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Monday September 2nd, Labor Day 1974, I woke up from a better night's sleep than the one before at some field near the 'Denny's in Santa Maria our first night out. -- My traveling partner and I slept late that morning as I recall and didn't start hitch-hiking well after 9:00 AM or possibly later.

I seem to recall that we may have caught a short ride south on the 101 to State Highway 37 which skirts along San Pablo Bay located at the northern perimeter of San Francisco Bay near Sears Point.

Once there on Highway 37 a driver in a 40's vintage pick-up truck, stopped to pick me, my travelling partner, his roadworthy German Shepard and our considerable amount of gear up, whereby I rode shotgun in the truck cab and Thom and his dog rode in truck bed with our gear and luggage .

I chatted with the dude driving the vintage truck who picked us up. He was plump, had a grizzled beard and most all of his long light brown wavy hair and had the regular features of most any white guy.

The driver looked to be somewhere in his late thirties or possibly early forties and informed me that he was heading to Inter-state 80 which ran east, and suggested that we stay with him on I-80 until we reached Vacaville where we could get what was then the Winters Temporary 505 cutoff that cut north to the Interstate 5 which led nearly all the way to our intended destination, a little cowtown called Montague, situated about 8 miles east of Interstate 5 and approximately 20 miles south of the Oregon border.

When the driver of the vintage pick-up said he would drop me and my traveling entourage consisting of a worthless traveling partner, his very worthy and fierce German Shepard and all our gear and luggage there at Vacaville, the location of the CIA-military mind control center situated there under the guise of the California State Department of Prisons called the California Prisons Medical Facility at Vacaville

This immediately set off alarms in my mind with regard to then recent events in Los Angeles in May 1974 about 30 miles away from where I lived and had had left from only two days before in Covina, this was the meticulously planned, murderous assassination raid on targeted members of the CIA-FBI backed SLA terrorist organization based out of San Francisco.

In the days and weeks that followed the local L.A. television, radio stations and most of all newspapers reported some of the rather more arcane and overlooked details of the CIA-FBI raids on the SLA members in Los Angeles who were set-up from their start on through their firey finish televised live at least in L.A. anyhow as I watched well orchestrated prime time TV mass murder go down live as some shit went down in Covina that same evening May 17, 1974.

I made some rather, not too detailed, general comments to the pick-up truck driver about my reservations regarding Vacaville Prison and it's links to the 'SLA' terror organization and joked a bit abput it's most famous member, 'Rich Brat Gone Radical' Patty Hearst, who missed the all the bullets and incindiary fireworks in L.A. unlike some of her fellow 'SLA' members who didn't.

As we drove the highway that skirted along San Pablo Bay, the driver said where he said that the spot where he intended to let us off in Vacaville was well away from where Vacaville Prison was located and that it was a great location to continue hitch-hiking from as it where the Interstate 80 met what was then called the 'Winters Cutoff' which was the 505 temporary that went north through Winters and on up to Interstate 5 which would then take us to Yreka only 8 miles or so from our intended destination the tiny cow town of Montague near the Oregob border.

The driver mentioned that there was an onramp for the 'Winter's Cutoff' was near 'The Nut Tree' restaurant a popular stop for motorist and would be a good spot to get a ride at and about a half hour later there were, two young guys with backpacks, luggage, a guitar case and German Shepard too.

Please refer to the montage for Part 4 Sub Part 2 of "1979" at the top of this page to read more about my first visit to Vacaville.

Also note that this version of Part 4 Sub Part 2 which I have presently posted online does not contain the detailed drafts covering that period of time from September 2nd through mid-September 1974 describing my first visit to Portland, Oregon which was in 1974 already being tentatively touted as 'America's Most Livable City, according to one of the two Portland girls that pick my traveling partner and I up in Vacaville and drove there to Portland to spend a few days.



Labor Day Weekend 1974

Leaving Covina on Saturday Morning August 31st '74 to Hitch-hike to my new home in Northern California --- An attempted Gang-raping in Goleta Ghetto that night --- My Vigilance, Buck-knife Diplomacy & Persuasive Conversation Save the day --- Labor Day Ride To Our New Northern California Home & A Side Trip To Portland With Two Local Girls

The Labor Day Weekend 1974 Nuclear Engineering Conference at The Portland Hilton Where I Was To Become A Hilton Employee At In February & March 1979 which I quit the very day before the start of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Meltdown, on March 27, 1979

--- Thom takes the redhead, I get the brunette, Karen --- Meeting Karen's Family & Her Cousin Terry's Move To Jackson Hole, Wyoming, near Idaho Falls & Pocatello, Idaho Where Karen's Sister Was to Move To A short time later

Saturday Morning August 31, 1974 Ride to Interstate 10 From a Surfer Friend --- Hitching Up the Coast & Picked up in Santa Barbara in an attempted set-up
For a Mugging & a 'Gang Rape' in Goleta --- Buck knife Diplomacy on Pacific Coast Highway to avoid another Situation Near Santa Maria --- A Ride All the Way To the The Golden Gate & Marin County --- A Short Drive around the Bay to Vacaville & The 505 Winters Cut-off to Interstate 5 --- The Fiat With Ladies That Couldn't fit us & all our stuff in --- Two Chicks in VW Bug that could and did and invited us on An unexpected Side-trip To Portland --- The Girls invite us to join them for a visit of Portland Oregon Made To Appear 'Spur-of-The Moment' --- Portland rated America's Most Liviable City in 1974 by a Salt Lake research firm --- the following year the EPA also rated Portland No. 1 in livability

--- Cousin Terry moves to Jackson, Wyoming about a week later Portland Oregon the Intended Destination As per the primary conspiratorial objective --- To manipulate me out of Yreka, California to Portland the following year 1975 --- A 1000 Miles from Home family & friends in L.A. County --- & Eventually set me up at the Portland Hilton --- there as an assassination 'patsy' and led to that chain of events in March 1979 as covered in the later Chapters of "1979"

Wash Post 9_1_74 B 7
Anderson Whittten col. On CIA trained Cuban commandos

Wash Post 9_8_74 A 1
April 22, 1973 testimony by CIA Dir Colby regarding the CIA & Chile revealed

Wash Post 9_12_74 A 10
CIA Dir Colby to discuss Chile Operations at a special conference.

Wash Post 9_13_74 A 12
Congresional view of CIA-Chile disclosures eyed





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This house on SE Taylor near 12th in Portland was where Karen, one of the two Portland girls who we met in Vacaville lived and where I spent a couple of weeks during my September '74 visit. The place looks remarkably the same after 40 years except that the house was canary yellow. The lower left bay window was where Karen's rooms were located.





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