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Part 3 -- Sub Part 7
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Part 7
-- I review the bizarre and deadly circumstances and events of my life from September 1st 1973 through March 31st 1974.

Part 3 Sub Part 7 covers that time period from from September 1, 1973 through March 31, 1974 and was also also viewed in retrospect from my place in West Slope, Oregon on March 24th 1979, covers what was a transitional point in my life whereas I moved from Azusa and moved back to my old neighborhood in Covina, where I started work as a plumber's apprentice and went to school part time at Citrus College in Glendora.

-- I cut way back on my use of drugs at this point in time as I was mostly smoking 'weed' and drinking wine when I played chess, which was then becoming popular amongst many young people at the time.

The September '73 Chilean military coup and assassination of President Salvatore Allende brought forth revelations in the media and press of CIA-ITT involvement in these events, as Allende was then 'nationalizing' American corporate holdings in Chile.
The mass arrests, totures and mass murders that followed in the years to come there in Chile in the seventies, was much like that in Europe in the late thirties and early forties under the Nazis.

I was amongst the many tens of millions of Americans caught in the early seventies American malaise brought on by the Vietnam un-declared war that began for the U.S. in the dark days after the 1963 'JFK' assassination, the revelations murders and political intrique brought out by the Congressional Watergate hearings televised nationally.

Secretary of State Kissinger presided over the secret bombings in Cambodia, that later led to the rise of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge and the genocide of a million and a half or more Cambodians.

Sub Part 7 also covers my other pursuits such as surfing, working on my Anglia panel and lsitening to the various kinds of new rock music that were then still being broadcast over the FM airwaves in L.A. and Southern California.

Perhaps the most prominent event in my life at that time period in my life from September '73 until the end of March '74 was the visit of a friend who grew up my street and who was part of our little drug clique there as well. -- He arrived just after Christmas and left the day before New Years Eve 1973-74.

He had some money and we partied it up there in that slice of December between Christmas and News Years, and one night he invited my friend Thom to move up north to a town where he had family and friends. -- A place called Montague, near Yreka and which was about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. -- It sounded so good that I asked if I could come along too and he said yes. -- We all agreed that Thom and I would drive up there in my Anglia Panel as soon as I got it road worthy, which looked to be sometime in the early Spring of 1974.

Degaulle Airport near Paris opened on March 8th 1974, my 21st Birthday and wasn't much closer to completing the necessary repairs to my car than I was in December '73 and I was still working as a plumber's apprentice who worked solo sometimes.


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