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Part 4

Index Page To Part 4 Sub Parts 1 Through 8 Of
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 4 has 8 Sub Parts -- and covers the circumstances & events of my life during that time period from mid-September 1974 through September 13th 1975 -- during which time I lived in Montague and Yreka, and made various trips to other places in Siskiyou County, Crescent City and various other locations in the western portions of Northern California and Southern Oregon.
I also made a half dozen or so visits to Portland and sometimes the Oregon Coast, as well as two trips to Covina and L.A. and one trip to San Diego during this time segment.


Part 4 Sub Part 1

Part 4 Sub Pt 1 -- I recollect the first day of my hitch-hiking trip from West Covina to Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta and on to Santa Maria on August 31, 1974.

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Part 4 Sub Part 2

Part 4 Sub Pt 2
--This recounts the main points of the rest of my hitch-hiking trip north and camping out with my traveling partner near Petaluma on September 1st 1974 and our hitch-hike ride next day around San Pablo Bay in Marin to Vacaville where we met two girls from Portland on Labor Day September 2, 1974. -- The 505 Winters cut off to the I-5 for a late afternoon swim and some beers with the Portland girls at Shasta Lake just north of Redding till dusk. -- Our arrival at my new home in Montague where my traveling partner and I dropped off our luggage, before proceeding on north of on the I-5 that night and drove on until we reached Portland by dawn on September 3rd, where I stayed on through to mid-September 1974 before returning my new home in Montague some 20 miles south of the Oregon border.

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Part 4 Sub Part 3

Part 4 Sub Pt 3
-- This Sub Part covers my first 6 months in Northern Cal from I recall mid-September 1974 through March 20,1975, my move from Montague to Yreka by mid-November and Karen one of the girls I met in Vacaville, comes down from Portland to live with me. -- Karen's idea to make trips to Crescent City within days of the mass murder spree there, and a Yreka psychiatrist links to the subsequent murder trial over it. -- Karen's inexhaustible supply of pharmaceuticals apparently supplied by way of the 'back to back' burglaries of a Yreka pharmacy used as cover to supply her and the other local dopers. -- I'm just a 'pot' and beer head with occasional psychedelics on the side and take some classes at the College of the Siskiyous.

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Part 4 Sub Part 4

Part 4 Sub Pt 4
-- This covers that week and a half time period March 21, 1975 through April 1, 1975 -- and the many layers of machinations prior to, during and after our March '75 Easter Weekend in Palo Alto to attend 'back to back' rock concerts in San Francisco and the apparently Satanic overtones involved. -- This only days after the assassination of Saudi King Faisel, reportedly by an Americanized nephew, with American girlfriend and a history with mental institutions many believe to be fronts for CIA mind control.


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Part 4 Sub Part 5

Part 4 Sub Pt 5
-- The plot thickens even more in this slice of my life from April 2, 1975 through June 2, 1975, what with the bizarre death of an rising actress from Eugene, Oregon with family ties to Idaho in early April, followed by my Portland Girlfriend's solo trip to Pocatello, Idaho in mid-May 1975 at which time I'm suckered into a free solo round trip visit to L.A. days later , carefully crafted by the FBI and other intel for me to bring back Greg, a childhood friend up north to be installed there for the upcoming 'Plans For Me Up North' which I was unaware of at the time, but which would later inadvertently be revealed to me two months later during a fiery and bloody weekend at the 'Callahan Days' music festival on July 25-26, 1975.

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Part 4 Sub Part 6

Part 4 Sub Pt 6
-- This details a brief transitional period of my life in from June 3, 1975 through July 19, 1975 with some rather interesting news events taking place in the U.S. at this time that included a lightning strike like 'hit' on an Eastern Airlines 727 out of New Orleans there on landing approach at JFK in New York on June 24th killing 113 passengers and crew. There were also June '75 revelations as to how the CIA used intel supplied by the Mafia to coordinate it's failed 'Bay of Pig's invasion in 1961 during President Kennedy's term in office, and the July 1st revelations from President Ford's Defense Secretary that the U.S. is 'considering' the possibility of a 'first strike' nuclear attack on the Soviets.

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Part 4 Sub Part 7

Part 4 Sub Pt 7
-- This Sub Part describes the week leading up to and the frey and bloody weekend at 'Callahan Days' from July 20, 1975 through July 26, 1975 and most importantly Karen's inadvertent, pain, drug and alcohol induced revelations of the 'Plans For Me Up North' which also put me wise to the fact that my trip to L.A. and Covina two months before was a carefully prearranged and manipulated so that I would bring up Greg to Yreka to play his FBI informant role in the 'Plans For Me Up North' along with Karen my Portland Girlfriend, and her friend Kathy Doyle from Portland.

-- The night after Karen's slip of the lip about the 'Plans For Me Up North', Portland Karen and Kathy led me to dark and noisy corner of the 'Callahan Days' music festival where' Greg was ritualistically stabbed and then shoved into my arms, all awash in blood from the dozen or so knife wounds in his back. -- These are some warm fucking memories to think about when I got old.

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Part 4 Sub Part 8

Part 4 Sub Pt 8
-- This Sub Part covers July 27, 1975 through Sept. 13, 1975 and details the 'blow back' that resulted from what I can only best describe as my intelligence 'coup' at 'Callahan Days' July 25th-26th and Greg's recovery in a Medford hospital where he coached by FBI agents during his stay there till mid-August '75.
-- It also covers the murder of a Yreka local only days after 'Callahan Days' music festival played off as an accident, and the elaborate machinations involved in the two separate debriefings I was subjected to in Yreka under the guise of simple outings at a local bar where my beers were dosed and Greg's brother the L.A. Cop and Greg's Parents all quizzed me whilst I was under visual and audio electronic surveillance in mid-August. -- This also covers the trip to L.A., Covina and San Diego that Greg, Karen and I made to retrieve our vehicles there and drive back, where I was under surveillance to see if I would 'spill' what I knew about the recent events at 'Callahan Days' but as I was wise to this, I kept silent about what I knew about the 'Plans For Me Up North'. -- Karen's suggestion to move to Portland came in late August and we moved there on September 13, 1975

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The Time Table Index was designed as a quick reference guide to for readers of this website, whereas the 13 Parts and Sub Parts of "1979" take place over a nine-year long plus time period and with Parts 1 and 2 juxtaposed in time, out of chronological order, it's sometimes hard to keep track of the circumstances & events contained in the 60 plus separate time periods comprising "1979". It's also become an invaluable tool for me in the writing of "1979" and creation of this website: 1979westbrook.com

Graphic And Detailed Depictions Of The Circumstances & Events Described In "1979" Presently On Sale At 1979Visions.Com

These 60 or so Montages which I have created for the 13 Parts and respective Sub Parts to "1979" combine text, captions and photos to create abstract like, descriptions and depictions of the circumstances and events covered in them. -- Click on the web link below for details.


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