Steinem here with "MASH" TV program star Alan Alda. When 'MASH' first aired In 1972 in the waning years of the Vietnam era, many opposed to the undeclared war resented the TV program as it somehow was able to turn the anti-war theme of the 1970 movie 'MASH' there on it's head, whereby the 'MASH' TV show it seemed make the undeclared Korean War seem more like a real war necessary to the defense of the U.S. as was the case with World War II.

The MASH TV show made the Korean War seem like some kind of 'funzy wunzy', 'Gee ain't it swell' reality disconnect from the real horrors of war, which made it easier to disconnect horrors of the Vietnam undeclared war from reality. -- As far as I can tell the show seemed to somehow justify the Vietnam War in the minds of those freinds of mine who watched 'MASH' as well as to help derail any serious thoughts about possibly opposing the U.S. government's involvement in Vietnam, or maybe considering the underlying basis as to why American troops were there in the first. This would be the 1963 'JFK' assassination, the immediate installation of LBJ as President, the phony, staged 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident hyped up in the electronic media and press and all the money it was making the U.S. weapons makers and aerospace companies.

"Sister Gloria', the CIA 'mole' and subversive infiltator, whose reputed boyfriend J. Stanley Pottinger was an assistant U.S. Attorney General
who was reportedly busy covering the FBI's apparent role in the '68 Martin Luther King assassination -- here giving the 'Black Power' salute with a Black Women, to show 'Sister Gloria's supposed solidarity with the women of color and their ongong struggles in the 1970's.
Feel free to puke, I almost do every time I see this photo.




Some CIA 'sanitized' facts here in Wikipedia about one of Steinem's CIA associates - the wealthy, elitist, Reverend Wm. Sloane Coffin.
Coffin, like Steinem apparently shared the same basic objectives, infiltration and subversion of liberal, anti-war and leftist movements for those murderous and apparently controlling factions of the CIA and other fascist elements in the U.S. National Security Establishment.

I would have to assume that agent George White's reasearch findings, from his drug and 'pussy' scams, using CIA 'hookers' on unsuspecting 'Johns' in San Francisco in the 1950's as part of the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control program, was made availiable to Miss Steinem. This would also include what must have been some rather interesting film footage from some of CIA Colonel White's 'Operation Midnight Climax' experiments.
Note the phot of Che Guevara on CIA agent Steinem's wall as she sits in repose.


One of Steinem's more notable associates from the 'CIA front' Independent Research' was one of the creators of the super-elitist Tri Lateral Commission who later became President Carter's National Security Advisor -- the now deceased Zbignew Brzezinski.