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Part 4 -- Sub Part 4
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com


Part 4 Sub Pt 4
-- An eventfull and bizarre
Easter Rock Concert Weekend in San Francisco and Bay Area March 21, 1975 through April 1, 1975
-- Girlfriend attends Easter Services,
Rock Concerts. Subterfuge & concealment in the days leading up to the events, during and afterwards in the wake thereafter.

Part 4 Sub Pt 4
-- This covers that week and a half time period March 21, 1975 through April 1, 1975 -- and the many layers of machinations prior to, during and after our March '75 Easter Weekend in Palo Alto to attend 'back to back' rock concerts in San Francisco and the apparently Satanic overtones involved. -- This only days after the assassination of Saudi King Faisel, reportedly by an Americanized nephew, with American girlfriend and a history with mental institutions many believe to be fronts for CIA mind control.


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Pt 4 Sub Part 4

The Rock Concert Weekend In San Francisco --- Easter Weekend March 1975

The Series of Bizarrely Elaborate Machinations Prior To, During & After The Rock Concert Weekend --- Apparently Concealing Some Kind Secret Agenda Which Must Be Kept Secret From Me --- Ominous Forebodings As To What It's All Leading Up To --- Maybe The Chicks In Some Kind Of Cult Or Something --- Sensing Danger I Act Ignorant, Conceal My Suspicions

Easter Weekend 1975 ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ & ‘Queen’ Rock concerts in San Francisco serve as cover for my fiance’s covert meeting with other CIA MK-ULTRA mind control freaks & contract agent Christine Surma --- This just four days after Surma’s longtime former fiancé Prince Faisal is accused of assassinating of Saudi King Faisal in Riyadh --- I was still wary having left L.A. County only seven months earlier --- On Labor Day Weekend September 1974 ---A Siskiyou County, California Judge unexpectedly moves up the date of that Our Yreka friend & landlord Bill, has to start his so called drug treatment at Vacaville State Pen --- So we were offered to buy The tickets to an Easter Weekend Back to Back Double Bill This spoke volumes to me --- It switched on my radar so to speak --- Chapter 17. of “1979” --- April through May 1975

'Queen' - 'Mahogany Rush' And & 'Yesterday & Today'


My Fiancés Secret Agenda In Idaho --- My Being Sucked Into A Covertly pre-Arranged Visit To L.A. County, Made To Appear Spontaneous --- Bringin Back My Friend? A Drug Addict Who Was Also A Government Informant Helping To Set Me Up My Fiancés Visit To Her Sister In Pocatello, Idaho --- Her Silence Regarding Her Seeing Cousin Terry From Nearby Jackson Hole, Wyoming --- A Secret She Apparently Has To Keep From Me

My Hitch Hike Visit To Redding With A Yreka Local For A Day Visit While Girlfriend Is Idahoing --- Apparently Part Of A Skillfully Pre-arranged Offer
For Me To Take A Free Weekend Round-Trip Visit
Back To L.A. County --- This in order for me to ‘hook-up’ with my old friend Greg whose life I had saved --- Greg then a drug-addict working for the Feds as an informant, whose assignment was to help keep tabs on me and eventually help manipulate me out of Northern California to Portland, Oregon

My Silence, Suspicions & Curiosity over our Easter ’75 Rock Concert Weekend in S.F. --- Separate trips to Idaho & L.A. --- Bringing back Greg to ‘kick’ dope --- May ‘75 ‘FUBAR’ Festival Near Mt. Shasta --- Greg’s rescue from a fiery Bar-be-cue pit ---Some of Karen’s friends from Portland turn-up with sheets of blotter LSD

The Hitch back to Yreka From the Easter Weekend ‘75 --- Reflecting on the recent ‘Oyster Cult’ / ‘Queen’ Double-Bill @ Winterland in ‘Frisco’ --- End of the Vietnam War …It seemed like it would never end --- Girl Goes to Idaho --- Ostensibly to visit Family &Probable Start of Alleged Photo Frame-ups --- Free Round Trip Visit back home to L.A. --- Bringing ‘Greg’ Back to Yreka to ‘kick-dope’ --- The FUBAR Spring Festival Near Mt. Shasta --- Mid-70’s post-Watergate-Nixon, Spring ‘75 End of Vietnam War --- It Seemed Like it would go fore’s Almost Unbelievable thereby seem to appear that agent Phillip’s experience in 1963 may have been put to good use 1973 with Chilean coup and assassination of President Allende.

