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Part 7 -- Sub Part 4
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Part 7 Sub Pt 4
-- From mid August 1977 -- September 9, 1977 I worked and went to the 'O.C.' beaches and kept abrest of the latest reports of CIA mind control and sure enough my roomate's nephew Mark, who also lived at the house on the street where I grew up on in Covina, had a friend from Long Beach who was planning to move to Vancouver, Washington which is located just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. -- This idea appealed to me as I was wary and just a bit paranoid of Portland and my snakey wife who was privy to the 'Plans For me Up North' over which Greg was very nearly stabbed to death, the following night after I found out about them in July 1975. -- My Wife who was then my Girlfriend, and her Portland friend Kathy led me to that dark and noisy corner in a crowd at 'Callahan Days' where Greg was shoved out at me in the dark, yelling and bleeding profusely as he collapsed in my arms. -- Ahh such warm and happy fucking memories.

I decided to accept the offer of Mark's friend to drive up to Vancouver, Washington to live and so we had a liitle get together at the place I then lived at in Covina
and started our drive north at sometime around 9:00 PM on Friday night September 9th and made our way to Interstate 5 in Los Angeles and drove it all the way up to Vancouver, Washington where we arrived the following Sunday morning on September 11, 1977.