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Part 3 Sub Pt 1 -- March 24, 1979 Saturday: All day in and around the apartment Kendra and I share on Valley View in West Slope, Oregon. One trip to the parking lot to search Kendra's VW 'Bug' for anything that might possibly look a car bomb, as well as any electronic 'bugs' that might there as well.

Another to a local convenience store to get a couple of packs of 'Camel Lights' in the early afternoon. The place was situated there in between the various assortments of apartment buildings, randomly built and located in a kind of giant meadow set in a partially wooded area and hilly landscape.


Part 3 Sub Part 1: Takes place on Saturday, March 24, 1979 there at my apartment in West Slope near Portland, whereby after I spotted a motorist on Highway 8 peering back at me as I stood drinking coffee, gazing out my upstairs kitchen window early that morning, I later spotted another guy in down the wooded meadow that served as a parking lot for our apartments when I was peering out of my living room window. -- This prompted me to run down to the wooded and grassy parking lot to search my Girlfriend's VW 'Bug' for a car bomb and any electronic 'bugs', or rather listening devices that may have been planted there as well.

At about noon I noticed that I was running low on 'Camel Lights' and so I went down to the little market near my apartment to get a couple of packs of cigarettes, and upon my return to the apartment I decided to review the the most notably bizarre, mind blowing and murderous circumstances and events, that had impacted my life since I first met the L.A. Cop just before Christmas in late December 1970, and who now turns up in disguise at the Portland Hilton where I now work -- only two before on March 22nd 1979 which led to such paranoid frenzy that he was about to physically attack me over my inadvertant discovery of his presence there at the Portland Hilton.

This in turn led me to reflect as well as the ominously weird circumstances and events throughout that entire year of 1970 which later resulted in my meeting with this same L.A. Sheriffs Detective-Sergeant who was my Police Science Class instructor from January through May 25th 1971.

I should also note that the tumultuous circusntances and events of my life during the politically corrupt and morally bankrupt year of 1970 during the height of the un-declared Vietnam War and the pre-Watergate Nixon Administration left indelible impressions on me to such an extent that it was affect me as well as millions of other American teens and young people well into the following year 1971. -- This would also account for the over the overlapping coverage of events from Sub Part 1 into Sub Part 2 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

My trip down this Super Highway of Horrors called my life, there at my apartment in West Slope near Portland on March 24th 1979 was to also evoke some rather unpleasant memories -- regarding the following three years and eight months until August 30, 1974, the day before I left Covina to hitch-hike north to my then new home only 20 miles south of the Oregon border. -- All of which are covered in Sub Parts 2 through 8 of Part 3 of "1979" / 1979westbrook.com.

Once the floodgates were open this in turn was lead into recalling the circumstances and events in my life during that four and a half year time from August 31st 1974 through March 21st 1979, as covered in Parts 4 through Part 10 and the respective Sub Parts compising them.

My motives for invoking all these evil spirits from my past weren't sentimental at all, but rather that point in time when it became necessary for me to cut out all the subliminating and pretending as 'the shit had hit the fan' at the Portland Hilton after my inadvertant discovery of the L.A. Cop I knew at the Portland Hilton, then only 2 days before, and cooly assess the ominous motives, machinations and evil implications involved so that I could better evalute my then present situation in Portland in March and decide on the best way out the apparently precarious and deadly serious situation that I had now found myself in some 800 miles away from friends and family in L.A.

Part 3 Sub Part 1 -- The Year 1970


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October of 1969, I got busted at Gladstone for being 'high' on pills and sent to a tiny continuation High School in Sierra High in Azusa, then located catacorner to what was then Memorial Park which I attended until June of 1970 to finish out my Junior Year --- Although the place was designed for malcontents and misfits, I managed to aquire a taste for doing independent research in the small library there, took art class and did pretty well there all around

While I was there I made some new freinds and acquaintances, one being 'Spud' Helberg who I was a to share a rather large dose of organic mescaline, that we shared with two others when we snorted lines from a 3" long horse capsule of it right off a desk top in class, when the teacher wasn't looking --- Not to hard, as the layout was more like that of laid back office, than a classroom --- Helberg was to be murdered the following year in July 1971, reportedly the result of a head wound 'Spud' sustained during a pre-dawn attack, that was precisely timed to take place only moments after I left him and his girl Niki at the house across from Covina Park, that he and two brothers rented

