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Part 3 -- Sub Part 8
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Part 8
-- I review the bizarre and deadly circumstances and events of my life from April 1st 1974 through August 30th, 1974.

Part 3 Sub Part 8 of "1979" also details those last five months I spent in Covina, working in plumbing and later in plumbing specialties, working my Anglia which came back from my friend and auto painter Tom Krolich orange, instead of silver as I had asked for originally. -- I guess orange was the better choice according to my other friends.

Memorial Day Weekend '74 was quite a bit different from the one in May '73 at the Kern River as Thom and I went backpacking in Eaton Canyon, then scenic and seemingly remote wilderness area, that located just north of Pasadena.

It was a most enjoyable weekend for the very most part, and it was my third or so morning there when I was talking to a girl I met up there, a 17 or 18 year old Girl Scout there next to some water at the base of a tiny box canyon when we heard some hikers making the trek in on the hiking trail about 100 feer or more above us when suddenly a sliver of rock fell out of the clear blue sky and hit the girl's leg just above her knee, creating a rather deep flesh wound.

I along with some other guys that were nearby, carried the girl out of the canyon by hand for several miles until we arrived at cabin in the woods, at which time we loaded her onto an old Willeys jeep and it's driver then drove down a rocky creek bed to the highway and a hospital.

It was too bad as I had just started making out with the nice looking, legal aged Girl Scout only minutes before that dagger like rock fell out of the sky and cut her leg open. -- It might have been love in the afternoon in the woods, had it not been for this.

KPPC FM Pasadena had become KROQ in the Fall of 1973 playing a lot of new music, Rodney Bingenheimer's show on Sundays there was especially good, whereas he played a lot of the rock music like 'Glam Rock', 'Metal' and what was to later become 'New Wave', 'Art Rock' and 'Punk'. -- There were several or more other truly great FM rock stations in L.A., as was KNAC in Long Beach and KGB in San Diego.

I started using speed a bit, thanks some help from my Covina house mate and soon to be future travelling partner Thom, and my surfer friends would sometimes take me along when they went surfing. -- I was never any at good surfing but I liked the exercise and the relaxation of floating on a surfboard there off the shore as it gave me time to think and look at things in a different perspective.

As I let one of my co-workers at RITE know of my plans to move north at the end of the month, my boss Hugh Bradley decided to fire on the day after Richard Nixon resigned his Presidency on August 9th 1974. -- Thom and I spent the rest of August '74 painting
the house we then lived in and which was owned by his mother. -- I decided that I wouldn't be able to get my Anglia Panel ready before the end of summer, so Thom and I decided that we would both hitch-hike up the coast from L.A. to San Francisco and then
cut across San Pablo Bay inland to Interstate 5, which would take to hitch-hike all the way to Yreka which was also located on Interstate 5 about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. Montague, our destination was only 7 miles east of Yreka and our friend there would come and get us when we hit Yreka.


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