Assassination Conference In D.C. March 8 -10,1981 -- Reagan's Shooting At The D.C Hilton March 30,1981 -- March 8,1981, My 28th Birthday -- March 30-31,1979, My Western DC-10 Escape Flight Out Of Portland Into LAX -- My March 27,1979 Interview At Secret Service In Portland And Start Of The 3 Mile Nuclear Disaster March 28th



The father of W. Wm. Menninger, the head of the 'Planning Committee' for the 'Workshop on Behavorial Research' to establish profiling and preventitive measures against potential assassins.

The following historical records makes it appear that the Menninger Foundation was deeply involved with the CIA
there in the early 1950's there in various MK-ULTRA / MK-SEARCH mind control assassin 'Sub Projects'.

Now in March 1981 W. William Menninger thereas the head of Menninger Foundation does a 180 degree 'u-turn' like move thereas the head of the 'Planning Committee' for the 'Workshop on Behavorial Research' to establish profiling and preventitive measures against potential assassins.

I would argue that this March 8-10, 1981 'Work Shop' was more like 'cover' to plan and see how to best 'cover up' the up coming shooting of President Reagan on March 30, 1981.



may do by simply

I contend that like the 1977 Antitrust conferences in Portland, Oregon that this so called 'Prevention of Assassination' conference in Washington D.C. in March 1981 had many similar objectives and goals, the main difference being the one in 1977 involved President Carter and the one in 1981 involved President Reagan.


Dr. W. William Menninger, the head of Menninger Foundation was apparently involved in CIA mind control research attended Stanford University in the early 1950's at a time when the CIA and U.S. military were covertly conducting CIA mind control research there. -- I would compare his career to CIA mind control assassin research specialist Dr. Lois JHolyon West, here eulogized as a 'Human Rights Champion'. i




Instructor Whitebread's personal, professional, military and intelligence org background seems to have 'sanitized' -- presumably in order conceal the true nature and objectives of his activities. -- Note it dosen't even say what kind of instructor he was or what kind of instruction he gave to all those 'G-Men' and cops at the FBI's Academy at Quantico, a

Whitehed was a key player in the 'Assassination Prevention' conference in Washington D.C. on March 8-10, 1981 only three weeks before President Reagan was shot at the Washington D.C. Hilton on March 30, 1981.

Subversive and apparently controlling elements of the FBI, CIA, DIA etc. were all involved in the bloody, bizarre and deadly events that led up to the circumstances and events in Portland, Oregon in March 1979, so it also understandable that they wanted Mr. Whitebread who I would assume was also an FBI Special Agent or it's equivilent thereat the 'Assassination Prevention Conference' in Washington D.C. on March 8-10, 1981. were








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U.S. Secret Service Agents near Yosemite in March 1983

The carefully crafted car crash death of agent Robinson, the same agent who interviewed me at U.S. Secret Service in Portland on March 27, 1979, and those two other U.S. Secret Service agents, agents LaBarge and Bejcek two years later on March 5, 1983 -- also has kind of cryptic-numeric tie in to the date of my birth March 8, 1953. -- Click on the link below to read more about the circumstances and events under which they reportedly died.

These deaths of these three U.S. Secret Service agents on March 5, 1983 apparently brought back some memories of my interview with agent Robinson at Secret Service in Portland, Oregon on March 27, 1979 and the horrific circumstances my Western Airlines DC-10 escape flight from Portland on March 30th that didn't arrive at LAX Los Angeles until the next day March 31, 1979.

Based on these facts I can only conlcude that there was there dissention there in the ranks of the U.S. Secret Service over what they percieved was the retaliatory murder of agent Robinson for his role there in assisting me in getting the Secret Service to see me off at Portland Airport on March 27, 1979.

As to whether or not agents LaBarge and Bejcek were present there at the 'Show Down at Sundown' at the 'Old Western Airlines Corral' at Portland airport I really can't say for certain, but I would imagine that they were and or at least had some rather detailed knowledge of what happened at Portland Airport on the evening and night of March 30, 1979 in any event.

This near miss between a Western Airlines 727 jetliner and a Minnesota State Patrol helicopter as the Western 727 was on landing approach to Minneapolis-St. Paul International on June 9, 1983 as President Reagan's motorcade passed by was in my estimation a rather sordid and chilling message to members of the U.S. Secret Service and employees of Western Airlines to not get any ideas about 'going public' about what they knew about the events at Portland Airport on March 30, 1979 during the height of public hysteria over the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster that started only two days before on March 28th.

Images of the PSA mid-air over San Diego in September 1978, some four and a half years later were still fresh in the minds of many people in June of 1983, including and especially the flight crews and employees of Western Airlines and the agents of the U.S. Secret Service as well.





It was this very same kind of psuedo-psychiatric 'B.S.' shown above, that was used to rationaIize the arrest of Kathi Wagner and her subsequent confinement in the Idaho State Mental Hospital to keep her incommunicado, immediately after the incident at the Ramada Inn in Idaho Falls where she worked on August 28,1978.

This was as she was going in to clean a motel room athere when she spotted a man scrawling a death threat against the President on a motel mirror, who according to Wagner then yelled at her, hit her on the head with a pistol knocking her unconscious, afterwhich the man then set both of the mattresses on fire and left the motel room with Wagner laying there on the floor. and

Smoke from the fire in the motel room attracted the attention of both the motel manager and maintenance man who then drug Ms. Wagner out of the smokey motel room and put then apparently went back douse the fires on the burning mattresses.

I was actually quizzed about the incident August 29th and almost murdered over it on September 1, 1978 as described in the montage to Part 9 Sub Part 4 of "1979" shown below.

Ironically enough when the FBI and Secret Service 'railroaded' Kathi Wagner into the state mental hospital it cast enough doubt on the Presidential death threat event to persuade those all powerfull elements then preparing me as an assassination 'patsy' in waiting for the then upcoming events planned for me in Portland in 1979 -- to not overeact by having me murdered over August 28, 1978 that threatened to over turn the 'apple cart' of carefully arranged scenarios involving 'body doubles' of me there in the Idaho Falls and Pocatello area since 1975.