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Part 7 -- Sub Part 1
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Part 7 Sub Pt 1
-- This Sub Part covers that time period from Mid-February 1977 -- April 30, 1977, starting with my first ever flight as an adult aboard Western Airlines 727 flight to LAX in mid February and my return to Covina, followed only 6 weeks later by the March 27th by the Pan Am - KLM 747 jumbo jets runway collision that
Killed almost 600 people, with 300 plus Californians as passengers and crew. -- This only days after the House Assassinations Sub Committee was being sabotaged by LBJ political crony, Texas Congressman Henry Gonzales, and yet another one of the Committee's star witnesses turned up within only hours of the Pan Am-KLM disaster in the Canary Islands.

The 1977 'Anti trust' conference on President Carter's policies held in Portland were about to take place or were possibly already underway in March '77. -- The conferences with Warren Commission cover up counsel Wesley J. Libeler on it apparently served as cover for what I contend was an active assassination plot against President Carter, hence the 'Plans For Me Up Up' revealed to me in July '75 and later forced me to be subjected to my near fatal interview at Secret Service in Portland on March 27th 1979, precisely two years to the day after the March 27th 1977 Pan Am-KLM disaster. -- During this time I saw family and friends who I dared not tell about the 'Plans For Me Up North' the existence of I discovered just over a year and a half before, and a lot of things that I had to subliminate in order to keep my sanity, and well as my personal security.