Key events in J.T. Westbrook's life from mid February 1973 in Azusa, Covina, it's neighboring towns in L.A. County, Spring and Summer in Azusa, California living a in quasi underground existence, near my hometowm Covina, visits with one of the fall guys for Spud Helberg's murder who lives across the street. L.A. FM radio, rock music splits into new and different kinds of rock, my 20th birthday March 8, 1973, I sell my Porsche and buy an Anglia mini panel, a strange incident visiting friends in leads to my meeting Janet, her FBI informant like friends check out my new digs in Azusa.

Start of the Watergate Hearings days before the Memorial Day weekend, my holiday weekend trip to the Kerns River with Janet, her friend Rene and three other local girls I know from Azusa, I take along hundreds of 'Pink Lady' barbituates, which have been flooding the neighborhoods and have a weird hypnotic like high.

I bought them for sale to the holiday partiers at the Kern River, and I brought along an ounce of 'weed' and a case of 'Coors' beer. The bizarre one sided fight there only an hour after our arrival between two brothers prompting the justifiable intervention of a fisherman which I was thankfull for, and which in turn prompted Janet and the four other girls I came there with, along with some other screaming bitches and dumbfuck dudes to instigate a riot at the Kern River where families and children were present.

Calls and shouts from both sides to get the guns and rifles from the trunks of cars, trucks and inside the campers as teenagers, grown ups, both male and female ran around charching at each other individually and in groups, clawing, scratching, punching and kicking each like there was no tommorrow.

I had an grandstand like view of the violence and savagery from where I stood, there on a giant boulder, waving my arms and pleading for everybody to stop the hitting each other, as things had gotten completely out of hand and some innocent bystanders and kids killed. The whole scene seemed to take on a surreal, comic opera like performance, what with all the hysterics going and the beautifully tranquil scene there heavily wooded and plant filled camspsite along the Kern River which glimmered ever so peacefully as it flowed there in the background.

After some minutes of trying to appeal to the crowds better natures, I could see that they all had reverted to savage like animals, some fueled by alcohol and drugs and others simply by hate, fear and the lust for violence.

As I was being totally ignored I could see that it was no use and I made my way to the girl's '60 Dodge that we drove up there in, grabbed all my pills and 'pot' out of the trunk and found a quiet little spot in the woods and boulders where I 'stashed' my drugs and 'pot' as it was a sure bet that the cops would be there soon and I wanted to keep my dope for myself, not used as evidence to send me off to jail or possibly prison.

Sheriffs from 5 counties converged on the whole Kern River campsite, like it was wired for sound. I was repeatedly quizzed by the cops from 5 different counties, each in turn about my stash I hid in the woods, not about my extraordinary attempts to stop the violence, not unlike that of a good former police science student or responsible citizen who didn't want to see people murdered and accidentally killed. One or more of the gils had 'ratted me out' to the cops because the cops seemed to know that had drugs stashed in the woods and the only one I told where the five girls I came with, just before the swarm of Sheriffs Deputies arrived.

The girls and I relocated to another spot on the Kern River, where I had punch one of the girls who sucker punced me, and we spent two nights there and stayed 'stoned' as I decided that I didn't want to fuck Janet my girl, after that riot that damn near got people killed and me possibly arrested, had I not kept my wits about me.

Our bizarre ride home and the weird and precisely timed radio transmission over the car's AM radio in the mountains at twilight and the clue in like reactions from the three backseat bitches, as I drove the car with Janet sitting next to me and her friend Rene sitting 'shotgun' . This was news of the U.S. Secret Service agent who reportedly died in a helicopter crash in what was the then the British Bahamas, only the night before during President Nixon's holiday weekend visit there.

I could feel the stares of the chicks in the back seat staring at me as I drove and watched their uncharacteristically snide and curious expressions on their faces studying my eyes in the car's rearview mirror as if they had been coached to study my reactions to the news about the death of the Secret Service agent the night. I remember how the twilight faded and the sick ass smiles faded into the darkeness only seconds after the AM news broadcast as I kept driving and then had Janet light me up a cigarette and as I turned on the headlights. The girls in the backseat reminded me of the witches from Shakespeare's MacBeth.

June 1973 Watergate Hearings where E. Howard Hunt charges that President Nixon's council Chas. Colson ordered him to break into the apartment of Arthur Bremer, only hours after Bremer's botched assassination attempt of Alabama Gov. Wallace at a Presidential Campaign Rally in Maryland.

This is huge for me as Chas. Colson's nephew and 2 med students moved into the house on Center Street where I living in late November '72 and then drugged and interrogated me whilst I was under. This was only days before the Watergate plane crash, United flight 553 near Midway Airport in Chicago Dec. 8 1972. and Watergate figure Hunt's revelations of Charles Colson's links to would be assassination 'patsy' Bremer, confirmed my conclusions that Colson's nephew and crew had in fact drugged and interrogated me late November and early December, and then moved out only days before the United Flight 553 Watergate plane crash in Chicago December 8, 1972 that reportedly killed Ex CIA agent E. Howard Hunt's wife amongst a number of oither notable figures as well.

July 1973, one of my former co-worker's from Sorbent Sciences must have had me under surveillance or was directed my way as I was walking in downtown Covina.

He informed me that the owner of the company, somehow lost his arms trying to restart the propeller of his plane down in Mexico. Our meeting apparently arranged by private detectives to get my reactions to the incident, apparently aware of the Colson connections to my drug-hypno interrogation then only 8 months before.

Trying out Heroin at the place in Azusa and the incident that made me leave the stuff alone.


August 1973 ambush at the West Covina Courts by Niki and her entourage, Spud's girlfriend who was present the first attack by partycrashers July 9, 1971 and partied with Spud and I until 2:00 AM when I left only minutes before the second attack that resulted in Spuds hospitalization, release and readmittance to the Covina Hospital where he was reported dead on July 17, 1971.

Spud was actually interrogated and murdered by FBI and other intel over things I told him about thecircumstance and events of my life in March and April 1971. Niki's ambush rigged like the February 1973 incident at the West Covina Courts when I appeared on a probation violation and Jim Sorensen from La Puente and the summer of 1971, was brought out for arraignment and his parents screamed at me in court how I was somehow responsible for ruing his life.

In September 1973 I moved back to the same street I grew up on in Covina, E. Tudor St., just the other side of the chain link fence from Gladstone High where I graduated from in June '71. -- I lived there at 17133 E. Tudor until my friend Thom and I left to hitch hike north small town in Northern California, 20 miles south of the Oregon border on August 31, 1973.


A Riotously Bizarre Memorial Day '73 Weekend At The Kern River
The Death Of Secret Service Agent Dietrich In The British Bahamas
Cryptic Car Radio News At Twilight; Backseat Witches Ala MacBeth

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