Chapter 16. of “1979” --- Easter Weekend Friday March 29 – Sunday 31, 1975 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A Satanic Easter Sunday 1975 At The Church Of Satan In San Francisco Girlfriend’s Alleged CIA Mind Control & ‘Peoples Temple’ Church-Cult Connections in San Francisco In Between Easter Weekend 1975 Rock Concerts
Back-to-Back Easter Weekend 1975 ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ & ‘Queen’ Rock concerts in San Francisco serve as cover for my fiancé’s covert meeting with other CIA MK-ULTRA mind control freaks & contract agent Christine Surma --- This just four days after Surma’s longtime former fiancé Prince Faisal --- a former long time San Francisco resident --- is accused of assassinating of Saudi King Faisal in Riyadh --- San Francisco as Common Denominator S.F. as a CIA MK-ULTRA Drugs-Hypno-Pussy Mind Control Mecca, as evidenced by CIA Agent & MK-ULTRA Mind Control freak George White’s ‘Operation Midnite Climax’ & related projects there in the 1950’s & 1960’s Which is detailed later there in Chapter __. Of “1979”. The Prince a longtime former resident with CIA Christine Surma in San Francisco as students at both San Francisco State in the ‘60’s & UC Berkeley in the 70’s

Easter Sunday Services At St. James Episcopal
Serve As Cover For Fiances Satanic Sabbat Rituals
Sightseeing and 'Pot' Purchasing in San Francisco For 'Tiger'

We were a bit rushed that Easter Sunday morning, March 31st 1975 as 'Tiger' drove his mom's car and drove Karen and I into San Francisco --- unusually sunny and warm I thought for 'Frisco' --- whereby we dropped Karen off a little bit late for Easter Services at what was most likely St. James Episcopal Church located on California __. after which time 'Tiger' and I drove off to see some sights in that city by the bay, San Francisco keeping an eye out for anybody selling ounces --- whereby we walked around and I bought an ounce of some pretty good weed from a guy wearing balloons in hat.

Tiger and I walked around a bit smoked a joint, enjoyed the sights and then went back to the Episcopal Church about an hour or so later --- after which time
'Tiger', Karen and myself drove around San Francisco, drove back to Palo Alto,
40 miles away, ate some lunch and hung out a bit at 'Tiger's' folks place in Palo Alto.

Satanic Cult - Assassination Connection Links
Between The Assassination of King Faisal By His CIA Mind Control Nephew on Mohammed's Birthday --- March 25, 1975
The Easter '75 Satanic Sabbat Services at the 'International
Church of Satan' also located on California St. in San Francisco as is 'St. James Episcopal' Where I dropped My Fiance off
& Which Served As Cover For The Alleged Satanic Sabbat there
on Easter Day March 30, 1975 --- The Celebration Date of the
Resurrection of Christ --- Five Days after the assassination of the King of Saudi Arabia on Mohammed's Birthday March 25, '75

The CIA MK-ULTRA / MK_DELTA Connections between
Christine Surma the former Live-in Fiance of Assassination Patsy Prince Faisal in the 'hit' on The Saudi King on March 25, '75
& The Initiation of a Satanic Ritual on Easter March 30, 1975,
Originally a Pagan Fertility Holiday, Also later observed by Christians --- Presumably there for a Kind of Satanic Blessing
Thereon the Success of Setting Me As CIA MK_ULTRA Mind
Control patsy --- For Whoever, When, & Where it was to be
Finalized --- Which later Turned out to be the Presidential Suite of the Portland Hilton were I was eventually employed at in March 1979
After first creating some "bogus" "body double" photos of me Idaho
Acting like a "lone-nut" assassination in waiting.

The Easter Sunday '75 "Queen" Concert In San Francisco
Apparently Some Kind of Covert --- Yet Public, Post- Easter 1975 Sabbat Ritual --- Whereby Other Members of the Coven and their Satan Worshipping Guest Could Check The New Intended
Assassination Patsy

By in the late afternoon on that Easter Sunday 1975 we drove back into San Francisco and attended the 'Queen' rock concert, which also had three other warm
-up bands --- unlike some of the warm-ups "Queen" was genuinely good. ---
Karen was a devoted "Queen" fan and had a couple of their albums --- and looked rather attractive that night as I recall as she was entranced by the music and the flashy "Glam-Rock" performance.

I see people checking me out thereat the 'Queen' rock concert but it was much more low key, and less intense that the night before at the "Blue Oyster Cult"

On Monday March 31, 1975 Karen & I had sent our luggage back up to Yreka by bus and decided to hitch-hike, we had thumb part way across the Golden Gate Bridge before we got a ride, but by night fall we had only got as far as Orland a town on I-5 noted for growing olives --- a windy and not to chilly night with warm gust --- we then decided to rent a motel room there and in morning we hitched rides the rest of the way to our home in Yreka.


On the weekend of March 24th -25th 1979 --- when I reveiwed the events of Easter Weekend '75 in SF --- My conclusion that it was all of Some kind of satancic cult connection thing --- was all the more corroborated what with the Jonestown Mass-Murder Suicides in Guyana --- Jonestown the based in in the SF bay area --- the asassinations of Mayor Moscone & Supervisor Milk the very next week ---

Explain how all this further corroborate your findings

The San Francisco Bay area and Redwood City --- a base of operation for Reverend Jim Jones "Peoples Temple" mass-murder suicide cult with U.S. government connections --- The late- November 1978, assassination of U.S. Representive Ryan, from the S.F. bay area and the members of the American Press Corp are assassinated during their fact finding tour which kicked the whole thing off.

Reverend Jones reportedly a long-time CIA agent stationed in Guyana and who helped depose it's first post-colonial government in 1960 where Jones was also conducting CIA MK_ULTRA type mind control activities. --- This according to Michael Meier's 1988 book; "Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment"