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Part 6 of "1979"

Part 6 has 3 Sub Parts -- and covers the circumstances & events of my life in Portland, Oregon during that time period from October 1, 1976 through mid-February 1977, during which time I made only one trip to Yreka in Northern California in December, some 6 weeks prior to my flight from Portland aboard a Western Airlines 727 bound for LAX.

These memories as viewed through the prism of my 'minds eye' as I sat sequestered in my apartment in West Slope near Portland from March 24th 1979 through March 25 1979


Part 6 Sub Pt 1
-- This Sub Part covers October 1, 1976 -- mid-November 1976 and Greg's 3 day visit to Portland in mid-October which I could only conclude to mean that Greg was back to play his part in the 'Plans For Me Up North' after I saved his life for a second time when I drove him 40 miles to hospital lest he bled to death from his numerous stab wounds inflicted on him at 'Callahan Days' in July '75. -- This plus the fact that he was there to fuck Karen who I was already planning to leave anyway, but I resented the disrespectfull manner which they both carried on in my presence and thus in turn prompted me to break up with Karen by phone, whereby I now became single again. It was during this time that I started work at CRS in downtown Portland and made plans to return to Covina.

Part 6 Sub Pt 2
-- This Sub Part from mid- November 1976 -- December 31, 1976 describes Karen's mid-November visit to the place on SE 16th to tell me that she was pregnant prompting me to consider my options with the purported soon to be mother who was one the key pawns in the 'Plans For Me Up North' along with my 'friend' Greg and her friend Kathy Doyle. -- As I couldn't bring myself to tell her to get an abortion, I decided to marry her to give the kid my name and obtain visitation rights after we divorced. -- I didn't hate Karen I just wanted out from under scam she was helping to run on me for the FBI and CIA. -- This also covers our wedding, the reception and our weekend at Tillamook.

Part 6 Sub Pt 3
-- This takes place from January 1, 1977 -- mid February 1977 and gives a fair account of my separation from Karen by Christmas, my solo trip to Yreka, and the stunts I pulled in Portland to help better 'draw out' the surveillance I was under as I worked and saved up for my move back to Covina by mid-February 1977 abiout a week after I shipped one of my tables to LAX via Western Airlines. This gave me an opportunity to check out Portland Airport and the Western terminal prior to departure from there a week later.







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Part 6 Sub Part 2


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Part 6 Sub Part 3


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