What is "1979" / 1979westbrook.com ?

"1979" is an astonishing and factually accurate chronicle of my life during that 8-year long plus time period that took place from mid-1970 through March 1979 that also deals with some of the
more horrific circumstances and events that led up to all this and the catastrophic collateral damage that was to follow throughout the rest of that year and beyond.

"1979": The year of high level assassinations of royalty, ambassadors, a member of British Parliament, a U.S. Federal Judge and the phony May '79 'Cinco de Mayo'-media ''Psy Ops' assassination plot in L.A. contrived to discredit me and my then recent revelations of an actual assassination plot in Portland in March 1979.


The media scam also served as a tool of psychological terror to disuade me from following through with my plans for debriefings at U.S. Secret Service in Los Angeles in April '79, as per my state- ment made at U.S. Secret Service in Portland to agent Donald Robinson on March 27, 1979.

The start of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster near Harrisburg PA rather episodically started there in the pre-dawn hours of March 28, 1979, only some 14 to 16 hours or so after my abruptly terminated interview with agent Robinson at U.S. Secret Service in Portland, Oregon sometime in the late morning hours March 27th.

This overly media hyped news event was to captivate minds and fearfull imaginations of the American People for most all of April 1979, focusing the worried Nation's attention far away from Portland, Oregon and rumors of the assassination plot there that were spead throughout the international airports herein the U.S. and globally as well. vate t


This was followed days later by my escape flight out of Portland Airport aboard a Western Airlines DC-10 jetliner on March 30th after a terrifying hour long bomb threat failed to scare me off the Western DC-10 bound of LAX Los Angeles and the flight's unscheduled diversion to SFO San Francisco and the Western DC-10 flight's overdue arrival at LAX March 31st. DC

Only 3 weeks after the bogus May '79 'Cinco de Mayo' assassination plot, the worst air disaster in U.S. aviation history took place. The was the wing-engine sabotage crash of an American Airlines DC-10 at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on May 25, 1979 killing over 280 men, women and children there in the process. The American DC-10's destination was LAX Los Angeles.

This was precisely 8 months to the day after the single engine Cessna 'Kamakazee' like, mid-air 'take out' of a PSA 727 over San Diego on September 25, 1978 that killed 135 men, women and childrenon board the flight and another 7 unsuspecting San Diego citizens on the ground when pieces of the 727 jetliner, baggage and bodies and body parts rained down them from the skies over San Diego.

June '79 featured globally televised assassination of my favorite television news reporter, Bill Stewart of ABC in Nicaragua and was followed some months later in October '79 with the Halloween '79 'Trick or Truck' on the runway crash at Juarez International in Mexico City.


This was the same Western Airlines DC-10 that flew me out of Portland March 30th and into LAX on March 31,1979, killing the pilot and the entire flight from that flight as well as another 70 or so plus passengers who also were all also killed in October 31st Halloween horror show flight from LAX to Mexico City.

All this just in time for the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' festivities on the following day on November 1,1979. One of the passengers from the Halloween '79 Western DC-10 flight from LAX that crashed into a 10 ton water truck conveniently parked on the runway at Juarez International in Mexico City was Ken Lucoff, Bill Stewart's ABC television producer who also reportedly died in the crash.


Four days later was the start of Iranian-American hostage crisis on November 4, 1979 another 'Psy Ops' media scam whereby the American People themselves became hostages psychologically and emotionally, thanks to the machivellian machinations of the of the American CIA reponsible for covertly installing the Ayotollah Khomeni thereby destroying President Carter's Administration and assuring former California Governor Reagan's rise to the White House in the 1980 election, a hard right turn for the United States.



President Reagan's Vice President, George Bush later succeded him after winning the March 8, 1988 'Super Tuesday' primaries and then the November 1988 Presidential election. ucce

As for Donald Robinson, the agent who interviewed me at the U.S. Secret Services located inside PGE office complex in Portland, Oregon on March 27, 1979 after some negotiations over the phone with him on March 26th and the morning of the 27th -- his body along with those of agents George LaBarge and Donald Bejcek were all pulled from the badly mangled wreckage of the car there on closed stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park on March 5, 1983.jce


The three U.S. Secret Service agents were all part of the massive security detail assigned to protect Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip during their March 1983 visit to California other points west.



The so called "disappearance" of Malaysia Air Flight 370 took place on March 8, 2014, my 61st birthday.