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Part 4 -- Sub Part 1
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Part 4 Sub Pt 1
-- One day only: 7:00 AM August 31, 1974 through to midnight August 31 - September 1, 1974

The first day of my hitch-hiking trip from Interstate 10 in West Covina, with my travelling partner, his dog, back-packs and luggage a a little after 6:00 AM.


Covina the place I grew up in from late 1957 through mid-1971 and on, off again from in June '72 and September '73 through August 31, 1974, the day I started out on my hitch hiking journey to my new home in Northern Cal just south of the Oregon border, with a freind, his German Shepherd, our packs and luggage.

Click on the links to Part 3 and it's 8 respective Sub Parts there in, should one wonder why I wanted to move away from Covina so terribly much.

Below is a map of that portion of Covina where I grew up and where some murderous and chillingly bizarre incidents in my life took place. This map is numbered and has a map legend that gives a few details as to the significance of the place numbered, what happened there and in some cases the future ramifications of the place and people I met there, in what was then the very unforeseen future I was then embarking on.











Radio Veronica was one of, if not one of the oldest underground, pirate radio stations in the world and whose broadcasting format was the model for a number of underground radio stations there in California, the U.S. and Europe during the assassination riddled and profit driven wars of the 1960's and '70's.

I feel that the circumstances and events of my life at that time, all led to my my having left Covina for a new life in Northern Cal on the same day that the Radio Veronica went off the air on August 31, 1974, and there was and is of culturally historic importance as far I'm concerned.




In the late 1960's and early '70's KPPC, KMET, KNAC, & KLOS rock stations and their various styles of 'free form radio' formats, really helped to bring about a massive, non-violent social revolution that was quite literally sweeping the nation from coast-to-coast as these L.A. FM stations and there counterparts in the other major urban areas and suburbs


There was yet another, long standing underlying reason from 1968 for me to leave Covina and L.A. County. This event tied together a series seemingly unconnected incidents, one being my running away from home in Covina at the age of 15 and hiding out in Santa Monica in August '68, the grizzley rape, murder and police cover-up of my freind's grandmother -- also there in Santa Monica in September '68 -- there at precisley the very same garage in Santa Monica where I hid out only some weeks before in August '68.

Weirder still these same events from August and September 1968 were directly and indirectly connected to the 'back-to-back' U.S. National Security State sponsored assassinations of Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King in April '68, in Memphis and that of U.S. Senator Robt. F. Kennedy only 20 miles away from Covina thereat the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. -- as well as my involvement there in Gladstone High School's Fall 1968 production of George Orwell's "1984" -- and the elaborate machinations and political pressures brought to bear, in order to drive me off the set crew for the GHS stage production of "1984".

To read more about all these events simply click on the image link directly below.











Some of the older guys at there at the Goleta apartments were covertly giving me cues to not go up the apartments, hold my ground and get the hell out of there, whilst others on the small crowd were getting more and more woked up.