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Part 7 -- Sub Part 2
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Part 7 Sub Pt 2
-- This covers May 1, 1977 -- June 30, 1977 in which I describe Greg's May '77 trip to visit me with a 'mob' 'goon' and who beats me up after I refuse to let him tell me things that might be overheard on electronic surveillance and get us both murdered. -- The beating served as excellent cover for me there and later after my eventual return to Portland. --- Assassination patsy James Earl Ray's escape in early June coincided at about the same time G. Robert Blakey was installed as replacement Chief Counsel to the House Assassinations Sub-Committee. -- On my weekends off my surfer friends take me along on surfing trips to the O.C. and I sometimes visit Leucadia and San Diego where friend of mine from Covina moved to.