After completing summer school in 1970, I went on vacation by myself and got busted in Newport Beach, down in in Orange County in early August --- I spent a month in O.C. Juvenile Hall then located in the City of Orange and was released in early September just in time for readmittance to Gladstone High, whereby I decided to clean up my act and have my hair styled in a layered shag hair do, that was becoming all the fashion by 1970 --- I put on designer shirts and ties, and neatly ironed bell-bottom slacks

The Fall 1970 semester started out pretty well for me, as I signed up for a speech class, due in large part to my drama class teacher's arrest on a morals charge of some sort and I didn't think that I would hit it off to well with the new drama teacher --- In speech class that I wrote my own speeches and spoke rather eloquently. My topics were mostly anti-war or on other popular issues like the legalization of marijuana

I was later informed by an Administrator, Mr. Salveson, that my Drama teacher Mr. Caskey was Gay in a rather snide and arrogant manner meant to insult me, but I suspected that he was Gay and I really didn't care --- At first, my initial response was to punch Salveson in the nose, but my pockets were quite literally bulging with pills and 'pot' --- Weirder still how did Salveson know just when to call me into his office when I had all that 'stash' on me --- It was like I was under some kind of electronic surveillance as I told no one what I was I doing, nor had I made any sales that morning that would have tipped him off

My Slugging Salveson would have hardly been the way to honor this man, my drama teacher who taught me a bit of Shakespeare, things about film and how to best use my skills of acting and improvisation on stage, skills that were to really come in handy in the then near future --- Improvisation skills that were to save my life more than once in the years to come, especially when things came to a Three Mile Island like meltdown in Portland, in March of 1979

My Fall 1969 Student Council Speeches That Led To The Red Arm Band
Protest, And The End Of Hair Length Restrictions For Boys

In the early part of the Fall semester, late September, early October 1969, I spoke out against the dress code at Student Council, as I did not want to cut my hair and I was a civics class rep, attended classes regularly and smoked pot and cigarettes with the 'heads'
in the boys rest rooms during class breaks as was the then well established custom at Gladstone, whereas the teachers never bothered to barge in the smoke filled dens, were chit chat, gossip and commerce went hand in hand
--- It was then at that time that I kept my serious pill popping for after school mostly taking only one or two capsules to keep the shakes off during the school day ---After hours it was a terrible habit and one could hardly tell if had just passed out or seriously overdosing at times, but most of my after school freinds seemed to keep an eye on me and managed to keep me from taking even more pills

It was then in the early Fall of 1969, that the Administration used the President of the student council and his clique' to start invoking provisions of the dress code that dated back to the mid and late 1960's but had not been enforced in recent years --- As an elected representative of student council from my Civics Class I had to attend these meetings, and so I decided to put my powers of speech to the test by speaking out in support of relaxing the 1960's dress code rules in 1969 --- The Administration puppets in the Council repeatedly viollated the rules of proceedure by denying me the opportunity to speak regarding this matter

Some friends of mine who were then recent graduates from Gladstone High and some friends of mine who were also on the student council, along with other council members sympathetic to my cause, or rather that of proceedural due process decided to rally to my side, and yeilded the 'floor' of the student council to me, whenever they could, in order that I might speak further on the dress code matter, in the very autocratic Student Council sessions controlled by the Administration

Finally things came to a head a one student council meeting, where I and my faction were all 'stonewalled' for the last time, being provoked and frustrated, we all staged a spontaneous 'walk out' from the student council meeting
then progress --- The next day one of friends who was on the council came to school with some red cloth, and I met him and a couple of other students and we all tore the red cloth into strips and tied them on to our arms and shirt sleeves there as arm bands

In the days that followed the red arm bands soon became all the rage on campus at Gladstone High in October 1969, whereas it the thing had seemed to take on a life of it's own, and suddenly made one look hip, cool and even stylish to wear a red arm band --- Three days later about two thirds of the student body at Gladstone, mostly guys were wearing red arm bands proudly to the anger and the chagrin of the Administration at Gladstone High

At the start of the following week, the Administration announced that the dress code regarding hair length was not going to be enforced, at least for the time being, and haircuts were no longer required for the male students who liked to wear their hair long, and some other minor dress code rules were also relaxed --- I had become a leader by default and was credited with the victory, although I was actually only the 'front man', and perhaps the catalyst that made it all happen in the first place

Busted For Drugs In Late October '69 And Sent To 'Lab School' In Azusa
Until June 1970 -- A Surprisingly Beneficial Experience In Some Ways
With New School Mates, One Being 'Spud' Helberg

It was the sometime in October 1969 that a classmate and I got into a shouting match with Mr. Alf a school administrator whilst high and so I was sent off to a continuation high school in Azusa, sometimes referred to as Lab School for my crime. All in all it was better in some ways than regular High School as it was more free form, we could smoke cigarettes openly on campus during breaks, and it was there that I made good use of the small library there and developed a liking for rooting the materials and doing a little research, mostly history.

