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Part 9 -- Sub Part 3
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Part 9 Sub Pt 3
-- This Sub Part destails the major points in my life from August 1, 1978 -- August 27, 1978 and starts off with the small quake, on or very to the epicenter of where was had set up the theodolite and were taking readings when it hit.

It was still 4 nights a weeks at the motel in Mt. Shasta aand weekends from Friday through Sunday in Yreka, where the mood was one of a somber kind of caution in the days after Yreka cop Hittson's murder and preliminary trial proceedings had just begun inder the auspices of the newly installed County Deputy D.A.'s.

The group suicide from an 11th floor balcony in Salt Lake City where 7 members of the David family jumped and some cases were pushed to their deaths on August 3rd 1978 seemed more than bizarrre, especially since the family lived in luxury and seclusion there at the hotel for about a year prior to their deaths.

August 16th MLK assassination 'fall guy' James Earl Ray's starts testifying before the House Assassinations Sub-Committee, and took place as reports of fliers ciriculating in a Missouri town where President Carter was scheduled to visit, had a photo of Carter in the cross-hairs, with a plea not to kill President Carter, purportedly signed by the Head of the U.S. Secret Service H. Stuart Knight of all people.

During this time period 'The Braodway' movie house was showing 'Capricorn One' a 1977 movie about a phony Mars landing by NASA that went wrong and the extreme measures taken to keep it all secret from the American People. -- A great movie and very timely too, what with the House Assassations Sub-Committee hearings on the 1963 'JFK' assassination and 1968 'MLK' assassination then taking place. I would also add that the plot of line of 'Capricorn One' had some very similar parallels to my then present situation in Yreka in August '78 and which only got worse and thus in turn led to rather precarious situation I was to find myself in during the weekend of March 24th-25th 1979 in Portland, Oregon.