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Part 9 -- Sub Part 4
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 9 Sub Pt 4
-- This Sub Part gives a rather chilling and detailed account of the circumstances and events in my life from August 28, 1978 -- September 3, 1978 in the aftermath of the
'botched' assassination death threat in Idaho Falls on August 28th that very nearly upset the fucking 'apple cart' of elaborate 'frame ups' that were to be attributed to me
as the result of the numerous solo visits that my Portland Girlfriend and later ex-wife
had made to Pocatello, near Idaho Falls from 1975 on up through to the then present summer of 1978 for all I knew.

This was part of the 'Plans For Me Up North' were Karen my 'ex' and Greg my good 'friend' posed with one or more ''body doubles' of me there in staged scenarios set in and around Pocatello and eastern Idaho.

In this Sub Part I describe how I was first interrogated and then very nearly murdered over the 'botched' August '78 assassination threat out in the woods near
Edgewood and Gazelle, California on September 1st, and was only saved by keeping my cool during the half-hour car phone chat that turned out to be reprieve for my life. -- You'll just have to read about it at Part 9 Sub Part 4 of "1979" as I don't wish write about it here, let alone think about at this time as I'm saving this for one of my many recurring nightmares.