I already knew a few of the students there and was later introduced to most all of the students there as time went on as there were only 40 or so students there at any one time and sometimes even less. It was there that I met 'Spud' Helberg with whom I had formed a casual acquaintance with some weeks later in early 1970 when 'Spud', myself and two others all shared some organic mescaline in class one day, and there were some fun and games there at school that day for sure.

'Spud' would sometimes turn up at parties I went to but I never really 'hung out' with him as we were more like acquaintances than friends, although we were always friendly with one and other, sometimes chatting a bit. -- At the end of of my Junior year thereat the 'Lab School' in Azusa somtime around June 9, 1970, I didn't see much of 'Spud' Helberg except maybe a time or two at parties during the following year, but things changed radically when I went to a party at the house that he and his two brothers 'Sarge' and Blair rented at the corner of Badillo and 4th, just across the street from Covina Park and just down the street of 4th from Covina Intercommunity Hospital at the other end of Covina Park.

It the bizarre circumstances and events that took place there at the Helberg Brother's house on July 9th and 10th 1971 that made 'Spud' and I friends and it was the second of two attacks only minutes after I left 'Spud' and his Girl Niki there in his room upstairs that reportedly resulted in 'Spud's death on July 17th 1971. -- The attacks were apparently politically motivated and involved at least one or more police informants. -- Neither the Covina cops or the L.A. Sheriffs Homicide ever tried to contact me about the first attack on the night of July 9th 1971 that 'Spud', Niki and I had successfully repelled by barricading his bedroom door with his bedroom furniture, which was my idea to do so.

The cover up of 'Spud's July '71 murder began almost immediately after it happened and has been changed and rewritten a half dozen times over all these 46 years later.
This is because it was necessary to conceal the true political motives for 'Spud's murder as well as the actual circumstances under which 'Spud' Helnerg was interrogated just before his death at Intercommunity Hospital on July 17th 1971. -- The rewrites in the local Covina area newspaper gives totally false accounts of 'Spud's death and places his death at some hospital miles away in another local town. -- It was 'Spud's death that pretty much set into motion the series of mysteries, murders, mayhem and place crashes that seemed to follow me from Southern to Northern California and part of Western Oregon and Washington as well, all throughout the 1970's on up to 1979.

My Return To Gladstone High September 1970, My October '70 Off Campus
Drug Bust That Got Me Transferred To North View High -- My Return To Gladstone High For Spring Semester 1971 & My Police Science Class At Citrus College

By late October 1970, I had decided to attend group sessions at the Fairgrove Free Clinic in La Puente in order to help get a grip on my pill popping habit, and after one of the sessions I was arrested for being under the influence as I waited for a ride back to Covina from a family member

I spent the night at the L.A. Sheriff's Industry Station and am sent to L.A. County Juvenile Hall on Eastlake Avenue in Los Angeles --- A much better Juvie than the one behind the 'Orange Curtain' in the O.C. as I was allowed to attend school at the L.A. Juvie unlike the one in the O.C. --- In the L.A. Juvie, I and others in my dorm were put under a group hypnosis and were concious the whole time --- One time, I had to throw punchs in the dining room with a guy who was harrassing another inmate

In mid-November 1970, I was released and was forced to transfer to Northview High, which was also located in Covina, in order to finish out the Fall Semester of my Senior Year -- They had a dress code there that required me to cut my hair so I did and I was befreinded by a couple of girls there who were also Seniors and who would later turn on me by early December 1970

At Northview I put me into a morning Civics Class where we all drank coffee and we would alI chat it up, and which suited me well as the coffee helped to counter the effects of the pills the night before and I would amaze and alarm my fellow Northview High classmates with my non-conventional ideas and leftists political views --- It was amazing just how much more controlled and conservative things were at Northview as opposed to Gladstone High --- The indoctronation processes had seemed to be much more effective there

