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Part 3 -- Sub Part 5
"1979" / 1979westbrook.com

Part 3 Sub Part 5
-- I review the bizarrely mysterious circumstances and events of my life from September 1st 1972 through Mid February 1973.

This as viewed during the even more bizarre and tulmultuous historical backdrop of then ongoing news events from the terrorist murders at the Olympics site in Munich in September '72, the so called 'disappearance' of the plane carrying U.S. Congressman Hale Boggs in October '72.

Then there was the matter of the deadly 'Watergate' plane crash near O'Hare in Chicago, followed only days later by the runway collision, this time there on a runway at O'Hare Airport killing 9 more people on December 20, 1972.

Even more bizarre was the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 only nine days later on December 29, 1972 which killed another 101 people.
It supposedly was on approach to land at Miami International, but somehow managed to crash land into swamp west of the airport, later attibuted to some dubious, if not outright suspiciously lame minor mechanical failure.

All this whilst I was being covertly drugged and interrogated by CIA-DIA agents and was under close watch by the FBI and local police authorities there in my hometown of Covina and other locations throughout L.A. County and Southen and Central California.

Although I have not as yet writen and published complete account of the circumstances and events of my life from September 1st 1972 through Mid February 1973 for Part 3 Sub Part 5 of "1979" /1979westbrook.com -- I do intend to do so, provided that I am able to succeed in various commercial projects related to it, whereas it takes time and money to research, write and post all this online.

So as to better illustrate the discrepancies between the official reports from the various multi-national governmental agencies involved in the investigation of the '72 Olympics massacre which are then released to the media and press -- and findings of independent researchers -- I have posted some info from two websites with somewhat different 'takes' on the '72 Olympics massacre below:


The Munich massacre was an attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, in which the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took eleven Israeli Olympic team members hostage and killed them along with a West German police officer. Wikipedia
Dates: Sep 5, 1972 – Sep 6, 1972
Perpetrator: Black September Organization
Motive: Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Location: Munich, West Germany
Target: Israeli Olympic team

FTR #816 Revisiting the 1972 Olympics Massacre _______http://spitfirelist.com/?s=72+Olympics

Posted by Dave Emory ⋅ October 23, 2014 ⋅ 2 comments

"Revisiting the subject of the 1972 Olympics massacre, we probe more deeply into the underlying dynamics of that event. Having noted in AFA #22 that security for the games was handled by a BND agent named Hans Langemann, we review his work covering up for the neo-Nazis behind the Oktoberfest bombing of 1980. German neo-Nazis also aided the Black September terrorists who perpetrated the Olympics massacre. Despite the fact that the German government had advanced warning of the impending attack, no preventive action was taken. After the attacks, the German government was in close touch with the perpetrators and downplaying the significance of the incident. Willi Pohl, one of the neo-Nazis involved who assisted Black September with the 1972 attack, began working in a counter-terror capacity for the CIA. Black September chief Ali Hassan Salameh, in charge of the attacks, was also impressed into duty with CIA, having been recruited while Henry Kissinger was astride of Richard Nixon’s national security policy. In speculative mode, we ask if there MAY be a connection between Kissinger’s efforts to destabilize the Willi Brandt government–undertaken conjunction with Third Reich veterans–and the Olympics massacre?"








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