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Part 7 -- Sub Part 3
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Part 7 Sub Pt 3
-- During that time period from July 1, 1977 -- mid August 1977 the press and media reported on new revelations of the CIA using various institutions such as colleges, universities, hospitals and prisons as fronts to covertly conduct mind-control experiments of people, and the use of various other ploys and ordinary settings to LSD and other drugs on unwitting test subjects, sometimes with dissasterous results.

The sabotaged TV news helicopter crash that killed former U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers before his scheduled upcoming testimony before the House Assassinations Sub-Committee. -- As the CIA's U-2 spy plane that Powers was flying over the Soviet Union cruised at 50,000 feet or higher, no missile or rocket of missile in the Soviet arsenal could have even touched the U-2 aircraft which essentially a high-tech jet powered glider and even if the U-2 was hit at it's normal cruising altitude of 50,000 feet it would have exploded.

The U-2 Powers used was stripped of it's Lundahl aerial recon camera, and Power's military I.D. was placed on board before the flight. -- Power's U-2 was shot down, but rather made a forced landing which many experts such as Colonel Fletcher Prouty believe was due to the fact that it's hydrogen supply tank used to
restart the jet engine was tampered with or only half full.

All this meant that Power's U-2 wasn't shot down it was forced to land in rder to sabotage the then upcoming peace summit between President Eisenhower and a
Soviet Premiere Kruschev later that same year, 1960. Power's second wife was a CIA psychologist who many believe was still working for the CIA at the time of Power's death on August 1, 1977. -- News of these facts and conclusons were made known in various circles and press reports, and gave me even more pause as to whether or not I should return to Portland to be near my kid and see his mother who was an FBI informant with probabl links to the CIA.