Top Center Inset On Gladstone High : Late December 1970 News reports on Army Intel spying on Civilians and a denial by the U.S. Army Brass --- This was only a few days before New Years Eve 1970-71 when I went to the 'Mardi Gras' like street party revelry on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, all night long into the wee hours just before dawn
--- I went there with some friends and went along with the flow of events, I took a few barbituates, but not too many as I didn't want to get 'busted' again

Besides all that, I knew that I would be doing a little holiday drinking as well, what with all the bottles of wine, beer and alcohol that I knew would be popping up and passed around along Colorado Blvd. punctuated with 'joints', and pipes filled with 'pot' or maybe a little 'hash' therein the pulsating crowds of party goers, in the hundreds of thousands by some accounts

What I didn't know on that New Years Eve evening of December 31st 1970, was that I would into a 16-year old girl from Glendora who I had just met some weeks before, in November and had 'scored' with on more that one occassion and who I was also just a trifle suspect of, though I really couldn't say why --- I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks and all of the sudden, out of a crowd of a quarter-million or so party goers and sidewalk campers on Colorado Blvd., there she was with a couple of friends, and so off she went with me

Having been a hitch-hiker as well as pill popper who dealt drugs on the side, I couldn't help but think that my chance meeting with this girl from Glendora may not have been so 'coincidental' -- I wondered what were the odds of my running into some girl I already knew, who was ready to spend New Years Eve night with you, out of a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people?

At the 1970 New Year's Eve street party, I also ran into a freind of my then recently former brother in law, he was a older, and seeing my situation, he gave me the use 1960's vintage Ford panel truck --- The friend of mine who I went to the Pasadena street party originally, was a kid I grew up with from my neighborhood clique, his name was Pat and gave me his sleeping bag to use for my busy little night inside the van

It was this very same my friend who lent me the sleeping bag on New years Eve 1970-71, Pat --- who on December 27th 1973 would drive back home to Covina and the street that he and I grew up on, there from his new home in Northern California to party with me and my then housemate for a few days --- During his visit we all did the usual
things, we smoked 'pot' drank beer, and we all did a little holiday 'crank' (meth) and went driving up in the local mountains --- He drove back up north just before on or about December 30, 1973

Most importantly, it was during his December '73 holiday visit, Pat invited us both to move up to his place in Montague, near Yreka, some 20-miles south of the Oregon border to live and start a new up north --- We finally took him up on his offer 8-months later thereon August 31, 1974, when my housemate and I hitch-hiked north that 'Labor Day' weekend --- All this is covered in Part 4 of "1979" which is sometimes viewable online at: 1979westbrook.com
This is a large site and is up and down periodically for additions and revisions and unauthorized hackers as well

Top Right Center: A foto of representing the social milieu of 'heads', 'hipsters' , and 'stoners' I associated with at the time in late 1970 on through the first half of 1971 --- I hung out with other people as well and made freinds with some local surfers, and various other types kids my age and young adults, by using, buying or selling 'pot', hashish and various kinds of 'uppers' and 'downers', 'THC' and psychedelics

Top Right Corner: Cover of 1970-1971 Citrus College Courses offered brochure Panning Left: Page 160 of 'Courses
Offered' under the heading of: 'Police Science', : '50 Introduction to Public Service (3)','(Fire -- Correction -- Police)' 'Prerequisite: Current High School Senior' followed by a brief description of the 'Police Science' course offered for high school credits and non-transferable college units to High School Seniors, myself being one at the time

Inset Above: Text from a 1982 L.A. Sheriff's publication: 'Commemorative Book 1850 - 1981', Directly Above:
A reasonable facsimile of my Police Science Instructor, L.A. Sheriff's Detectivce-Sergeant Alden 'Al' Ostman out the San Dimas Sub-Station who taught my police science class, who was always clean shaven and kept his head shaved
and which is super-imposed over the emblem of the all powerfull 'Black Ops' Spy Org, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) --- The shaved head image is from the 1967 James Bond film: 'You only Live Twice', and belonged to: 'Donald Pleasence as Ernst Stavro Blofeld: The megalomaniacal head of the terrorist syndicate known as SPECTRE. He intends to ignite a global nuclear war.' (Wikipedia 2015)